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Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Racial and Rank-specific Abilities


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

A page of the most common attributes a player character, monster or fantasy entity might possess.

There are a lot of powerful individuals out there... All striving for one goal: Adventure.

This page has been created to assist in describing or naming the most common Skills and abilities adventuring characters typically utilize. This page has been designed after Dungeons & Dragons principles and elements, because the most recent publication of this gaming system happens to be one the best, most effective and complete system of ability and skill use, and uses the d20 roll system as its basis. D20 implies that a roll between 1 and 20 will allocate your luck among 20 5-percentiles. This is the most common rolling system utilized as opposing checks are necessary, and is heavily outlined in any d20 publication, even those outside the Wizards of the Coast books and supplements.

First, a description of what we'll be dealing with.

Talent is the term I'll be using to describe a number of different items, including racial abilities, which are something a character or creature is born with, and is a natural trait of their race and lineage. A talent can also be a characteristic of the character's class, which is what a character's niche in life is called. Different adventuring classes have different class features available to them, and these will continue to be referred to as talents or class features. A talent can also be something that sets a character apart from every other. In this way, a talent could also be considered a feat, and they are very similar, and somewhat related. Talent is also a term used in Inath Culture, which uses a system of spiritual progression and psion-like abilities. These things will comprise the list of Talents that will be described here.

Feat is the word used to convey an ability which is most like a talent, but is something learned by education, self-teaching, or a method which can be used to make already-known abilities more potent, effective or augmented in some way. Feats are something characters attain while they progress in experience and class level, and choose for themselves. In this way, they are different from class features (herein considered talents) and other abilities.

Skills are considered open to most any character's use, a set of commonly-used actions and activities, like the knowledges one knows, and the ability to perform or even hide from prying eyes. Some of these are used only by trained inidividuals, but aside from this, these abilities are openly known-about personal skills.

Any ability not conveyed in these categories, or is somehow open to greater interpretation, though rare, are going to be referred herein as plainly an Ability.


For Fantasy Characters:

A List of Common Skills:

-Craft (crafting type - ...)
-Decipher Script
-Disable (often disabling Magical or Technical Devices, such as Traps)
-Escape Artist
-Gather Information
-Handle Animal
-Knowledge (knowledge type - Arcana, Architecture & Engineering, Barbarian Lore, Draconic Lore, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Local Info, Nature, Nobility and Royalty, Planes/Realms, Religion, Shadowlands, Spirits, War, etc.)
-Move Silently
-Open Lock
-Perform (performance type - sing, dance, act, mimic, etc.)
-Profession (profession type - ...)
-Sense Motive
-Sleight of Hand
-Speak Language
-Use Magic/Psionic Device
-Use Rope/Chain
-Wilderness Lore


A semi-complete list of Feats that can be learned during Level Progression are:


Character Talents (Class Features) are gained according to class, and will be listed below. Racial abilities will be listed after, by race. Detailed information on racial stats are given on their racial pages. See WFR CHAR Race Page and the Creature_List for info on many races found here on the WFR.
Class Ability Talents are as follows:

Wu Jen


Racial Abilities are as follows:
Human - bonus feat at first level, bonus skill points per level
Elves - Low-light vision, ...

For Sci-Fi/Modern/Future-Fantasy Characters:



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2006-02-13 [Linn Scarlett]: *bookmarks page* will get going on this as soon as ive some spare time (re-exam economics tomorrow X_X )

2006-02-13 [Linn Scarlett]: oh and maybe we could do the class thing like: base class fighter, and then all fighter type classes under it. and Monk as base class for everything holy-and-kicking-butt :p

2006-02-13 [Linn Scarlett]: and what about prestige classes? Duelists, beastmasters, dirge singers etc? (ok i know that i am mentioning drow classes :p)

2006-02-14 [Kim_Lundin]: And a short description has to be added to some of the classes. I, for example, have no idea what the Shugenja and Sohei are, and what's the difference between a Warlock and a Warmage?

2006-02-14 [Blood Raven]: see WFR CHAR Rank Page, I'm working on it. I try to keep everything simple, but I might need to revise some things...

2006-02-14 [Blood Raven]: some people accused the WFR of copying too much from D&D, or that's what I've heard. So I tried keeping things losse. But I'm not sure wether that will work. It would be cool though, if you could divide the abilities/talents/feats in broader sections, like Combat, Magic, Personality, General, Psychic, and Stealth. But that's just my opinion. Even so, I think the rank pages and the talents pages should be connected and consistent

2006-02-14 [Kim_Lundin]: I support the idea of dividing it a bit.

2006-02-14 [Linn Scarlett]: *still in a hectic life/exam/driverslicense phase* ahhhh *goes nuts* ... sorry X_X

2006-02-15 [Kim_Lundin]: Heh, nutty Linn Scarlet, never thought I would see that ^_^

2006-02-15 [Linn Scarlett]: X_X no seriously ive been doing a thousand-and-one things at the same time. but ill get my books out when ive some spare minutes

2006-02-15 [Linn Scarlett]: so... what if the WFR is much like D&D? it's based on such systems is it not Raven? D&D-and-co haters should burn X_X

2006-02-15 [Blood Raven]: true and amen X_X

2006-02-15 [Linn Scarlett]: Inomine patris, et filliea et spiritus sanctum, amen X_X sorry couldnt resist

2006-02-16 [Kim_Lundin]: Heh, not that I understood anything about what you just said...

2006-03-11 [Blood Raven]: in name of the father, and the son and the holy spirit, amen

2006-03-11 [xido]: O.o  And Amen is old hebrew, not even latin.... Amen came from Egyptian, too... as in AMEN-RA. So why they even use that line is beyond me, unless we now all worship the ancient egyptian sun god, which I guess is possible. :P

2006-03-11 [xido]: See, here's the thing about this page... it's constantly in update mode... everyone can post there ideas here if they wish... it might not have to be a D&D stat at all... that's why it includes all roleplaying methods... I can just easily see that a D&D-style method is the best approach. As for the classes, these are just to make sure that there is a diverse and informative set of stats about the basics, as well as a general description. We're not going to go into too much detail on method and rolls, etc... but we might include this info where it is necessary or applicable, especially on those 'personality' traits, like the feats which grant bonuses to skill rolls. Details like this

2006-03-11 [xido]: will be worked out as time goes on... For now, I just want an open page for concepts, and it can build from there, but I want at least enough to run a decent storyline without getting hung up on describing which skill of talent they are using when I make a call. Like if I ask someone to make a spot check, I want them to understand what that is, and why it even has a bearing on a free-form rp. I don't want to get TOO stuck on D&D stats, but I do like the basis. I don't want to over-run these pages with overtly D&D info (since it is also a copyright factor), but it is a basis I'd like to explore (and how flexible it can be to other methods).

2006-03-11 [xido]: "I, for example, have no idea what the Shugenja and Sohei are, and what's the difference between a Warlock and a Warmage?" The first two are oriental classes that are applicable to normal D&D classes, most like monks in their basics, but a shugenja works with divine spells like a cleric, but focuses on an element (some new spells), sohei are more like a ranger/barbarian hybrid. Worlock (I prefer this spelling) is a mage that relies on their inherent power like a sorceror, but focuses on a smaller list, to do their invocations as at-will abilities. Warmage has a very different spell list, and focuses on mixing combat and magic.

2006-03-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Thanks for the info, I use Warlock a lot because that's the spelling I've seen in the past (comics and books ^_^).

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