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The Seven Deadly Sins Competition, Poetry

Please see the rules on the main page:

The Seven Deadly Sins Competition


This Contest is closed.


How to post your poem:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author ("Written by...").
Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

There is a theme:
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


1. Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins

Wicked wings of fire envelope,
Fueling smoldering ashes to life once more.
This madness progresses,
And the victim of which, trapped between blood shed and pain, is torn.
A wave of darkness washes over a blackened heart,
And fills the viles of rage with blood.
Restraint falters and everything is released;
An explosion bursts forth upon those unwelcomed.
Tread softly where caution is needed,
Or find another victim of those whose rage went unheeded.

Captured by nothing;
Set loose by all,
This monster is bred deep within,
Beneath the layers of self-composure.
And from this it is unleashed,
In a mass of scorching fire,
Until its intended victims fall under its growing power.
Within the veins it swims,
Burning through flesh and body and mind.
Coursing its way outward - until it constricts and binds.

Overcome by lack of self-control,
The wielder of this weapon drops down on one knee.
And through a haze of blurry red,
Sees the beast it has obeyed.
Blindly the wielder succumbs,
And red strength of empty darkness rushes within.
Power surges and an enraged cry breaks the heavy silence,
While the wielder covers themself with returning control.
The beast tumbles back down within its captor,
And the master regains temporary control of an easily broken door.

Written by [Celtic Dragon Of Wind And Death]

2. Chains (Sloth)

One chain to simplify these words
Shackled to one that makes it hurt
Twisting the loneliness that comes
Thrown in a pit to take away the sun

So gone but far too deep inside
The thorn of her love sickening my mind
My chain is digging into me
The pain in this pit is making me see

Walls carved with memories of the day
Reminding the night that it will always stay
This darkness cuts away my sight
Everything that I was becomes a product of night

More chains that deepen my despair
I’m too lost to see that I’m too numb to care
More blood to stain these poisoned dreams
I’ve forgotten her name, but I recall the screams

Memories now serve the things I need
I have to escape before I am deceived
I climb towards the purest light
But my flesh burns away, and I fall into the night

More chains and more dissolving names
Her face is a flash of the sharpest pain
I sleep alone forever more
Deep in a pit, where there is no before

Written by [The Mirror Canvas]

3. Come to me, sweet lover, come (Lust)

Come to me,
Sweet lover, come.
My touch is gentle, my kiss delicious,
My subtle body nice and warm.

Delicious lover,
Come to me,
I beg for your kiss,
Come to me sweet lover,
You know you want a taste of this.

I'll touch you good,
I'll love you right,
You'll never get enough of me,
Come to me now, passionate lover,
Let us ride the waves of ecstasy.

Be enchanted, my dear lover,
Let us go to heights unknown,
Join me in this world of wonder,
Let your desire grow,
Come to me, sweet lover, come,
I'll treat you good, you'll love me right.
Give up now, sweet lover.
Give up the fight.
And let us know each other.

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

4. Perfection (Pride)

The geisha wakes,
Round face still smooth,
Hair in elaborate loops.

Kimonos laid out,
Gold and violet this day,
Tall, lacquered zori’s await. 

The geisha sits in front of the mirror,
Puts her face on like the Kabuki,
Thinking she’ll never go out of style.

The face is on,
Kimono fits perfect,
Off to her gentlemen patrons.

Smiles like a Noh,
Pours Tea,

Written by [rien151]

5. The Divine Tragedy

I. Luxuria
Hot breath upon flaming skin;
An excessive love;
Let the flames purge it.

II. Gula
Time is contrary;
Seventy worlds await,
But we who are Opportunists
Shall join Tantalus.

III. Avaritia
Come, Plutus awaits
In the fourth ring.
The ripples are spreading.

IV. Acedia
The peccatum of sadness,
Omnipresent, shifting…
Run, Dantes, to your Purgatorio.

V. Ira
A flying inferno
Of maddening souls.
Tiger upon tiger.

VI. Invidia
Hobbes' demon shall call you out
Oh you who covet.

VII. Superbia
The deadliest of sins,
The root of all evil;
Thou shall Fall like Lucifer.

Whence comes the two keys,
One gold and one sliver?

