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2006-01-14 17:27:40
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Welcome tacticoholics

 I think this should be a place for tactics-junkies
to gather and discuss their favourite games and help each other 

The rules: 1: Be nice. 2: No spamming. 3: No cybering. 4: Be active if you can. 5: Promote us if you can.
What we need: 1: A banner 2: Members (more) 3: A motto. 4: Voulenteers to make Fire emblem/ tactics ogre site.
To join, just write your name and start discussing.
Sub sections Tacticoholics unite- FFTA section Tacticoholics unite- BG2:SoATA section
Members: [The Coffee-Prophet] Our great leader. [blinx4436] Second is da best! [Shining light] And then there were three! [iippo]
Polls about tactics: <poll:34238>

Username (or number or email):


2004-10-13 [The Coffee-Prophet]: hey ho, here i am.

2004-10-13 [blinx4436]: I shall join this lonely Wiki

2004-10-14 [The Coffee-Prophet]: thank you. we needsss it.

2004-10-14 [The Coffee-Prophet]: So any ideas how we might promote this wiki?

2004-11-18 [Shining light]: can i join? I saw it on the wiki's wikipage. very nice idea.

2004-11-18 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Sure thing, welcome onboard.

2004-11-18 [Shining light]: yay!

2004-12-05 [Shining light]: would any of you consider Baldur's Gate 2 a tactical game?

2004-12-07 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Yes, it involves a fair bit of tactics.

2004-12-10 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Shining light, you're the one who is making the BG section right?

2004-12-11 [Shining light]: yes indeed.

2004-12-11 [The Coffee-Prophet]: thats good, cant wait untill it gets some content.

2006-01-14 [iippo]: *^_^* Joined (even though I'm quite particular and picky about the games I play, mainly due to availability). *whispers* Pokemon is also tactics... <.<

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