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Nami blushed as she stared at herself in the mirror. Bikinis are so revealing... she thought as she adjusted the fabric, hoping to cover more of herself. Lulu tilted her head to the side, "What are you so self-conscious for? I'd kill for your butt..."

Nami jumped, spinning around to face Lulu. "Not helping..."

"Oh, come on. Everybody would kill for Anka's legs and my chest, Chloe's hips..." Lulu counted off her fingers.

"Lulu!" Nami blushed profusely.

"Hey," Anka knocked lightly before opening the bathroom door. "Can one of you tie me?" she asked as she slipped her clothes off before starting to redress in her bikini.

"Sure thing, darling," Lulu said as she grabbed the purple strings, tying them into a bow. "Seen Chloe?"

"She's on her phone," Anka replied as she took the ponytail from her wrist, pulling her hair up.

"So everybody we're friends with are coming to your pool party, Lu?" Nami asked as she slipped her shirt and shorts back on.

"Yeah, mom and dad are ordering pizza for all of us, drinks will be in the pool house and everybody who stays will go with me this evening to get snacks," Lulu rattled off her plans as Chloe opened the door.

Chloe tossed her clothes off, revealing that she was already dressed. "Already dressed. Just wanna look amazing," she said as she pulled her hair into a bun with little effort. "So, everybody else excited?"

"Yup," Anka chirped.

"Not so much..." Nami muttered, hanging her head.

"Nagi'll totally drool," Chloe assured her. "I mean look at your butt..."

"What is it with you two?" Nami asked.

"Relax, you should get used to those remarks," Lulu said calmly. She took her comb, parting her hair and pulling it into two pigtails.

Anka tapped Lulu's shoulder, "Why should she get used to those remarks?"

"Lucas found out and is showing up," Lulu said nonchalantly.

"Great..." Chloe hung her head.

"He's not that bad," Lulu assured them.

"Oh, yes he is!" Anka cut in. "He's a horrible letch that can't keep his hands to himself and who puts his foot in his mouth..."

"And who's gonna get a foot in the ass..." Chloe added.

"Calm down," Lulu cut in, "There will be other people, too."

"Where's the food?" Nami asked as her stomach growled.

"By the pool, hot pizza," Lulu replied.

"Race ya," Anka said as she started out the door with Nami at her heels.

The pair arrived by the pool, smiling when they found several stacks of pizza boxes. "Starved..." Nami said as she dashed toward the table, grabbing a plate and opening a box.

"Me too..." Anka grabbed a slice, taking a large bite before even getting a plate.

"Wonder when everybody else is getting here," Nami remarked before eating a slice of pizza.

Anka shrugged as she picked the toppings off of her pizza, eating the toppings individually. "Probably soon. It's noon and that's the start date," Anka pointed out.

"Hmm..." Nami tilted her head to the side. She watched Chloe and Lulu emerge from the house and make their way for the lawn chairs. "Take it they're not taking a dip yet."

"I can smell the tanning lotion from here," Anka muttered.

"A pool birthday party..." Nami stroked her chin as she balanced another slice of pizza on her opposite hand, "I might have one of those."

"Nami, I don't think our friends are going to swim in April," Anka said with concern.

"We could all take turns pushing Lucas into a pool?" Nami suggested.

"That we would do. Party game one thought of," Anka laughed as she took a bite.

"Do you think anybody else is as tan as us?" Chloe asked as she slipped her sunglasses on.

"Not a chance," Lulu replied as she opened a novel.

"Happy birthday, Lulu!" Nagi shouted as he hopped over the fence.

Lulu glared over at Nagi, "How are you so tan already? It's only June 9th!"

"Family heritage," Nagi shrugged. "And you saw me yesterday. You knew what I looked like..."

"I can't remember such details," Lulu said dismissively. "But, thanks. Pizza by the other two and drinks in the pool house," she announced.

"Hmm...a dark skinned boy hopping the fence of a rich white guy's house..." Chloe considered, "This birthday party is bound to end up on COPS."

"Very funny," Nagi rolled his eyes as he walked past her, tossing his shirt off and kicking off his socks and shoes.

"A pool venturer already..." Anka noted as she stood.

Nami looked up from her daydream, "Where are you going?"

"Getting a drink. You want one?" Anka replied.

"Yes, thanks," Nami sighed as she shifted her gaze to Nagi. Why do I have to have a gigantic crush on my best guy friend? she thought as she stared mindlessly into the pool.

Anka reappeared a few minutes later with two bottled waters, setting one in front of Nami. "There's a bucket in the pool house if you need to catch the drool," she teased.

"Not you, too..." Nami grumbled.

"I'm not that bad..." Anka stated. "You ready to get in the pool?"

Nami took a sip of her water, shrugging. "Well, I don't care about waiting fifteen minutes."

"Well, what do you say we actually get in the pool?" Chloe said eagerly.