Written by [Tickle Me Emo]

6. Last day of a sinner`s life

Their once was a man from nantuckett,          
He stole all the money from the market.
He layed around,and gazed at his felon,
While stuffing his face with melon.

One day while walking he thought to himself,
I am the greatest theif of them all.
He hopped and skipped and fancyed himself,
The king of the whole free world.

He saw a girl and wanted her from the start,
he payed for her meal and service.
And then kicked her out at the quicky-mart,
And smiled as he drove away.

While on the trian he made a face,
As his impatience with the faults of others grew,
His anger built and grew till the breaking point
And his mind exploded inside of him

Written by [james2777]

7. Our Love Burns

Hot and sweaty in the backseat of my car,
Never has a summer day felt so good.
You work hard to make me love it,
I watch you as you drip with sweat.
I run my fingers through your hair,
Look you in your eyes as you look into mine,
And I discover why I love you.

We're both on our way to Hell,
So we sin together, just to make it worth it.
I don't mind burning if I burn next to you,
I said I wanted to spend eternity with you anyway.

I love the way you look at me,
The way your skin feels on top of mine.
I hear your heart beat fast, and I feel mine start to go.
You start breathing hard, and I feel like a goddess.

We’re both on our way to Hell,
So we sin together, just to make it worth it.
I don’t mind burning if I burn next to you,
I said I wanted to spend eternity with you anyway.

People call this foolish, but what do they know?
Why be lonely for all eternity?
I’d rather be burning with you, anyway.

We’re both on our way to Hell,
So we sin together, just to make it worth it.
I don’t mind burning if I burn next to you,
I said I wanted to spend eternity with you anyway.

Let’s burn together, baby,
Let’s burn together for all eternity,
Let’s burn together, baby,
Our love will make the fire worth it.
Let’s burn together, baby.
Burn, burn, burn,
Let’s burn together, baby!

Written by [Leb]

8. Sloth

Oh ...
Um, yeah.

Written by [herrschneemann]

9. Seven Deadly Sins...

Each day flashes of glamour grace the screen
in wealth and beauty, my jealousy reveals,
as I suffer malice of desire
'cosmetic' looks of vanity I covet.

In laziness I show contempt
for that which is out of my reach,
as resentment bubbles deep inside
indulging in excessive conduct.

Hatred and discrimination an ugly face
as I view with self loathing, the mirror speaks,
face cracked with lines of constant cravings
yet ego fed in plumes of conceit.

Dissatisfaction feeds prejudice
in truth deep down these sins they lurk,
spoken in deadly tones of reason
for not to come to terms confesses all.

Beware as they play games with your soul
in overtaking a life of fulfillment,
yet humankind exposes them all
as we must come to terms with our own vanity.

Pride,lust, envy and greed
are what makes a world of wrath and gluttony,
in questions of sloth we wallow well
but ways to overcome we search.

Pandora's box revealed them all
by one whose vanity could not resist,
now all must work to overcome
the power of these deadly sins displayed.

Written by [IceFae]

10. Oh So Wonderful Me

I sit alone on my pedestal,
Of self inflated dreams.
Looking at my accomplishment,
Represented by shiny things.

My friends come by to see them shine,
Wishing they could be like me.
But I laugh at them and wave them off.
How pathetic they all seem.

They tell me that I'm full of myself.
But, who wouldn't be?
When I've done so little and earned so much.
Oh how I love my shiny things.

They raise their voice, leave me no choice,
to send them all away.
Because I would not spoil the beauty here,
Of my accomplishments to this day.

How ungrateful they appear to be.
What made them all this way?
How could they come before me?
And demand that I should change.

I need not these lesser men.
They just slow me down.
They are merely the background,
To my adoring crowd.

But still, I think it not my fault,
For my pride and vanity.
It was their selfless compliments,
That created, oh so wonderful me.

