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Welcome to the Suikoden Lovers Wiki

Come Join the Suikoden Obsession!


The Suikoden series may not be the most popular or graphically the best RPG series out there, but it still Rocks, and we love it! The series spans two consoles and has 8 games in the series.
The Suikoden series is very loosely based on a Chinese legend where the Hero aqquires and gets 108 people (called the Stars of Destiny) to join him in the fight against the Evil Empire. So in every game you can recruit 108 characters to join you on your quest. The games are loaded with awesome characters.

Suikoden and Suikoden 2 were released for the Playstation
Suikodens 3-5 and Tactics are on Playstation 2.
Suikogaiden the Japan only release came out on Playstation I believe. Suikoden Card Stories was also only released in Japan for the Gameboy Advance.

Suikoden 3 even has its own wonderful Manga series, its done very well and I highly reccomend it to any Suikoden Fan.

[I have only played up until Suikoden 4]

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2006-11-30 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yay a Suikoden Wiki, now I need to make a banner for it :p

2006-12-04 [NazGhoul]: Woot! I love Rina!

2006-12-23 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Me too, she's one of my top favorites.
Draw her please please please!

2006-12-24 [NazGhoul]: haha Alright. i just gotta draw a few other requests first :S

2006-12-27 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yay. ok, I look forward to seeing some Suikoden Fan Art from you.
I know it will be good too, I love your art.

2006-12-27 [NazGhoul]: hahaha thanks. I'm working on it. Just gotta ink it in! :)

2006-12-28 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yay! I'm so jealous of your inking skills. How the Hell did you get so Godly with them inking pens anyway? Lotsa practice I suppose. I don't have the patience.

2006-12-29 [NazGhoul]: it's easy. It's only been 2 years taht i've been inking. Just try to ink in a picture it's really not hard. But I'll admit it gets expensive at 4$ per pen.

2006-12-31 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Oh but I have tried, I think its hard!!!! Hard I tell you!!! :(

2006-12-31 [lacklustre]: wow! I love Suikoden! I've only played the first one but christ it was so awesome! I usually try to make it an effort to play it once every few years and each time is as great as I remember it. Thank you so very much for setting up this wikipage Diabolical Masquerade. *hugs*

2007-01-02 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Oh you're welcome. I tell you though, part 2 is pretty awesome too! Its kind of rare and hard to find, but it is so worth playing.

2007-01-02 [lacklustre]: I know! My uncle has it but he's a grinch when it comes to sharing rpgs. >.<

2007-01-02 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: I know how that is! My ex boyfriend used to do that. He would buy games and hardly even play them, and when I asked to borrow one, he'd make a big fuss and some stupid excuse as to why I couldn't borrow it. He was the stingiest guy ever! Of course, thats not the only reason we broke up, lol. But it didnt help matters, ha ha ha

2007-01-03 [lacklustre]: no kidding. One secret to SK II that I learned is to save your system data from sk cause you can get the main character as part of your 108. :D Sorries to hear about captain jackass mang.

2007-01-05 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yeah, the second time I beat 2, I made sure I had that data from part one just so I could get the hero in Banner villiage.
Its ok, I dont have to put up with that jackass anymore, hahaha!

2007-01-05 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: You and [NazGhoul] are welcome to join this wiki ya know.
It needs members badly, :(

2007-01-05 [NazGhoul]: I'll join it as soon as i finish drawing Rina. Just gotta ink her dress in. Should be done sometime today :)

2007-01-06 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: It looks good, like I said before, your inking skills are godly.
And I am mighy jealous.... lol

2007-01-06 [NazGhoul]: haha Thanks, I'd love to ink in comics for a living but I know it's not gonna happen :P

2007-01-08 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Never say never! You could do it!!! ^_^ Yep.

2007-01-08 [NazGhoul]: Nope not gonna happen. Trust me :P

2007-03-16 [Ayden Cross]: Dude! A suikoden wiki?!
I should join....

2007-03-17 [NazGhoul]: haha Excellent.

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