"Alright, the rafts are at the far end," Lulu said as she set her novel down. She lead Chloe to the deep end of the pool where they both relaxed in large inner tubes, floating about in the sun.

Nagi emerged from the water, wiping the water from his face. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and pulled himself out of the pool. "Done already?" Anka asked as she settled beside Nagi.

"No," he replied, "catching my breath." He blushed as Nami gingerly sat on the other side of him. "Are you two getting in?"

"Definitely," Anka said enthusiastically. "And the right way," she chuckled as she watched Lulu float by on her raft.

"Awesome," Nagi grinned. "Are you tempted to flip them yet?"

"Fighting the urge as we speak," Anka said flatly.

"I feel better, now," Nagi sighed. He turned to Nami, "You're getting in too?"

"I don't know..." Nami rubbed her arm, shrugging.

"Are you okay?" Nagi asked.

"Getting in, now," Anka said as she dove into the pool.

"Yeah, fine..." Nami said quickly.

"You're not even dressed for the pool," Nagi pointed out.

"Under my clothes I am."

Nagi nodded, "You heard about Lucas?"

"Yeah...I was...informed."

"He'll be too busy drooling to remember how to be a pervert," Nagi assured her. "I mean...Lucas...has never seen so many girls in a pool..." Nagi shrugged, "So I picture him overloading."

"Hmm...wonder what they're talking about..." Chloe lowered her sunglasses.

"He's trying to talk her out of her clothes," Lulu replied.

Chloe nearly fell off of her raft, "You serious?"

Lulu rolled her eyes, "Not that way."

"That's right, Nagi has integrity," Anka said firmly.

"Actually, I was going to say he's too much of a pussy, but whatever floats your boat," Lulu stated with a shrug.

"Wonder if it'll work..." Chloe muttered. "I mean, if Nagi were trying to undress me..." Anka and Lulu turned to Chloe, staring at her blankly. "He's my friend and I can comfortably say he's hot," she shrugged. "But nowhere near my Tristan..."

"And we've lost her..." Lulu rolled her eyes, giving Chloe's raft a good shove.

"Hmm...I do wonder if it'll work," Anka admitted.

Nagi stood, turning around and falling backwards into the pool. "You now have no choice."

Nami stared down at her soaked shirt and shorts. "Nagi!"

"See ya," he said as he dove underwater, swimming away from Nami.

Nami sighed, standing and walking toward the table where she was eating.

"Good job, you made her more reclusive," Lulu smacked the back of Nagi's head.

"I was just being playful..." Nagi pouted. He froze when he looked up to Nami undressing.

"You just missed out on all of that..." Lulu whispered in Nagi's ear.

"Leave him alone," Anka cut in. "But you should let her push you in, Nagi."

"What'd I miss? I was daydreaming," Chloe paddled her way to the others. "See?" she looked up at Nami. "She has such a hot body. No reason to be ashamed."

"Great, now thanks to Nagi I have to wait for my clothes to dry..." Nami growled as she set her shorts and shirt on the back of separate chairs. She settled into a chair, crossing her arms and staring down at her bottled water.

"So pretty..." Nagi muttered.

"Don't tell me he already blew it," Chloe pleaded.

"It's a possibility," Lulu replied, "nothing definite yet."

"He did not blow it," Anka said flatly. "He..." she stopped when she realized that Nagi had climbed out of the pool and was sitting beside Nami. "How did he do that so fast?"

"Heritage?" Chloe guessed.

"When he says it it explains it. When you do it just sounds racist," Lulu muttered.

"You can push me in," Nagi offered. Nami shook her head. "Dunk me?" She shook her head again. "I feel really bad...I have to let you get back at me somehow..."

Nami laughed, "I'm not mad at you."

"Then what's wrong? If Lucas is going to bother you that bad we can tie him up and leave him in an inner tube," Nagi said quickly.

"It's not Lucas," she sighed. "Not yet, anyway."

"Talk to me...unless it's too girly for us to talk about...then I'll get Anka..."

"Hmm...he's gotten a lot more articulate around Nami," Chloe noted.

"Yeah, but cheeks are still a dead giveaway," Lulu added.

"I'm proud of him. Nami on the other hand seems shier around Nagi. I believe our project needs some work," Anka stroked her chin.

"Well, she's being shy because nobody's ever seen her in a string bikini top until today," Chloe pointed out. "Her old bikini covered her cleavage, and this one shows a little more of her butt."

"Brazilian cut for the win," Lulu grinned.

"You haven't noticed that it's a new bikini?" Nami asked, immediately taking a swig of water.

"See, there's no safe answer to that," Nagi sat forward. "On one hand, if I say yes, I'll be pegged as a pervert. And if I say no, I'll be pegged as the person who doesn't notice things," he explained.

"Okay, if you answer the'll be safe from judgment," Nami blushed as she looked away from Nagi.

