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Do you get tired of seeing the same poll on Main Street day after day, or perhaps you have a fun idea for a new Main Street Poll?
Submit ideas for new polls and if the Statisticians select it, you'll become one of the ET Pollers!


Submission Rules:

1. Try to keep the questions suitable for all groups - Elftown is a family site.
2. Suggested questions must have suggested answers as well.
3. Place your suggestion at the bottom.
4. FOLLOW the [#format] exactly as provided!
5. Controversial subjects (such as abortion, gay marriage, politics, etc) will not be accepted. The poll is meant to be a fun feature, and those topics tend to lead to argument and "mud-slinging".
6. The Statisticians reserve the right to remove or alter any suggested poll.


Submission Guidelines:

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Polls are placed on Main Street; try to submit polls that can involve the community as a whole.
 - For instance, submitting a poll about school is not as likely to be chosen, as many members are not students.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Some polls are better in your house, than on Main Street.
- For example, asking about car types is both regional and doesn't interest a large amount of members.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Try not to submit polls based on things in <forum:Elftown, Suggestions>.
- Asking about existing Elftown features is OK, but this isn't the place to submit new suggestions.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> The polls are changed at the whim of the Statisticians, although generally they will be up at least two weeks.

Older submissions may be moved to SAP - Submissions 1 to prevent this page from being too large for easy editing; don't worry! All submissions are still reviewed and considered.


Submission Format:

Name: [Your Username]

<b>Question:</b> Why?
-Just because
-Why not?
-Who cares?


Place new submissions at the bottom of this page!


Name: [pixish]

Question: What 'label' do you most identify with?
- Artist
- Writer
- Poet
- Musician
- Photographer
- Art Appreciator
- Nerd
- Gamer
- Programmer
- Role Player
- I don't prescribe to labels
- Troll/Turkey

Question: Who would win in a fight: Spiderman or Hulk?
- Spiderman
- Hulk

Question: What would you like to see more of in Elftown competitions?
- High Fantasy
- Science Fiction
- Cosplay
- Sculpture
- Photography
- Photo Manipulations
- Drawing
- Real Life
- Writing

Question: Why do you not participate in Elftown competitions?
- I'm not interested in the theme
- I don't own a camera or a scanner
- I forgot about it
- I don't know where to find competitions
- My work isn't good enough to win
- I'm not an artist, I just love art

Name: [Skydancer]

Question?: Would you be interested in seeing an artists marketplace on Elftown where members could donate art to be sold to raise operating and upgrade funds for Elftown?

-I rather think that is a grand idea!
-I will buy that, but I hope there is a variety of prices.
-I support the idea and would donate art to it.
-I do not feel its practical
-Nice idea but not something I would be a part of.
-Unlikely to work.
-No, I do not think its a good idea.

Name: [Nioniel]

Question: Which type of contest would you rather submit an entry to?
-Writing & Poetry
-3-D Artwork
-None of these

Name: [Lord Josmar]

Question: How often do you check Elftown on your Smartphone?

- Several times a day
- Once a day
- Few times a week
- Once a week
- A few times a month
- Once a month
- Only when im bored or at the doctor's
- What smartphone?

Name: [Linderel]

Question: What kind of RPs are more your cup of tea?

- Tabletop
- Console/PC
- Forum or wiki run
- Messages between two people
- Other (comment!)

Name: [Akayume]

Question: What do you think happened to the unicorns?

-They were carried away in the biblical flood
-They escaped to Middle Earth
-Aliens took them away :(
-They still exist on Candy Mountain!
-Unicorns are dead.

Name: [Sagacious Turkey]

Question: Have you ever heard of Bob's Diner?

