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2005-07-14 05:05:11
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[Taresuke]'s Crew Application


What I have done.

I have been an avid member on Elftown for about a year now, and have always found it a place I could log on to, to relax. I have not created any Wikis at this point in time, but I plan on creating one to show a comic I'm currently working on. ( This Wiki for the application is actually my first experience with the creation of one. )

Now I have made...
Taresuke's Photo Gallery

What will I do?

I will do whatever is found neccessary to be done. I will also enforce the rules that have the need to be enforced. I will contribute to the best of my abilities.

For how long?

I plan on staying on Elftown as long as I'm alive and still creating artwork :) . You can never truly know for sure how long you will continue to do something. Basically, I'll be on as long as I'm drawing, or as long as I am needed.

People that support me.

1. [~Vash~]
2. [Hummingbird]
3. [decomposinglight]
4. [Glenran]

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-12 [~Vash~]: X3 Yay for Taresuke!

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