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Name: Tanith
Username: [Chel.]
Age: 2,394 years old, but appears to be about 23
Gender: Female
Race: Naga
Appearance/Description: Her lower body is that of a snake’s. Tanith’s skin is made of dark colored scale that is thick and acts like personal armor. Her fangs are long and spit out a deadly poison when she sees it necessary. Along with her sharp teeth, she also has claw-like nails. Her hair is black and is usually tied up off her shoulders.
Personality: Tanith usually keeps to herself. She only attacks when threatened, just as most snakes are. She is a proud and seductive creature.
Weapons of Choice: Her own body strength and agility
History: Tanith, just as most snakes, live alone. As good as she is to hiding it, she wouldn’t mind finding a mate. Being a carnivore, she is known for her killings. Just as read snakes do, she can dislocate her jaw to swallow her prey. Tanith often lulls it into a sense of false security before striking. She can coil around her prey of wrap it around objects to climb them. Other snake qualities that she has include the ability to jump high, swim fast, and slither silently on the ground surface.
Other: She sheds her skin every few months. Her name, Tanith, literally means “serpent lady”.

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