- No
- Yes
- I'm not sure
- I have now

Name: [Roma]

Question: How familiar are you with ET?
-I know how to go to my friends' houses and wikis and message
-I know how to make wikis
-I know how to make wikis that look nice and are easily navigable
-All of the above plus forums
-I am a part of the glue that keeps the site running and therefore know EVERYTHING

Name: [Lothuriel]

Question: Which feature would you most like to see added to Elftown?
-I'd like to be able to change the color of my house so that other members can see it too
-A button similar to the "like" button on Facebook
-I would like to be able to reply to individual comments instead of my comments showing up at the bottom of the page
-I'd like to be able to rate Photos and Houses, not just wikis
-I would love to be able to post video in my diary, not just a YouTube link
-Other (Please put your ideas in the comment box)

Name: [Rainbow Dragonflies]

Question: What would your motivation be to apply for crew?
-It would make me more active on-site.
-I would be able to contribute to the community.
-I would get a shiny badge.
-All of the above.
-None of the above.
-Other (please comment)

Name: [Mortified Penguin]

Question: What stylesheet are you using right now?
-What's a stylesheet?

Question: What do you spend most of your time on Elftown doing?
-Messaging friends
-Commenting on wikis
-Posting in forums
-Entering contests
-Other (leave a comment)

Name: [Lord Josmar]
Question: What is your favorite Sci-fi Race?
-Other (Please leave a comment)

Name: [Alexi Ice]
Question: They say the world will end soon. Which apocalypse suits your fancy?
- Zombies!!
- Meteor falling from the sky
- Ice age
- Other natural disasters
- World war III
- Nuclear power failure
- Alien invasion

Name: [Ittai]
Question: You're home alone,in bed and reading a book. You hear a noise, something or someone is moving downstairs. You...
- Call the police and hide under the bed.
- Grab the closest domestic object that may as well be repurposed as a harmful weapon and boldly head down after the intruder!
- Rememeber you don't have downstairs, it is ground floor, calm yourself that it was only the cat. Later, realize you dont have a cat...
- Quickly jump out of the window, never mind how seriously the fall may harm you.
- Don't read books, or in other words, safe.

Name: [Stephen]
Question: During the last year, what is the longest you've voluntarily gone without using the internet?
- Less than 12 hours - it's my life!
- Less than 24 hours - I don't go a full day without it.
- Between 1 and 3 days - I can go a few days without being online.
- Between 4 and 6 days - Not a full week, but I tend to be busy sometimes.
- Between 1 and 3 weeks - I've missed entire internet fads.
- More than a month - I had no idea what people were talking about when I came back.

Name: [Stephen]
Question: You're starting on your adventure today to become a Pokemon Master! Who do you choose?!

<img:> Bulbasaur
<img:> Charmander
<img:> Squirtle

Name: [The Black Goat]

Question: Do you use Elftown as your site of choice for written Role Plays (RP's)?
-No, I don't RP
-No, I use a site that is dedicated solely for RPing
-Yes, but I use other site's as well
-Yes, but only because I didn't know there are sites for RPing!
-Yes, the wiki page set up is preferable for RPs
-What is Role Playing again?

Name: [kians mummy]

Question: What was [Hedda]'s First Website he Created.
- I don't know.

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2007-10-08 [Jitter]: *stares down*

2007-10-09 [Jitter]: [de Morte] I don't think a multiple choice poll option is available for the mainstreet

2007-10-09 [de Morte]: ok

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: Whoever added that last poll suggestion forgot to add their name.

2007-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: ...ten bucks says it was [smiley#12]! ...*takes bets*...

2007-10-17 [Teufelsweib]: 10 bucks above that that she doesn't even watch this page.-_- *removes*

2007-10-17 [iippo]: Editing a page makes you auto-watch a wiki. I think Mort won this bet :P

2007-10-17 [Teufelsweib]: that's true xD damn features. *doesn't even have 10 bucks*
but now the point I was trying to make; as if she would have read this and changed her poll ;) =D

2007-10-17 [Jitter]: I noticed who it was but if they can't bother to read the rules and add their name we won't bother with their poll:p *thumbs up to Vork*

2007-10-17 [Teufelsweib]: I'm a pissed off bitch, deal with me xD

2007-10-17 [Jitter]: *huggles* <3

2007-10-17 [Teufelsweib]: *rapes* xD

2007-10-18 [iippo]: They're new. Probably never edited a wiki in their life before. :/ That's a way harsh reaction to have to a really simple mistake, when anyone here could have just helped out and added their name on the suggestion. :/

2007-10-18 [Teufelsweib]: if she ever comes back and read this, I'll deeply apologize and point her out kindly to the rules ^^

2007-10-20 [Jitter]: [vampire wannabe] next time read the rules and then post please.

