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2012-05-14 03:30:36
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2011-10-10 [Sir_Hans]: I am a fan of this page not because of its subject matter but because of the "love" you have poured into this place. For all the love and devotion you've gladly given to this place, this person has returned to you as hatred, pure, unmitigated hatred. No one would do to you what he has done and methodically used others to help him with, without having nothing but hatred in their heart if he even has one. He didn't invade your life because he was interested in you in a good way. He invaded your life and played cruel and sick games with your head and your heart because he was only interested in destroying you. 

You chose to see him as a good person because you didn't want to think he was a bad person and he has done nothing but use this against you. I am so sorry that such a beautiful person as you are had to be subjected to this torturous and cruel inhumane being. My message in your guestbook was nothing more than an excuse to ostracise you more and to "defame your character". There are laws against this, even in Sweden. *HUG* ♥ XOX's

2012-05-14 The Truth: Aw Hans, you're continual and faithful support has given me much strength. But there's a whole lot more to this whole mess than is meeting the eye involving the former vice mayor here...

I just wish I had known that the former vice mayor here had it on her agenda to get rid of me since 2007 and this is when I've been made aware of. It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't have on her agenda to get rid of me before this. All the blame that she put on me, when she was just "pretending" to be my friend, while plotting and scheming to get me off of Elftown. Giving 'my' friends ultimatums that if they were my friend then they couldn't be hers and then requesting their friendship, after I was banned, saying that since I was finally gone, she was willing to resume her friendship with them. Her own words from 2007 in reference to me: "I don't care how she is gotten rid of as long as she is" and "I don't know what Hedda sees in her anyway". These words of HERS pretty well sums up the REAL agenda that I was up against, and the very agenda she didn't want anyone here to know about. But the truth always comes out and the truth shall prevail.

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