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2006-12-17 23:18:59
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2005-04-06 [KaRiNa]: i gotta go cya x

2005-04-16 [jo has gone]: rooaar

2005-04-17 [samthaman]: i mean - tha true gangstas.

2005-04-17 [jo has gone]: gangstas r just chavs that have gone wrong.

2005-04-17 [samthaman]: totally. yea ill be part of this place =P can u add me, rhys?

2005-04-18 [X-TheDarkened-X]: yeah sure, wot do u want to be?

2005-04-18 [HowseR]: rhys, add me, add me!!

2005-04-18 [X-TheDarkened-X]: what would u like to be?

2005-04-18 [HowseR]: something important

2005-04-18 [X-TheDarkened-X]: Cheif admin then. i will tel;l u the password

2005-04-18 [HowseR]: okey dokey

2005-04-19 [The Dark Lord]: no rich dont join...its tewkesbury gay fetish

2005-04-19 [HowseR]: how is it???

2005-04-19 [HowseR]: oh yer

2005-04-19 [The Dark Lord]: yes lol!

2005-04-19 [HowseR]: max is alright for a chav

2005-04-19 [The Dark Lord]: i know lol! Im quite good mates with him lol, dont wanna get on his bad side tho....i talk to him on msn loads

2005-04-19 [samthaman]: urm, just add me newhere. thanx m8

2005-04-20 [X-TheDarkened-X]: ok samthaman

2005-05-29 [KaRiNa]: hey any1 hus on?

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