2007-10-25 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: Oooh... I thought of a poll idea today. I'm not sure if it has ever been asked though...

2007-10-25 [Jitter]: It doesn't matter. Go ahead and add it anyway :)

You can check Used MS polls and SAP - submissions 1 if you still want to know if anyone thought of it

2007-10-25 [dragonos]: Lol I know mine most like is dumb but I figure I would add it because it is a question most contemplate at some point in there lives.

2007-10-25 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: There! I hate the second to last one answer. Go to Myspace! Rawr! But, it's an answer. :3

2007-10-26 [Jitter]: *agrees* My hand itch to add "If yes then Stay at myspace" next to it xD

2007-10-26 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: XD! I should put that in () parenthisis...? Is that how you spell it? LOL!

2007-10-26 [Jitter]: parenthesis :)

2007-10-26 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: NO! Everything right but the 'i'!!!

2007-10-26 [Jitter]: hehehe

2007-10-26 [Linderel]: Plural is parentheses. ;3

2007-10-26 [Jitter]: it's greek so it's παρενθέσεις xD

2007-10-26 [Linderel]: ...whaaatever :P

2007-10-27 [dragonos]: Hey if there was a dumb pole suggestion award I might win that lol.

2007-10-27 [Teufelsweib]: we call those things... haakjes =p xD literally means hooks =p

2007-10-28 [dragonos]: Well most would find my poll utterly useless and just not of literal truth but in my belief it is infact the truth. That is why I had made that as a poll suggestion.

2007-10-28 [Teufelsweib]: poll*
and either you remove the poll if it's so stupid according to you, or just accept it.

2007-10-28 [dragonos]: hello if you didn't understand what I just said is I accept it that is why I have suggested it I was merly pointing out that most people think it's stupid I know because I have been told that before.

2007-10-28 [Teufelsweib]: No one did say that here before, that it was a dumb poll, so why defend it while it wasn't being attacked? =)

2007-10-28 [dragonos]: I was saying that basically if anyone doese try to say that I won't have to retype what I had already said therefor I was in a sence beating them to the punch to counter what they say before they got the chance to say it. :~)

2007-10-28 [Teufelsweib]: that's like screaming "shut up" at someone who walks by before he even says something to you, while there's always a fairly big chance that that person would never spoke to you in the first place.

2007-10-28 [dragonos]: what I was doing is basic confusion tactic know yourself to know your opponent there for I had said that before someone can say it. Simple realy if you are attacked you don't stand and take the hit because there is a good chance you can be hurt from it become fluid like water counter ones attack with there own attack use there momentum against them not only giving you a major advantage but also confuseing them because there own attack was used in revurse against them.

2007-10-28 [Teufelsweib]: No one will attack you here, get a grip O_o
and above all, I want no such aggressive behavior here, and above all; this isn't a fighting arena, this is a place to suggest a poll for the mainstreet. what you're doing is making a problem about something which is not there. throwing salt over wounds which didn't even hurt.
case closed.

2007-11-06 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: Uh... That second question isn't mine... I don't know who did that... but I took my name off.

2007-11-07 [Mortified Penguin]: I am offended that my poll question (one of the only ones actually about Elftown) has yet to be chosen...

2007-11-07 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: o.o; My question is about Elftown...

2007-11-07 [Mortified Penguin]: ..."one of"!

2007-11-07 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: Geez, sorry.

2007-11-07 [Jitter]: It must have been [theworm], sorry for the mix up [Khronos Atmosphaera].

2007-11-08 [Jitter]: *deletes all random comments* I apparently scraped one non-random comment too ^^; oops :p

Now, I don't mind it when a conversation drifts off and becomes random but when it begins random it is spam *stares at a certain someone who started it* so please don't do it again.

