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I'll lead you about a round,
Through bog, through mush, through brake, through briar;
Sometimes a horse I'll be, sometimes a hound,
A hog, a headless bear, sometimes a fire.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Fey don't actually speak english, even though their lines are printed in english. But that's just so we mere mortals may understand them. Amongst themselves they speak the Sylvan language, the language of the faeries.

I started constructing this a year or so ago. I never got very far, mostly because of homework and such. But the little I have managed to create will come here, so those who wish may write sentences in sylvan. or for whatever reasons they may have.

By necessity, there are also rules of Grammar to the Sylvan language. They are so simple as to be nonexistant, but they are there nonetheless.

To make it easier to find what you need, the verbs are moved to the Verbs section. It's even alphabetized!

We have Common Phrases in Sylvan, with English translations. Good examples of Sylvan in use.


English                Sylvan


Acorn                 Mia
After                 Sali
All                    Beleb
Alone                 Mim
Animal                Silumni
Arm                   Mieme
Autumn              Tu


Bad                     Ukkutae
Before                  Suli
Between               Toot
Big                     Mil
Blue                     Ae
Book                   Kutaeminbeb
Branch                  Mie
Broken                  Ukt
Brown                  Eatu


Child                   Mirfae
City                     Milvonkel
Cold                    Vuk


Dark                    Lu
Day                     Al
Death                  Kutae
Dragon                  Dar
Dry                     Kele


Earth                   Vo
Eternity                Saliosuli


Face                   Sein
Father                 Fenmaer
Female                 Fe
Finger                 Minsei
Fire                     Kut
Flower                 Se
Food                  Ela
Foot                   Mivormin
Forest                 Kel
Forever                Saliysuli
Fruit                    Mir
Fun                    Sile


Gold                    Lirn
Gold                    Vorai
Good                   Faele
Grass                   Ne
Grass, tall              Na
Green                   Ei
Grove                   Ke


Hand                   Miemin
Here                    Vakel
House                  Kal
House (noble)           Kral
Hungry                 Elaf




King                    Fenler
Kingdom (f)               Rie
Kingdom (m)              Rien


Leaf                    Min
Leg                    Mivome
Library                  Kalvarkutaeminbebib
Life                    Fae
Light                   Li


Magic                   Fer
Male                    Fen
Many                   Beb
Metal                   Vor
Moon                   Luvese
Mortal                  Kutarirfe
Mother                  Femaer
Music                   Selui


Name                   Yal
New                    Sear
Night                   Ul
Nut                    Miu
No                     Ho


Ocean                   Elb
Oh                     Ai
Old                     Satuku
Outside                  Velvo


Pattern                  Liverel
Petal                   Sei
Pollen                   Fealeai


Queen                  Feler


Rain                  Siluelve
Red                  Ea
River                 Siluel
Root                 Mivo


Seed                   Sea
Silver                   Lir
Silver                   Vorih
Sky                     Ve
Small                    Il
Song                   Salif
Sorceress (Unseelie)     Ferfe or Ferife
Sorceress (Seelie)       Fefer or Feferi
Sorcery                  Ferfae or Faefer
Sound                  Seluin
Spring                  Le
Star                    Vese
Stem                   Sep
Stone                   Von
Summer                 La 
Sun                    Veli
Sword                  Mie'Lorvor


Thirsty                  Elef
Thorn                   Lo
Time                    Silualbe
Time (long)            Siluelvaralbe
Toe                     Mivosei
Tomorrow             Salali
Tree                    Mi
Twilight                Alul




Water                      El
Weapon                   Lor
Wet                        Ele
White                      Ih
With                       Neal
Wine                       Sileel
Winter                      Uk
Wizard                   Ferivar Kutaeminbeb
Wizard (shortened)       Ferivar'Kaebeb
Wizardry                  Fer var Kutaeminbed



Year                    Lele
Yellow                   Ai
Yes                      Hi
Yesterday                 Saluli  
Young                    Sear


Thats it for now. More to follow later.

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