Written by [Vlashneer]

11. Sins of Our Lives

The pressure of the body
The heat of the moment
The feeling of ecstasy
The pleasurable sin

The taking of more
The gorging of the body
The consumption of life
The hungriest sin

The personal gain
The easiest coveting
The wishing for more
The treacherous sin

The laziest action
The easiest work
The saddest being
The depressed sin

The anger infuriating
The burning hatred
The cursing of violence
The revengeful sin

The perceived lack of
The wishing of person
The hoping of nothing
The malicious sin

The arrogant bastard
The vain beauty
The exuberant self-love
The arrogant sin

Written by [Lin-tastic]

12. IRA

In the seventh circle the devil shall wait
To receive me on this very date
For in the night I could not stand
The screaming coming from my hand

I took the bundle, wrapped up tight
And threw it with all my might
A sickening crunch as it hit the wall
Hoping it was over as it started to fall

When blessed silence reached my ears
My eyes filled with tears
My frightened wife yelling my name
Filled me with a dreadful pain

It was her fault for forgetting that day
To take the pill so I could have my way
I walked down the hall into our suite
Wondering if I could accomplish this feat

As we locked eyes she knew what I had done
She started screaming, “What have you done to our son!”
As her screams rent the night
Upon her neck my hands locked tight

I watched the life fade from her eyes
Feeling remorse to my surprise
As I looked upon my deeds
I fell slowly to my knees

From under the bed I pulled my savior
Truly wishing that I could save her
A bullet was my final embrace
It tore me from my fall from grace

So in the seventh circle the devil did wait
To receive me upon this very date
For in the night I could not contain
The wrath flowing through my vein'

Written by [HellsAnger]

13. Angel Of Lust
This poem was 52 lines long. so it is disqualified
Written by [TAnachronism]

14.The Soliloquy of Sin

I say to my conscience to listen...
The call of Pride--the beginning of all sin...
Vanity and an overly conceited aura
Causing the glares from Envy
Who plots our downfall with Wrath...
The onlookers of Sloth and Gluttony were too absorbed
And too lax to warn us of our new rivals.
Greed wants all of the glory caught in her own contest,
So surely to seek the irresistible man of Lust.
Together they fought,
Trying to prove who's the best...
And so they have played,
Using the strings of my soul to stir sin,
Playing people off as puppets through me,
Until I saw their evil
And shackled them with frost sheathed chains. 
So I listened carefully to their whispers
And chose to break those metallic binds.
Destitution of Purity I seek,
With my soul no longer susceptible and weak.

Written by [wicked fae mage]

15. Broken Pride

A tall man, a great man,
a crushed man, a destroyed man.
A wealthy man, a rich man,
a broke man, a poor man.

The man was a ruler of fall,
now he is poorest of all.
The man was a king of spring,
now the dead to him they bring.

A strong man, a hardy man,
a weak man, an ill man.
A quick man, a valiant man,
a sluggish man, a rude man.

The man was a pharaoh of winter,
now this day, he has a splinter.
The man was a drummer of summer,
now his life is just a bummer.

He was a king, a ruler,
a pharaoh, a god.
He was defeated by a weak,
by a small, by a splinter.

There after his injury,
he lost all fame in infamy.
he once was a man of pride,
now he has not even have a bride.

Written by [Zircon]

16. Virtue Versus Sin. Which Will Win?

It seems this world is losing ground to the seven, each a deadly sin.
Resistance keeps getting lower, as more allow them in.

Where is the chastity, the modesty, self containing?
Abstinence is a foreign word, temperance non-sustaining.
Diligence is unheard of, patience in short supply,
Kindness is limited, humility has gone awry.

In their stead, the evil seeps in through weakened fortresses.
Most are not the wiser, becoming hosts and hostesses.

Now lust is on exhibit, privacy paraded on the stage.
Many have become so gluttonous, insatiability is their gauge.
Appetites have surpassed the common word of greed.
Yet, the sloth within, is a new, perfected breed.
Anger rises quickly, causing damage, hurt and pain.
Patience is only allowed, when it's serving selfish gain.
There's envy for what others have, to justify the steal.
The pride becomes displaced, without care how others feel.