2007-11-22 [dragon of death vally]: ok.

2007-12-23 [awsome dude]: A good poll would be "How many people would like to use cheat codes and hacks on Runescape".

2007-12-23 [Lite]: And how many people actually play RS...?

2007-12-23 [Mortified Penguin]: Not I.

2007-12-23 [sequeena_rae]: Wth is Runescape o.O

2007-12-23 [Jitter]: Don't suggest polls in the comments. Suggest them by adding them to the wiki :P

And in general, polls that don't interest all of elftown are not chosen. It's better to put them up on your own house :)

2007-12-23 [Teufelsweib]: polls that don't interest all of elftown are not chosen
or fantasy ;) or art. or something in that direction. I think it's easy to see what can be used as a poll for a fantasy site and what not =p

2007-12-24 [Jitter]: Well that's quite leaves a big space for things xD World of Warcraft is fantasy but not all of elftown plays it so it wouldn't suit the mainstreet :)

2007-12-24 [dragon of death vally]: good point,and same thing gos for halo 3,and its a really fun game too.(cries)

2007-12-24 [iippo]: But a poll about games in general might suit the mainstreet :P

2007-12-25 [Teufelsweib]: not all on ET do art too, but still it can be suitable for a poll =p
it would be slight impossible to have polls which everyone on ET likes (since you can't go on forever on the fantasy polls =p)

2007-12-26 [dragon of death vally]: true,so true.

2007-12-26 [Jitter]: Slavork: not all on ET do art too, but still it can be suitable for a poll =p

Well it is an art/writer/sci fi/rpg community though ;)

A poll about games in general would be nice yes ;p

2007-12-26 [iippo]: Well there's my try. Please add to it if I forgot anything.

2007-12-27 [Jitter]: Very nice ^_^

2007-12-28 [Teufelsweib]: Well it is an art/writer/sci fi/rpg community though ;)
that's why it can be an art poll, but also something about something else fantasy related. for as you said, it's a community for more than art alone.
I think we both agree on this, though xD smehieh
nice poll, iippo =) I don't see anything missing, but then again, I am not that a gamer xD

2007-12-28 [Linderel]: Roleplaying games is a pretty big group. Many larpers don't do tabletop games, and vice versa.

2007-12-28 [iippo]: All of those categories are big groups, it's on purpose. Not all footballers go for basketball nor golf, yet they all count as games under the sports category; someone who likes chess would tick board games, but that doesn't mean they like Monopoly too. If it got too specific, the poll would be too big... I just explained what roleplaying games are in brackets, because not everyone knows (some think roleplay is some kind of sex term) plus it's handy to add wiki links to mainstreet polls, gets some click to the wikis. :3

2007-12-28 [Linderel]: Hehe :P

2007-12-28 [dragon of death vally]: nice.I do not see anything missing........yet.

2008-01-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Don't forget drinking games... *eats ramen*...

2008-01-11 [iippo]: Mort you have a point. *adds*

2008-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: How about a "best kind of tea" poll...?

2008-01-12 [dragon of death vally]: no,cuz not everybody drinks or likes tea.

2008-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: ...I assume there would be an "I don't drink tea" option...

2008-01-13 [Teufelsweib]: and what does that have to do with elftown or fantasy in general?

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Duh... there's a "T" in elftown.

2008-01-14 [Teufelsweib]: so?

2008-01-14 [iippo]: It doesn't say anywhere that the poll has to have something to do with Elftown o.O

2008-01-14 [dragon of death vally]: good point.

2008-01-14 [sequeena_rae]: You just assume that they do :p

2008-01-14 [Mortified Penguin]: That last one wasn't technically a point...

2008-01-15 [iippo]: It was more like an angle.

2008-01-16 [Jitter]: Just for your information... Comments on wikis aren't counted like a post count so there's no need for useless comments (spam) to get a number up :p *strolls away*

2008-01-16 [Teufelsweib]: @[iippo], to do with Elftown... or fantasy... or whatever else in that direction.
random polls are better suit for personal polls. =)

2008-01-17 [Teufelsweib]: please move the chat to wikis meant for that, like now.

