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The City of Dusk: Chapter H


Pristontale: The City of Dusk
Chapter H - The Titan and the Figon


The great doors of the Bellatra banged open and two, great, gray feet smashed on the floor with each step, making the ground shake. The Lunans were all startled, and Tyrank and Roldin looked up when a thundering roar sounded from the other side of the stairway. Melocrie yelled and covered her ears, as Iyagi cried out to the sky and lifted up. Fylla screeched back, but fell silent when the banging footsteps came closer. The Koltans had stopped their threatening, and a broad grin appeared on Yiro's face. Even the monsters around then stopped screaming after a moment and looked up at the stairway. Fylla seemed to panic for a few seconds and shot through the sky like an arrow. Dylane saw it and clenched his teeth, while grabbing his sword even more tightly.
"What did you do?" he yelled at Yiro, and the Lunans turned to watch them.
The footsteps came even closer, the shaking got worse and another roar echoed over the square. Yiro's grin widened, turned into a smile and finally his laughter combined itself with the roars. Fylla cried out and it made Melocrie worry even more.
"Do you not know?" he yelled back and spread his arms. "This army will overcome you, for we have the strongest weapon of all! And now it advances... You're all going to die!"
Melocrie shook her head as she realised what was going on and quickly turned to Tyrank. "It's the Titan!" she screamed out.
A huge fist flew through the air and smashed the pillars on top of the stairway. Large bricks of stone crashed down and some Minigues started to run around like crazy, screaming. Then the Titan appeared. For a moment he stopped on top of the stairs, gazing ahead of him, like he was breathing in the air. Finally, without warning, it started to advance down the stairs, with long, banging steps. The Lunans cried out and almost started to panic, but Roldin wouldn't let it happen.
"Hold your ground!" he encouraged his men. "Ready your weapons! Archers and magicians in the back, full combat warriors at front."
The Lunan army turned to the Titan coming in on them, and did as they were told. Urani joined Kayleigh's side as they prepared their energies, though they had no idea what specific magic they should use. Dylane and Cage stood beside Roldin to encourage him and his army, and Melocrie and Debhora stood their position in the back. Roldin feared for the battle, but tried to keep high faith. With also the others monsters around them, fighting a Titan was the last thing they needed. Something they had not consider at all. The Koltans, monsters, Iyagi and the Titan. How could it have gone so wrong?
Melocrie had never fought a battle before, and she felt her heart beating hard like a drum. Fighting monsters was one thing, but the Titan was totally different. She had never been so scared in her life and wondered what horrors would lie ahead when they would advance. Yet she stood where she was, not thinking of backing out and leaving her friends. Looking around, she saw all the monsters fixed upon the Titan, and understood that they had to fight both. Fylla landed on her shoulder for a second, and it was a great comfort. She would be brave, like everyone else.
The Koltans did not attack, but instead they sent out Iyagi to do the work. For a few moments she soared past the Lunans and joined her brother in the advance. It was hard for the army to stand in balance, with the ground shaking like crazy. Yiro stood in front of his own troops, with his arms folded, enjoying the sight before him.
"Ready to fire!" shouted Roldin, as the two monsters came closer.
Melocrie hastily tried to grab an arrow, but she kept missing it and it panicked her. Debhora took hold of her hand and held it steady. When Melocrie had her arrow attached to her bow, she looked up at the Atlanta and nodded.
"Steady now..." Roldin stood like a statue to the ground, while his people were getting even more anxious. "Fire!"
Melocrie shot her arrow into the air with great speed, and it was joined by maybe a hundred more. Spears, javelins and even balls of energy were among them as well, as they shot through the air and smashed in on the Titan. The monster's roar covered all other sound for only a second and great cloud of smoke raised up. Iyagi cried out and spread her talons, diving down onto the army.
"Fire!" Roldin yelled quickly.
More arrows and magic balls were fired and most of them hit the great bird on the chest. Fylla was swallowed in a purple light and crashed past Iyagi, hitting her again and again. Another roar sounded as the smoke cleared and Titan appeared again, waving around his huge arms, only lightly scarred. The other monsters around them screamed out in fear, and the smaller ones tried to escape into all directions.
Melocrie stepped back in fear. How could he have survived a blast like that? He came closer now and Roldin called his troops to charge up, while trying to ignore Yiro's loud laughter. Next to her, Debhora grabbed another javelin which she had fixed on her back and raised her shield. Melocrie took this as an encouragement, and attached another arrow to her bow.
Melocrie desperately looked for Tyrank somewhere in the crowd, that was now moving around too quickly. She spotted him near Dylane, as they both held their weapons before the,.
Roldin looked up at the mighty creature that now came closer in front of him. They would either live, or all die. And if his people would die, so would he. With these thoughts he raised his scythe and ran forward, but was suddenly stopped by Urani. He and Kayleigh quickly raised their weapons, as beams of lightning crashed down from the sky. The Titan was hit badly, but still marched forward. In the meantime, Iyagi was also hit, and she cried out in pain. Another roar sounded, but this time it was something else: a Bargon. It seemed to encourage others on the field, as they marched toward the Titan, instead of toward the Lunans. Tyrank saw it happen and was relieved, for the monsters feared the Titan like they did, and wanted it out of their way.
"This is it!" yelled Roldin to his people. "For Priston!"