At all ourselves within, we need to take a look.
We must reinstate the virtues, emboss them in a book.
We must teach our young, spread the righteous word,
Use our power wisely to make the words be heard.
Though the ideals have been based around religion,
It is not required to enable such revision.

Virtue Versus Sin.
So, I ask.
Which Will Win?

Written by [Artsieladie]

17. The Angels' Song

Those who know not but the burning heat of lust,
Who takes at will, longs for pleasure
True loyalty dust.

But the angels sing, “Let them know the warmth of love.”

Those who live in voracity,
Who indulge in gluttony, forever wanting more
Gorging beyond capacity.

But the angels sing, “Let their hunger be filled.”

Those who are empowered by gold,
Hoard and seek more, no appreciation, no charity
All else to the heart is cold.

But the angels sing, “Give them the power of liberality.”

Those who are immersed in sloth,
Without the will to act, hopeless and unwilling
To take a stand they loath.

But the angels sing, “Let them earn the strength and hope to do so.”

Those who are blinded by the fire of wrath,
Act without thinking, hurt without knowing
Sees not the right path.

But the angels sing, “Let them see the wisdom of patience.”

Those who are consumed by envy and resentment,
To covet that of another, longing and begrudging
Never to be in contentment.

But the angels sing, “Let them be saved by gaining the happiness in life.”

…And as for those of the single, deadliest sin,
Who feel exalted, proud, vain and conceited
Forever to feel elated, until they learn the corruption within.

The angels sang, “Let them be humbled.”

For without the works of forgiveness and mercy,
Would not all fall prey
To the seven deadly sins?

Written by [Lite]

18. Lust

Dancing on gentle fingers
Stained crimson from bathing in blood
The devil smiles softly
As she whispers to him of love
Across a sandy desert
No man could hope to survive
A drop of sweat from her body
Has kept so many alive
Across her tan belly
To the crease between her breast
The heat is only skin deep,
Beyond, no heart is known to rest

Pulling briskly the men into place
Into chaotic; dusty haze
Her fingers taint and trace
Grains of sand through life’s great maze
And as each gold piece turns to black
They swirl in the wind, to never turn back

A fire may light her shadow
Upon a lonely wall
And one may search to find
That she was never there at all
Harps music her voice may be
And chained to Love’s shadow may she stay
But only Satan’s slave is she
And your soul will she take away
One drop of wine to cloud you mind
Into the river may it fade,
But stay alone, in dread and fear
Until your final day.

Written by [JRB]

19. Wrath

The page is blank.
But then the ink
Starts to flow.
Dark spiderwebs
Spun across the page.
Trapping her thoughts
Like black flies
To stop their buzzing
In her brain.

Dissected slowly,
Revealing every detail
Of their gory truth.

She loathes him.
      He begs for forgiveness.
She abhores his presence.
      He flutters at the window like a moth.
She cannot forgive.
      He says he's so sorry.
And she cannot forget.
      He tells them that for her he would die.
If he lands there,
Among the snarled webs
Of her distaste,
      He most certainly will.

Written by [Maeve104]

20. My name is Lust

My name is lust
I will play with your heart
I will steal your soul
I will drown your love
I will misguide you
You can never escape
I will bring you pleasure
But all you'll feel is pain

Written by [Halcyon Harmony]

21. Hidden Secrets (Wrath)

Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same
But you think its just a game.
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave.
And thats all I had to crave.

Every morning that I wake.
I think about how im going to break.
The scars will never dissapear,
Oh Father dear.

I sit alone in the darkness
Feeling very hopeless.
The tears that i wheep,
Become very cheap.

The empty space thats missing,
Why wont you listen.
The yelling, the screaming,
I wish I was dreaming.

