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Day after day, the skies grow darker and more menacing. Snow falls incessantly, covering the vast world of Aeyuu with a soft blanket of immaculate death. Those who do not succumb to the freezing cold, are often met with a fate far worse than what anyone on the face of the planet could possibly imagine. Word of unnatural occurrences spreads through the major cities of the world, whilst small towns and villages live in fear of a nameless threat and mercenaries prey on bearers of magical abilities. Some believe the end of the world to be nigh, and express no hope for a future they perceive as inexistant.

In the midst of the storm, a young girl of Elven origins finds herself the target of an overzealous mercenary who, unwittingly, will drive her towards the source of all darkness, and towards an unexpected destiny.

Welcome to the Age of Silence.

* * *

As a note: writings uploaded always relate to the story in some way, whether they be passages that explain past events, or simply writings that give a glimpse into characters' personalities. As I have the ambition to one day publish this story, no chapters shall be uploaded. These writings are to be viewed as an 'extra'. Questions pertaining to TAoS will be answered unless they are too plot revealing.

For even more TAoS updates, please visit the blog dedicated to it:
Updated every Tuesday with new tidbits and discoveries.

TAoS - Character Profiles

TAoS - Artwork

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Recent additions

*New December 11* TAoS - The Fearcatcher *New December 11*

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TAoS - Death and Rebirth (warning: rated M for violence and murder)
A child and mother share a lethal moment.

TAoS - In death is love eternal
Sisterly love.

TAoS - Life and Death
A mere human realizes that Death cannot be stopped...

TAoS - Nightmare (warning: rated M for murder)
The prettiest of faces are the most deadly of predators.

TAoS - Of Humans and Elves
Wars waged leave deep scars across land and people.

TAoS - Plagued
Dire situations bring family members closer, even while ignorant of bloodties.

TAoS - The Chase
A young girl runs for her life.

TAoS - The Corpse Woman (warning: rated M for violence, gore and murder)
In death lies power beyond mortal comprehension, but at what cost ?

TAoS - The Fearcatcher (warning: rated M for murder)
Darkness takes many forms and obeys no laws

TAoS - The Predator
A seeker of death.

TAoS - Transmogrification
The discovery of power rarely goes well.

TAoS - The Watcher of the Dead
A sacrificial lamb chooses her own destiny.

TAoS - The Undead Ruler

TAoS - Victim (warning: rated M for violence and murder)
A woman makes a choice between heart and duty.

~ * ~ * ~

Older, related works

TAoS - A Close Encounter with Death
A departed soul encounters the Grim Reaper.

TAoS - Lost in the self (warning: rated M for gore)
Staring madness in the eye.

TAoS - Night Terror (warning: rated M for murder)
A little girl receives a peculiar nighttime visit.

TAoS - The Child Murderer (warning: rated M for murder, child murder, gore)
Vampire on the loose.

~ * ~ * ~

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