"For Priston!" his people repeated loudly. "For Priston!" Melocrie also shouted along as loud as she could, for it made courage swell up in her. "For Priston!" Tyrank and Dylane held their weapons high and yelled out to the monster in front of them. "For Priston!"
Yiro's laughter stopped and one second that was left seemed like an eternity, but the Titan did not stop. As Fylla cried out to the battle below, he ran right through the army of Lunans, swaying his arms as he roared. People underneath tried to bring cuts into his legs to made him fall, but his skin was even harder than rock. Only magic seemed to have a high effect, and yet it kept fighting like a madman. Melocrie stayed near Debhora, firing her arrows at Iyagi with Fylla by her side, who was now screeching above their heads. Iyagi seemed to be heavily wounded, and yet she continued to attack. What was giving them strength? Was it Yiro?
Cries of pain were heard all around, and Roldin was all too happy he had friends by his side. He did not longer care whether he would live or die. For if he would die, he would take these monsters with him. Cage helped him out by covering his back, while Dylane and Tyrank scattered themselves among the crowd. Urani stayed close to the Titan, in search of his weak spots, with many other mages with him. Kayleigh ran all around the battlefield in search of people who needed her healing. But nothing seemed to able to stop the Titan. There was no way to bring down a mountain this strong and high.
"Atlanta's!" Roldin shouted eventually and turned into all directions. "Atlanta's!"
Cage understood and shouted along, after a time joined by Tyrank and Urani. The Atlanta's started to gather around the Titan, which had to stop because it was surrounded. About a thirty Atlanta's stood around him, waiting for a right moment. It was on the moment in which he roared, that every single one of them took high their shield and threw them at him. Lights of purple, blue and yellow were cast from them, and they swirled around him for a moment. The Titan shook his head and seemed to lose his guard. Melocrie saw it happen and understood that combined magic of the same kind, could be a most powerful weapon.
"Now!" yelled Debhora.
"Now!" yelled all Atlanta's.
Lunan fighters with great axes and spears gathered around and instantly started to hit the beast with all their might. Dylane joined them as well, as he gathered power into his sword. He was able to make a perfect scar around the waist, by running up the leg. To his surprise, a Bargon that passed him didn't attack him, but it attacked the Titan as well. Even Fylla charged up and became to peck at his face. Pikes started to use magic as well and it seemed to have much more effect. The fighters kept hitting in on the fresh wounds and the Titan's painful cry was more than they could take.
Yiro's smile sank away immediately. This was something he could not allow. He cried out something to the sky, but it was lost through the Titan's roars and some cries of victory. Melocrie aimed an arrow at an open wound and proudly hit it perfectly. Suddenly a loud cry sounded from behind her and she turned, shocked by the sight. Iyagi soared passed her, just above her head, and joined the Koltan army as they charged from the other side. Yiro stood still in the middle of them, his face shadowed by evil intentions. They were attacking them! Melocrie quickly turned round and started to run, in search of Roldin. There she found him, fighting side by side with Tyrank against some Ghouls. Melocrie made her way as she shouted for their attention, and only got it when she was very near.
"Roldin!" she yelled out, breathing. "The Koltans!"
Roldin looked up and his face turned paler than milk. Tyrank too stood nailed to the floor, while a wave of black armors rushed in on them.
"Koltans!" Roldin shouted at his people. "Turn around! Koltans!"
He was lost, he didn't know what to do. It was just too much, the Titan, Iyagi and the Koltans. They would not live.
Yet his people turned around bravely and held their positions. The surrounding monsters seemed to be no problem anymore, compared to Yiro's powers. By Roldin's orders, his army split up into two groups, with equal numbers of each class. On one side the Lunans were now fighting the Koltans, with Yiro still among them like a statue. On the other side there was the Titan, who now had it much easier with less warriors around him. And all at the same time they had the Minigues, the Ghouls, Bargons and Mephits, who were now given less attention. Above their heads was Iyagi, who seemed to not ever give up.
Dylane gathered more energy and struck the Titan in the back, who swung around immediately. Tyrank pulled Dylane away from the attack, but accidentally got hit himself. A great fist crashed his ribs as he fell to the floor and cried out. Dylane hurried himself to him, knelt down and took his friend in his arms.
"Tyrank!" he yelled. "What... Why?"
"Because..." Tyrank moaned. The beat wasn't even that hard, but he could feel all strength flowing away from him. It was like Roldin had said: The Koltans have magic of their own. The wounds Yiro's people had gave him before had not been healed completely.
Dylane shook his head in panic and searched around for Kayleigh, while the Titan was still near him. When Roldin turned he saw his former best friend lying on the floor and it scared him. He smashed down a Minigue at his side and tried to reach him. But another one blocked his way and he was stuck, though joined by Cage.
"Kayleigh!" Dylane shouted desperately. "Kayleigh!"
The priestess heard the shout of her name and quickly came running. She sank to her knees and was shocked when another giant fist soared just passed them.
"What happened?" she shouted.
"The Titan!" roared Dylane. "Heal him, please!"
Yiro watched the battle closely and tried to spot anything unusual. Then he noticed the priestess, sitting on the floor by a recent wounded warrior. But not just a warrior - that Tyrank. Yiro left his spot and started to run.
"My Titan!" he yelled and many faces turned to him. "She is yours!" He pointed at Kayleigh, who didn't notice anything. "The priestess is all yours!"
Melocrie turned around and her heart seemed to stop. Kayleigh... The Titan - the dream! Focused in her thoughts, she was only just saved by Debhora, who asked her is she was alright. Melocrie did not answer, but started to run. The Titan was most pleased with his new orders and turned back to Kayleigh, who was now trying to heal Tyrank's side. She would make a perfect part of his collection.