Written by [bree_240]

22. Lust

He entered the room with hunger in his eyes,
He ripped up her shirt to feast on her skin
She knew it was just one of his re-occurring lies
but she couldn't resist him, he made her head spin.
To feel him again felt like heaven to her;
to use her again felt like a bargain to him.
She thought of resisting but the thought couldn't bear
and he laughed while he undressed her, he made her mind dim.
When he was done he let her lying there,
she knew he didn't love her, he didn't worth her trust
but she couldn't not refuse, she could only stare,
because his mere word her head filled with lust.

Written by [Jitter]

23. Is a sin truly a sin?

Is a sin truly a sin
when one lusts for love
and cherishes her lover?

Is a sin truly a sin,
when we sleep all day,
just because we are tired of past events?

Is a sin truly a sin,
when one envies and admires the other’s talent
wishing he could be as talented as them?

Is a sin truly a sin
when we take pride in what we create,
because of the uniqueness of the creation?

Is a sin truly a sin,
when we wish to collect and safeguard
important pieces that would otherwise go to waste?

Is a sin truly a sin
when you unleash feelings
that otherwise could devourer you?

Is a sin truly a sin
when it is sweet as sugar, tasty as honey,
and comforting like chocolate?

Sins are what they are
and we must not be mistaken
there is a sinner in every one of us,
waiting to awaken.

Written by [Aldalome]

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2007-12-22 [Jitter]: xD

I have vocabulary too! :D It is just not as up to date as I thought it was <.< >.< <3

We can found the grammar police and make Lami the chief :P

2007-12-22 [Linderel]: Jitter, your other suggestion was off, though. "waiting to be awaken" <- that should be 'awakened' in there :P

2007-12-22 [Triola]: Our Hitler <3 And you and I can be Goebbels and Himmler :D

2007-12-22 [Linderel]: Guys, I think this is getting seriously offtopic xD

2007-12-22 [Jitter]: Linderel: Jitter, your other suggestion was off, though. "waiting to be awaken" <- that should be 'awakened' in there :P

That was before I found out about the existence of said verb ;p So if we wipe that verb off the picture my argument is still correct xD

2007-12-22 [Linderel]: Mweehee :P

2007-12-22 [Jitter]: Gotta love grammar-talk just after midnight ;p

2007-12-22 [Triola]: Still wrong, 'cause it would have been "waiting to be awoken" :P

2007-12-22 [Linderel]: I faaaaaail xD *commits seppuku* No wait, I don't. I think 'waiting to be awakened' is correct. Gimme proof that says otherwise. :P

Oh yes. Depends on which verb was used. Duuuhh. Must not let Lami debate grammar when tired. Honestly.

2007-12-22 [Tickle Me Emo]: (this is why people can study in other countries and fail their native language class... o.0
I never learned any of this stuff!)

2007-12-22 [Linderel]: Haha... I'm Finnish, Trin is Norwegian, and Jitter is Greek xD

2007-12-22 [Tickle Me Emo]: And you all know English better than I do o.0

2007-12-22 [Triola]: Ah, how shall I put this? Oh, yeah: we rock xD

2007-12-22 [Tickle Me Emo]: lol, or perhaps American schools are just abysmal :P

2007-12-23 [Maeve104]: Tis true! As an American, I say our public school system is officially horrid! X$

2007-12-23 [Maeve104]: (Though I think it is "waiting to be awoken"..?) >_O

2007-12-23 [Aldalome]: I am from Belgium and I give up. Next time I'll check with editing assistance first. I didn't know that such a thing existed. Thanks to all of you.

2007-12-23 [Linderel]: [Maeve104]: That depends on which verb was used. With the verb 'awake' it would indeed be 'waiting to be awoken' and with the verb 'awaken' it would be 'waiting to be awakened'. :)

2007-12-23 [Jitter]: Linderel: I faaaaaail xD *commits seppuku* No wait, I don't. I think 'waiting to be awakened' is correct.

It is. I was teasing you :)

As for the rest... *giggles* xD (it was midnight and I was tired anyway ;p)

2007-12-23 [Linderel]: Except that that was a comment to Trin :P

2007-12-23 [Maeve104]: *is confuzzled, falls over, buried by the English language* Eek!

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