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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Page by [kittykittykitty]

The selling point of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day is it's silliness: there is no point to it, other than for fun. September 19th every Year! (It's of course noted on annual-09-19)

If you just want a quick fix for the lingo, here are the five basic words that you cannot live without. Master them, and you can face Talk Like a Pirate Day with a smile on your face and a parrot on your shoulder, if that's your thing.

*Ahoy! - "Hello!"

*Avast! - Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, "Whoa! Get a load of that!" which today makes it more of a "Check it out" or "No way!" or "Get off!"

*Aye! - "Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."

*Aye aye! - "I'll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over."

*Arrr! - This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it sucked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

And a lecture:

Advanced Pirate Lingo

Pirate Pickup Lines Recommended (very funny!)

A short History of how the holiday was created is at Talk Like a Pirate Day History

The information for this wiki was found at - the official Talk Like A Pirate Day website, made by the creators of the day John Baur and Mark Summers. Recommended if you require more in-depth knowledge on the Holiday!

See also pirates

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2008-09-06 [Jitter]: Harr Harr tis ticklin' me wooden leg!

2008-09-06 [Calico Tiger]: Ye'll be walkin' me plank, if'n ya be catchin' me meanin' thar

2008-09-06 [Jitter]: I be laughing. Ye scurvy dogs make me cutlass rust.

yo ho *hic* and a bottle of rum

2008-09-06 [sequeena_rae]: My God it's nearly that time of the year again? :O

2008-09-06 [Triola]: That was my first thought too xD

2008-09-06 [Linderel]: Ah, it's a shame the day ain't in October ;3

2008-09-06 [Jitter]: Why in October? Halloween? :P

2008-09-06 [Linderel]: Trin is coming to Oulu in October for a few days xD

2008-09-06 [Jitter]: Oooh niceee.

Oi look at that: The Pirate King will be released on October 7 :P

2008-09-06 [Delladreing]: *does the Hurry up October dance because she has been waiting for what seems like forever now.*

2008-09-06 [Kyrinn]: ARR! *burps*

2008-09-06 [Ariandra]: *drools for new Salvatore book*

2008-09-06 [Calico Tiger]: Bah, Drizzt isn't a pirate! Unless you count Butt Piracy! >:3

2008-09-06 [Yuriona]: *buries chest full of Salvatore and Harry Potter books on deserted island* I should throw in the Robert Jordan ones while I'm at it too. I'd use 'em for kindling but then I'd have legions of fangurls after me. :P

2008-09-06 [Kyrinn]: what cracks me the hell up are these fangirl artists who draw Harry Potter and his friends with buff, ripped chests and looking like super models. Wow, well built for a 14 year old there. XP

2008-09-06 [Yuriona]: Arr! They'd be makin' prime cabin boys methinks. After a few weeks at sea, they'd be more popular than rum! XD

2008-09-06 [Triola]: ... Harry Potter goes pirate... *daydream*

2008-09-06 [Yuriona]: Pirate fanart! Arrrr!!

Hmm... I wonder what my dark elf Rei would look like as a pirate. Hee hee hee...

2008-09-06 [Linderel]: Draco in Sparrow-esque clothing, hmm? :3

2008-09-06 [Triola]: *goes cross-eyed*

2008-09-06 [Linderel]: *pushes into a chair and fans*

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