"Kayleigh..." Tyrank moaned, but the words barely left his mouth. "Run... run!"
"What?" Kayleigh asked puzzled.
Dylane stared at Tyrank for a moment and then looked up, his face turning instantly cold. Melocrie ran like she had never run before and waved her arms in panic.
"Kayleigh! Kayleigh, no!"
"Kayleigh!" shouted Dylane also, but it was too late.
The Titan roared as he ducked down and grabbed the priestess tightly into only one fist. She screamed out and tried to free herself, but it was in vain. Tyrank watched her being lifted into the air, as Dylane sprang to his feet and raised his sword.
"Let her go!" he shouted in fury.
Melocrie drew an arrow and fired it, hitting the Titan's left eye. For a moment it stumbled and roared, but he did not release her friend. Kayleigh tried to perform her magic, but the Titan shook her around and she lost her wand. She tried to mutter magic words, but the monster squeezed all air out of her. Roldin and Cage looked up and were terrified by the very sight. Debhora stood nailed to the floor and Urani finished his magic spell onto a Koltan, before he noticed what was happening.
"Kayleigh!" he roared desperately and ran to help her. "Kayleigh! Fight him!"
But she couldn't, for all strength was somehow suck out of her. Urani quickly raised his staff and shot a ball of fire at the Titan, but it was suddenly blocked by Iyagi, who cried out in pain and almost crashed to the floor. The Titan raised his head to the sky and his eyes turned all white. Then he raised the fist in which he held Kayleigh and roared out a terrible sound. His fist turned blue, then purple and finally black.
"Help me!"
Those were Kayleigh's final words, before she was swallowed in some dark energy and Yiro's laughter echoed through the crowd. Dylane and Urani could not stop staring, and Melocrie's chest hurt with each breath. The dark energy started to disappear, and when it was gone, so was Kayleigh. Instead, the Titan was holding a small statue of gray stone, in the form of a crying priestess.
"No!" yelled Urani with everything he had in him. "NO!"
He began to furiously shoot fireballs at the Titan and waves of water. The army was panicking, and it took a moment for Dylane and Melocrie to occur the moment. She was gone... Kayleigh had been like petrified and she was gone. It couldn't be... it just couldn't be!
"How dare you!" Dylane shouted at Yiro. "She's done nothing to you!"
"No," smirked Yiro, but then nodded down at Tyrank, who still lay on the floor. "But she almost did."
The battle had not stopped and still Koltans surrounded them even more. Monster became even more aggressive, as the started to attack everyone around them, even the Koltans. Dylane smashed his sword to the floor in anger and breathed heavily, then knelt down beside Tyrank and squeezed his eyes closed. Urani could not believe it either, and yet he continued to fire on the Titan.
It was like all life had left her. Melocrie's eyes were fixed into nowhere. Why? Why Kayleigh? It was like in the dream... How could he?
Hold on. The dream!
Melocrie suddenly realised what to do. Anger raised up inside her, anger she had never felt before. Yiro and his Titan had taken away one of her best and most important friends. And they would pay! She reached out to her bag she ran, and lifted the Figon crystal from it. She passed Roldin, who watched her leave with a faint smile, though a little confident. Cage also understood and Debhora even cheered her on. The Titan roared again and with a shock of vivid light, Kayleigh disappeared from his hand. He turned and looked down, almost grinning at Dylane, who held Tyrank in his arms. He wanted to attack them, but Melocrie would not let that happen. She stopped right between them, holding the crystal above her head.
Yiro's smile faded again and his face turned curious. What was she holding?
"That's enough!" Melocrie shouted, as she fought her tears. "You will not continue this. I call upon the power of fire! Figon!"
Dylane's eyes grew wide and even Urani stayed his hand, as the Melocrie crashed the crystal to the floor and it shattered into a thousand pieces. The fire that had burned within now raised up a little and it started to swirl around with great speed. Two strings of fire shot down and created legs, two shoot from both side and created arms. Finally, a head was shaped and two, narrow black eyes appeared through the flames, as a hallow cry echoed against the city walls. The Figon stretched himself out as he cried and then became still, his body floating only an inch from the ground.
Melocrie noticed that her mouth was wide open and she restrained herself. A mighty creature stood in front of her, fully at her command - the creature from her dreams. Its beautiful flames gave everything a golden glow, as all eyes widened at the sight of it, and even the Titan had completely frozen. Iyagi and Fylla had stopped their fighting and now floated in the air at their own sides of the field.
Yiro's mouth was also wide open and he did not like it at all. It was something that he had not expected, something so dangerous that could mean his end. He quickly recovered and raised his scythe, ready to command his weapons.
"Attack!" he shouted at both the Titan and his army. "It must die! Kill the Figon!"
The Koltan crowd roared and started the battle anew, even harder than before. The Titan growled and swung his fist at the Figon, who avoided it all too easily. It grabbed hold of the Titan's arm, who roared out in pain as his flesh was burned.
Melocrie finally turned around and a strange, but great happiness overcame her. She kneld down beside Tyrank and Dylane and began to search for another priestess. To her surprise, there weren't any others. They desperately looked all around in search of a way, but with the many attacks all around them, it seemed to be quite hopeless. Even though, Melocrie refused to give in and prayed for a way for her friend to live.
"Look out!"
Melocrie turned my Urani's cry and saw Iyagi diving down on her. Fylla shot threw the sky and pushed the greater bird away in the air, pecking and clawing her chest. Melocrie's heart shocked for a moment, as her kestrel gave anything for one last attack.

