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2011-06-03 17:03:00
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The Super Pet Bunny Shake and Chew Toy is adorable. The most exact comparison that I can make concerning this toy is to compare it to a fist-rattle that one would give to an infant child. A hard, yellow, plastic ring holds a soft, white, stuffed rabbit head, similar to the way that keys hang from a key-chain. This rabbit head, ridiculously cute in an animated sort of way, rattles as a child’s toy would. Dangling from the yellow plastic ring are also two orange, wooden carrots, both able to safely be chewed by one’s bunny. It is not impossible to open up the yellow ring. 

When I first gave my bunny, Daisy, the Super Pet Bunny Shake and Chew Toy, she ignored it. As a result, I opened up the ring and hung the toy from the top of her cage, so that she would have to stand on her hind legs and “sit pretty” to be able to nibble the wooden carrots. After she began to show some interest in the toy then, I took it down from the top of her cage and let her play with it on the floor of the crate. Additionally, I have since been able to purchase wooden bunny-chew blocks that also fit on the yellow ring. Because Daisy can easily pick the plastic ring up in her mouth and toss it around, this makes it ideal for bunny-play.

Bunny teeth do not ever stop growing. In fact, if rabbits cannot file their teeth down on something, their teeth will grow so long that it will make it literally impossible for the rabbits to eat or to drink anything, resulting in their death. Therefore, it is incredibly necessary to provide pet rabbits with appropriate chew-toys. These toys should be safe for the rabbits to consume, if only accidentally. 

To date, Daisy has about seven things within her cage that she may safely chew on (and does chew on!) that are intended to keep her teeth in great working condition! Perhaps it is because Daisy is so young and so constantly growing that her toys are being destroyed so quickly! While many of her toys don’t last long enough for me to ever get around to sanitizing them for her, this one actually did! 

The toy IS machine-washable, though I prefer to surface-wash the toy by hand. Using nice, hot, soapy water, I cleanse the toy once a week, followed by a thorough rinse as well as a few good hours to dry. Washing the toy does seem to cause some of the color from the wooden carrots to bleed, but not much. Remember, this toy was designed for a rabbit to chomp on, so it’s pretty durable.   

Since purchasing this toy for Daisy, she has enjoyed hours upon hours of playtime with it. Her teeth have continued to be at a healthy length, and she seems appropriately entertained by the rattling when she picks the toy up in her teeth and flings it across the room. I definitely recommend this bunny toy for all rabbit owners! 
/ [Nioniel]

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