2008-01-25 [Isilyahwesta]: What are a better made up character as far as detail goes the Wood Elves, the Sea Elves, or the evil races of Drow?

2008-01-25 [Jitter]: Don't suggest polls in the comments please. Add them on the wiki. There are instructions at the top of the page

2008-01-25 [dragonos]: To your question [Isilyahwesta] to creater's as in drawing them it realy doesen't matter wich seem to have more or less detail because the artist ads as much detail as they want that image to have. So to your question as in wich well that choice depend's on who is creating it because in many images ive seen they all have great detail to them.

2008-01-28 [Jitter]: [Hirgalad III] There's the Musmakers community for that :) It's ET's sistersite

2008-02-15 [iippo]: I don't appreciate that someone added the option "several of the above" in the mainstreet poll that I suggested ("what kind of games do you like to play the most") -- "the most" in the question suggests "pick one that is the best" not "which ones do you kinda like?" Now what happened is that friggin' everybody voted for "several" so there's no way of telling "what is Elftown's favourite kind of game", hence making the poll a little pointless. Not a big deal, but it's just something I wanted to point out, since it has my name on it. If the poll isn't in a usable form on this wiki, then please edit here before adding it to the mainstreet, so there can be conversation instead of complaining about the change.

But like I said, not a big deal, just a bit of constructive criticism, asking you to pay a bit more attention if stuff makes sense, so it'll be better. 

2008-06-02 [SilverFire]: *prods* Main Street poll needs updating. :P

2008-07-12 [dead~spirit]: How about a poll on wether we should go back to the old layout or not.. No offence to those who made this new lay out, but I hate it, and I am not the only one.

2008-07-12 [Mortified Penguin]: What's so wrong with the new layout?

2008-07-13 [*Phoenix*]: I like the new layout, but I hate the stupid crashes that it brings with it!!! I lost so much stuff.....*scowls*

2008-08-21 [Mortified Penguin]: [Jawny], you might want to consider putting some sort of "I'm content where I am" option to you poll.

2008-08-21 [Jawny]: Ohhh yeah, i had that in mind. I just forgot for whatever reason. Thanks for the reminder.

2009-03-11 [Alexi Ice]: Heya! This is cool...I have millions of good ET poll ideas.

2009-03-11 [Alexi Ice]: Loth - I would SO vote for the third one!

2009-03-11 [Lothuriel]: LOL

2009-03-11 [Alexi Ice]: Nerdy kids are hot >> crime there.

2009-05-22 [Cillamoon]: Can we have a new poll on Main Street please?

2009-09-09 [SexieSharon]: Name: Sharon
Question: What would be the best base color for a new elftown background?
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Purple
7. Black
8. Brown
9. White
10. Don't really care

2009-09-09 [nehirwen]: You're supposed to put suggestions on the wiki, not in the comments. ;)
I'm not bothered to do it for you, as your poll suggestion doesn't follow the format.
PS. you can change stylesheets on Elftown, so the questions doesn't really matter either..

2009-09-09 [Cillamoon]: Ooooo [M!} I love your suggestion! ^_^

2009-09-21 [SexieSharon]: okay..shit that sucks. I kinda liked my poll :(

2009-09-21 [NOOOPE]: I was meaning to add to it actually....

2009-09-23 [SexieSharon]: yay!!! I'm soo excited!

2010-09-24 [maliceman]: Do you find me attractive? (for girls)
1. no not really.
2. kinda.
3. yes.
4. whats ur number?

2010-09-24 [Kaimee]: That sort of poll might be better off in your own house, since it's certainly not something really suitable for mainstreet!
(no, not really.)

2010-09-24 [Mortified Penguin]: I dunno. Sounds like a pretty good mainstreet poll to me. I second [maliceman]'s poll.