"Go to your Figon," said Dylane suddenly. "I'll stay with Tyrank."
Melocrie thought for a moment and then nodded. "Alright, but try to get him out of here." She looked down at Tyrank and prayed for him to live. Then she stood, turned, and ran to join her Figon's side.

A terrible battle is was, with the Lunans against only monsters. Iyagi was being defeated my Fylla, the Titan stood no chance against the Figon, who burned everyone who got near Melocrie. Fighting alongside him was all she ever wanted to do in a battle, and yet it didn't seem right at all. Tyrank was heavily wounded, maybe even without a way to save him. Kayleigh was gone, and a great hope had died along with her.
Melocrie made her decision. She turned around and gazed at the great stairway on the other side, the way to the Bellatra. Tyrank would go there when the battle was at full, but now he couldn't. Someone had to do it. Urani had lost his sister and was now fighting the Titan with everything he had. Debhora and the others Atlanta's stood fighting in the middle, trying to stop any Koltans from getting through to the other side of the battle. Roldin and Cage tried everything to keep faith high in their people, they could not be missed. And it was now up to Dylane to make sure Tyrank would live, though both of the warriors were highly needed.
And Melocrie herself? She stared up at Fylla, who was also giving her everything. They all had an important role to play. Her role was to guide her Figon in the battle. Or was it?
Melocrie looked up at her creature in flames and concentrated hard, while she found words and started to speak to it in her mind.
"My dear Figon." She closed her eyes to focus more. "I know you can hear and understand me. I have to go. Save my friends, my brave Figon."
The Figon looked down and then roared, spreading his arms and scattering fire everywhere. Melocrie smiled up and knew he had heard her. After taking a few more moments to look at her friends, she turned around to avoid them, and made her way to the great stairway, and the Bellatra beyond.

