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Sylvan Clan (Sidhe, "shee")

The Seelie Court of Sylvan Races

From the Fantasy Majority, or GOP
From the Elftown Clans and the RP Council



Summary / Body of Content
Creatures of The Creature List:
  - Fae / Fey
  - Faerie Races
  - Satyr / Satyr Races
  - Centaur / Centaur Races
  - ...


Laws & Clan Structure:
    There is a special rule for this Clan. If you are a member of the Sidhe Court, you may not choose 'Multiple Clans' as your Elftown Clan. Your Fantasy Race must be only from the Sylvan (Faeriefolk) Races.
    See the Adobe .pdf files below for more info on Sylvan Clans:
    (From articles)

Important Polls / Notes:


The Fantasy GOP House Leader: [] (Clan)

Sylvan Clan - Sidhe Leader: []

  - []
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Creature_List / The Creature List
Elftown Creature Marathon
Representative Poll: <poll:73926>
Wiki Fiction Roleplay
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2008-02-03 [xido]: Actually, since I recently found an external, non-D&D source for the Sylvan courts, I will be utilizing the structure that they use for theirs instead of the typical, popular culture-route. That will include a Court of Nightmare, a Court of Dreams, and a Court of Twilight.... Especially since no one else has yet joined this Clan, or the 'opposing' Sylvan Clan.

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