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The Town Herald


The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.

The Sea - Myth & Fantasy

The Sea is a great source of inspiration for fantasy writers and artists alike.
Will we ever truly know what hides beneath the depths?


Cover Image by [Charybdis], Cover designed and edited by [Kaimee]



There are a few things happening in Elftown at the moment!
First of all, you all may have noticed the alarm note at the top of Elftown!
It is now a rule of uploading that you can no longer have ASCII Art
on your house descriptions, and if you don't remove them, they will be removed by the Guards.

You might also have noticed that the Elftown Council have decided on a new way of recruiting Crew members.
It is now possible to Apply to the Crew at that wiki.

Now for those who might like to try some other communities, that deal with a more specific theme -
You can have a look at these! They are all basically the same format as Elftown, but are invite only!
WritersCo - For the writers - Message [font]
Musmakers - For the Musicians - Message [All_Most PUNK]
Elf12 - For children 12 and under, and their parents - Message [Lerune]

Please Scroll Down For The Articles Index



**TH 11 Features**
See this issues Art & Poetry Corners and exclusive articles on The American Ban Anime petition, ET Teen angst and a guest opinions piece by [the_melomane].
**TH 11 Contest Arena**
Winner: [Charybdis] for The Sea, Myth & Fantasy
**TH 11 Reviews**
Movie, Tv, Music, Book and Games reviews!
**TH 11 Healthy Living**
PartII of the Respiratory series, an article on Trichomonas and information on the health benefits of Tea!
**TH 11 Cooking**
Two excellent recipes and a Cooking with Kids! section.
**TH 11 Advice**
Advice from the ever wise and wonderful [hanhepi]! :P
**TH 11 Follow Faery**
Once Upon a Timeā€¦Greece
**TH 11 Runing's Rants**
True Identity by [Runingwhispers]
**TH 11 Elftown Historians**
Here you can find all the stories of the most famous Elftowners and of those not so famous.
**TH 11 Humour**
Have you ever wondered...about the vital events at a Rock Show?
**TH 11 Games**
Check out our games section for a spot the difference, and three mazes! The answers from issue 10 are also included.
**TH 11 Trivia**
[pixish]'s trivia for the sea!
**TH 11 Classifieds**
Elftown advertising, if you wish to place an advertisement to appear in the next issue, please go to Town Herald Classifieds
The people responsible for this madness!


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2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: For the crew page: Xith changed her name and her linkage now goes to [Schob]'s house :(

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: I think I like the Herald better here in wikis and y'all did a great job! ^_________________^

2005-07-31 [pixish]: I was just going to say...I'll fix it! But it is not in a wiki :P

2005-07-31 [Sunrose]: The crew page isn't no hehheeh ^^

2005-07-31 [Kaimee]: Xith doesn't work on the Herald anymore really anyway XD *thinks the crew page needs updating*

2005-07-31 [spiritee]: heh, i like the new wiki style, too~

2005-07-31 [Kaimee]: And so you should! :O Although bgs and all the things you can do for a site version are oh so fun ;)

2005-07-31 [Lerune]: This looks fabulous...I think I like this better. :D

2005-08-03 [Janouk]: For how long can it keep getting better and better? I'm worried ;p

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