Dylane looked around at the battle, as he tried to lift Tyrank up. His armor weighted them down and he had to give everything. But they did not get very far. A Minigue in front of them advanced and Dylane turned to take the hits. Cage hurried himself over and struck it down, motioning Dylane to be careful and continue. But Tyrank was too heavy, and Dylane himself too weary. He stumbled and fell, trying to catch Tyrank from hitting the ground. Sitting down, Dylane still could find no words to thank Tyrank, while he held his friend in his arms again. Everyone had changed in only the few hours of the battle, with the events of the Titan and the Figon. The flaming creature was taking hits from the Titan, which seemed to hurt, but his own attacks were more effective. Once he shot a great ball of fire at the monster, which scattered into a thousand flames than fell onto the crowd. Both Lunans and Koltans had cried out in panic, but only the Koltans were hit. Roldin was highly relieved when he noticed the flames were friendly, and could do no damage to him or his people. Even the lesser monsters were free from the hit, for inside they were still human, and it was as if the Figon understood this.
Tyrank coughed again and Dylane couldn't concentrate. His mind wandered off to Kayleigh and he spotted Urani from the corners of his eyes. He apologized to him in his mind and couldn't believe they weren't able to save his sister.
"Dylane," said Tyrank suddenly, and Dylane turned to listen. "I cannot promise we will win this battle, but..."
"But I can." Dylane begged Tyrank in his mind to not finish his words. "And I will."
Was there no way? Then he remembered, and blamed himself for not realising it before. He reached for his pocket and got out the Sereneo, that Melocrie had given to him earlier. Quickly he lay it into Tyrank's hand, who squeezed it with his last bit of strength.
For a moment nothing happened, but then Tyrank could feel a tension running up his arm, that spread into his entire body. Slowly but surely, he felt his power returning and his muscles grew warmer. The pain in his side waned, and he lay there waiting, until it had disappeared completely. Then he grinned and Dylane took this as his sign. He stood up and reached out his hand, that Tyrank grabbed tightly and pulled himself up. Dylane smiled broadly, like only a friend can do. Tyrank smiled back, shaking the hand that held the Sereneo.

Leaving the battle behind her, the cries, the pain and even her Figon, Melocrie set her foot onto the first step. She couldn't believe that she was leaving her friends behind, and that she had made this decision. A sudden cry from behind made her jump and Fylla flew to her, flapping her wings when she got near.
"No, Fylla," said Melocrie and it really pained her. "I must go alone. The Lunans need you."
Fylla seemed sad and didn't want to go. But Melocrie kept staring her until she did, and when the kestrel had finally turned around, she continued her climb. I'm coming, father, she thought. I know you are there and I must find you.

"Let's go," said Dylane, nodding, and took his sword.
Tyrank didn't say another word, but grinned and Dylane assumed that he agreed. They kept fighting together, closely together, in fear of another accident, but most of all, because they were friends.
Urani had restrained himself and had joined the Figon's side, along with the other mages. Atlanta's threw their shields all around and Fighters chopped down one Koltan after the other. Yet there seemed to be little progress, for they were highly outnumbered. The Titan had damaged their army greatly, and if it hadn't been for the Figon, they would already have been destroyed. They all knew this: Tyrank, Dylane, Urani, Debhora, Roldin, Cage and Melocrie.

Melocrie turned around when she reached the top of the stairs. Her Figon raised up among the crowd and she was proud to see him fight. She was positive she had sent him out at the right time. Fylla was chasing Iyagi all around, and Melocrie wanted to cry out in joy when the great bird shocked her wings, and suddenly fell to the floor. Fylla spread her wings, activated her magic, and dove down behind her.
A deciding moment. What she would find in the Bellatra was still unknown. But they would never find out without acting. Defeat was closer than victory, nothing was more clear than that. If the Koltans would be defeated, it would mean Navisko's freedom, even though the other curses. The people wouldn't have to live under their reign anymore, and that's a start. She had go find the warriors and make it happen. But she was alone.
Melocrie swallowed and tensed her muscles. She wanted to go back, to fight alongside her friends. But there were many different ways of fighting, she had learned. She now would fight her fears, for the sake of her friends, and Navisko's freedom. Everyone who had died on the battlefield tonight had made a huge sacrifice. Just like her father did when he left home. The last thing Melocrie wanted to do, was to let these sacrifices be in vain.
With these thoughts and final words of encouragement to herself, she turned around again and descended the stairs to the other side.

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