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The Last Ones



Played by [shadowfire09]:

Freya, Royalty of the Unseelie Court, 212 years old (looks 23)

Melody, Siren, 24 years old

Nate, Vampire, 198, looks 23


Played by [The Black Cat in Your Path]:

Shea, Mermaid, 87 years old (looks 25)

Emily Walker, Human, 22 years old

Locke, Werewolf, 200 years old (looks 28)

Roland Walker, Human/Hunter, 32 years old

Nelson, Zombie, Fresh


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2014-09-10 [shadowfire09]: It's funny how much the pictures influence how I play them.

2014-09-10 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Right? It just helps to have something to reference.

2015-02-18 [shadowfire09]: well Locke just got an upgrade

2015-02-18 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Sexy as hell, right???

2015-04-09 [shadowfire09]: I'm back
I wish et had a mobile app that would make life so much easier
Fuck I hate people

2015-04-09 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Very true, that would make things a lot easier for on-the-go people like us. Why were you gone for so long? You know I'm almost completely finished editing everything we have so far.

2015-04-09 [shadowfire09]: School got in the way. I'm terrible at budgeting time. plus i'm just never on my laptop. Jordan always uses it
but now I've dropped a few classes and I'm free again. I'm the one that texted you btw

2015-04-09 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Texted me... when? Today? I haven't checked my phone at all today.

2015-04-09 [shadowfire09]: kust now lol

2015-04-09 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yeah, my phone is upstairs, plugged in, and the baby is sleeping, so I'll see it later when I go to bed. Lol. My phone charge doesn't last longer than 2 hours these days, so my phone is off and in my room more often than it's with me.

2015-04-09 [shadowfire09]: haha thats how mine was but I upgraded last week or so and it's wonderful. Drystan is getting so big btw. It's crazy. and it feels so good to be back in this world

2015-04-09 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol I can't upgrade my phone until September. And yeah, he's getting so big so fast. It's insane.

I'm glad you're back in this world, too. I missed you. :(

2016-05-20 [shadowfire09]: WHERE DID LOCKES HUMAN PICTURE GO

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