"I noticed," he announced. "But, Chloe has new sunglasses, Anka has a new ankle bracelet and Lulu has new shoes," he added, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"So in a non perverted way you noticed?"

"I don't know if you've noticed this about me or not, but I'm not a pervert. And between you and me I have yet to actually work out so I'm getting chunky instead of fit," Nagi sat upright.

"Better start working out then," Nami smiled, poking at Nagi's belly.

"What do you think the swimming is for?" he asked as he stood. "Well, you coming in?"

"Sure..." Nami blushed as she followed behind Nagi. The pair hopped into the pool simultaneously. "Oh, GAWD! It's so cold!"

"You've been sitting in the sun for the past twenty or so minutes," Nagi reminded her.

"You feel warm to me," Nami said as she clung to Nagi's arm.

" handed lap, then," he shrugged as he turned onto his back and began floating with Nami hopping along beside him.

"Cold?" Anka guessed.

"F-f-fah-reez-ing..." Nami replied.

"You'll get used to it," Anka assured her. "Nagi, are we sticking to the plan?"

He opened his eyes, "Naturally. Whenever you're ready."

"Let's get it over with," Anka took in a breath.

"P-plan?" Nami asked.

"Excuse us a second," Nagi said as he drew in a breath, following Anka underwater. Nami watched carefully as Nagi and Anka tipped Chloe and Lulu out of their rafts.

"Nagi! You fuck!" Lulu wiped the water from her face. "I'm going to get you back!"

He smirked, spitting water at her before continuing his swim.

"Anka, that wasn't...right..." Chloe caught her breath.

"It's a pool party. Ya gotta get wet," Anka said with a smile.

"Nicely done," Nami conceded.

"Thanks. Their slightly racist remarks earn them karma," Nagi said as he flipped onto his belly.

"Racist remarks?"

"Only slightly," Nagi corrected her. "Skin tone and COPS jokes," he explained.

"Ah, well...they're wealthy girls from Conneticut," Nami shrugged, "we have to draw them both out of it."

"Cannonball!" Connor and Drake chorused as they hopped over the fence, rushing toward the pool.

"No racial jokes for white guys?" Nagi asked.

"Nope, they're cool when they jump fences," Chloe replied.

"Wow, that is slightly racist," Nami agreed.

"They're rich white girls from Conneticut," Anka cut in. "Nagi is probably the first not snow-skinned person they've both ever seen."

"No, Maria is Latina," Lulu cut in. "But for the longest time I thought she was my mom..." she sighed. "If only...."

"Daydreaming about being tan all year round?" Anka guessed.

"You know it," Lulu sighed.

"What have we missed, birthday girl?" Connor asked as he embraced Lulu.

"Nothing, just a little swim," Lulu replied.

"Nobody else is here, yet?" Drake looked around. "Man, they are missing out..."

"I thought Lucas would be taking pictures for a nearly nude calendar," Connor admitted.

"Me too," the others chorused.

Lucas turned around, passing a large stack of cash to an older man, "Here's the money. Now snap away at the sexy girls for my Nearly Nude Calendar. And don't stop until you're out of film."

"Right," the photographer nodded, following Lucas into the back yard, hiding in a bush.

"Hello girls!" Lucas said loudly. "You all look so sexy..."

"No hugs," Chloe said flatly.

"It's cool," Lucas said as he hopped into the pool and began floating on his back nonchalantly.

"Save me?" Nami whimpered.

"Why?" Drake asked.

"I agree," Connor frowned.

"Yeah, no attempts at pictures with four girls in their bikinis? Something is seriously wrong..." Nagi said as he watched Lucas slowly float past.

"But what could be wrong?" Drake pondered.

"Maybe he was overcompensating and he was really gay the entire time?" Chloe suggested.

"In which case we're safe," Nami said happily.

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2010-04-19 [wicked fae mage]: I foresee this as being right before background story begins...Lulu's 17th b-day party...

2010-04-24 [Ravendust]: hehe, nice :D

2010-04-24 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you thank you :3

2011-01-12 [Ravendust]: where were we wanting to go with this one? :-/

2011-01-12 [wicked fae mage]: Well, let's start off our minor characters starring in something. Somehow the whole crew gets dragged into an alternate dimension where those who are magical are asleep...and the only way to wake them is to get them out of the dimension...*waves fingers for an eerie effect*Wooo!

2011-01-13 [Ravendust]: hehe interesting thought

2011-01-13 [wicked fae mage]: It was the first thing that came to mind

2011-01-22 [Ravendust]: its a thought for sure *nods*

2011-01-22 [wicked fae mage]: Lol my mind is horribly random.

2011-01-29 [Ravendust]: hey, some of the best ideas come from random thoughts!~

2011-01-30 [wicked fae mage]: Same here. So Cal has a writing club and an anime club. I have friends all around. xD

2011-02-13 [Ravendust]: Woot, that's naturally awesome!

2011-02-14 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, yes it is

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