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2004-01-25 09:04:17
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Tamil stands behind the bar... of the Shady Inn

Tamil Alli, barmaiden
Tanuul, NPC
A shady figure

Tamil watches the travellers enter the bar, her face passive and her right eyebrow raised slightly. The noises of the tavern seemed hushed, as if someone was gagging the lot of them. Tamil sighed fingering an empty glass, waiting for nothing in particular.

A shady figure walks in, hooded and cloaked.
"I am looking for lodgings for three days and three nights" he whispers coarsely, from behind a thick head bandage.

Tamil nodded and reached down for the large leather bound sign-in book for the inn.
"We have a room down the hall, number 309, which is open. You may take that." she paused, looking at the stranger. "May I ask what you might be doing here? Just out of curiosity..."

A cloaked woman walks in. She walks towards Tamil. She has a pretty and kind face. "Excuse me, are there any rooms still free?"

Tamil turned to the new woman. "There are a few free ones, though I can't garuntee any quality. If you want one, you will have to take the stairs down at the other side of this room. Go down that hallway and the third room on your right should have the number 009 carved into it somewhere. That one is open. Small, but open,' she paused, "and would you like that one? if so, what be your name?"

The woman says. "Well as long as it's clean and has a good bed it's fine. My name is Tara."

The next day she comes walking to Tamil again, saying: "Thanks for the bath and the bed, I'm going again. How much does it cost?"

After Tamils reply Tara lays the money on the table.
"Thank you and good luck with your inn." She says and she goes outside.

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2004-01-07 [Blood Raven]: oooooooooooooooooooooooooo in that case :) yeah I wasn't sure as it's your tavern. at least, I think it is...

2004-01-07 [Morgan le Fay]: Yea, it is. ^_^ Glad to help

2004-01-10 [xido]: I'm just the village pest....she's the real one in charge here. :)  :P x.o

2004-01-10 [Blood Raven]: I c ^_^

2004-01-10 [Morgan le Fay]: All pests are welcome here ^_^

2004-01-10 [Blood Raven]: that includes cockroches?

2004-01-10 [Morgan le Fay]: Eh, they can come through the back door...

2004-01-11 [xido]: the little one near the bottom of the wall, labeled 'vermin'.....x.o

2004-01-11 [Blood Raven]: lol, such a flexibel tavern this is

2004-01-11 [xido]: nope, just qx.o

2004-01-24 [Blood Raven]: is anybody still doing this page? my char would like to check out...

2004-01-24 [Morgan le Fay]: Yup, I am. Go ahead and edit and I'll help ye.

2004-01-24 [Blood Raven]: i already edited? My char's waiting for Tamil to say how much 1 night costs

2004-01-24 [xido]: maybe it's on the house.... :) I would take it as a sign if I were you.......hehehe

2004-01-25 [Blood Raven]: there then...

2004-01-25 [xido]: so now she's down the road....

2004-01-25 [Morgan le Fay]: Sorry I didn't edit. Was snowed in at a friends without internet access.

2004-01-26 [Blood Raven]: dude that sux ;)

2004-01-26 [Blood Raven]: xido are you trying to drag me somewhere? *suspicious* Or does that piece of road belong to the seedy tavern?

2004-01-27 [xido]: down the road, in Irrundanil, is right outside of the Shady Inn. I guess I was just leading you where you'd be physically. I swear I wasn't dragging......I think not, at least.....:)

2004-01-28 [Blood Raven]: Okay, thanks, I was wondering where to put her already ^_^

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