2010-10-12 [Ittai]: Yea, Kaikai, dont be such a pooper. ;P

2010-10-30 [hanhepi]: thank you mort. that extra "place your suggestion" was a tad silly. :)

2010-11-02 [Alexi Ice]: Top hatter - Just read yours. That's funny. Mine would be three voices in my head (tho there are five but close enough)

2010-11-02 [Top_Hatter]: Thank you, [Alexi Ice] :) Though, the real question would be: Do the voices in my head have voices in their heads, I one of theirs? dun..dun...duuunnnn!! XD

2011-02-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Instead of this terrible day vs. night poll we've currently got going, how about a nice Apple Juice vs. Orange Juice poll instead? It would help solve years of increasingly violent debates between myself and [dhino4].

2011-02-19 [hanhepi]: i seem to remember that running once. i'll look and see though.

2011-02-19 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. I thought another contest poll was going up so I just put that one as a filler.

2011-02-20 [hanhepi]: safe guess, seems there's always a contest poll needing to go up. lol.

2011-03-22 [Chimes]: Han, Nehi, should [Teufelsweib] not have been taken off here since she retired?

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: hmmmm. perhaps she should. is there a veterans statisticians page?

2011-03-22 [Chimes]: She has a veteran badge, so I would imagine she's already listed as a veteran and just forgot to take herself off here.

2011-03-22 [nehirwen]: I'm a veteran too. :p

2011-03-22 [Chimes]: You are? o.o I didn't know that.

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: wait, Cid should be on here too, shouldn't he??

2011-03-22 [nehirwen]: I have the badge and all! :o

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: yes he should, by golly.

2011-03-22 [nehirwen]: I don't know what you're talking about. :p

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: i go to edit the page to change it, and *poof* it was already done. lmao, damn i'm good.

2011-03-22 [nehirwen]: I fixed it seconds before you mentioned it. xP

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: shhhh. you bubble-buster you. i thought i was editing by osmosis, and you come along and spoil my delusions. :P

2011-03-22 [Thunder Cid]: Yes that lazy good for nothing hillbilly Cid should be here...I mean present!

2011-03-22 [nehirwen]: I tend to burst a lot of bubbles lately. :( Ask [Nioniel].
End of chatter here!

2011-03-22 [hanhepi]: can i get the password for SAP - submissions 1, or get one of y'all to change it to forum protected or something?

2011-03-23 [Nioniel]: True story.
*runs away*

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Yay! A way I can actually contribute to Elftown! Albeit a small way, but still a way!

2011-04-18 [Alexi Ice]: Good luck with your contributions!! We hope to see lots of them!

2011-04-18 [kians mummy]: i will be putting more up soon,

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: As I think of more I'll definitely put them up :)

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: [kians mummy] -- I swear I'm not picking on you, we're just into some of the same wikis, check the format of submissions, yours is a bit off from everyone else's and you gave two different users for [SilverFire]; herself and [Silver Fire of the Dark] are two different people.

2011-04-18 [kians mummy]: even though you changed it to that, not me, i have never even heard of that name before, if all you want to do is wind me up, get this straight,

you won't

2011-04-18 [kians mummy]: my bf witnessess every single thing, but from now on i will print screen so then if you try and change things again, [Hedda] will see what your doing, and your basically making a mock of his trust,

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Did you know that Root Beer Tapper was the child friendly version of the original game? And that Pac-Man was originally Puck-Man but the name was changed to prevent vandals from removing part of the P and creating obscene words.

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: :-/ I didn't change the username, I noticed that that's what it was. Please don't be rude, I said I wasn't picking on you. In all honesty, you could view previous page version to when you edited before. I only added my own poll.

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: It did say the other name and not Silverfire's. I know I shouldnt jump between your guys' situation, but I figure if an outside/non-biased person said something it would quell this quickly.

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: I figured root beer tapper was made more friendly, but I had no idea about Pac-Man having a different name originally.

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, the game was designed for a solely sexist reason too, lol. It was an attempt to get more females to game and so they created a game that hinged largely on food (Pac-man looking like pizza, him eating those orbs, the food popping up in the middle of the area) and Puck-Puck is the Japanese version of our Munch-Munch (I think that was the comparison. I live for this kind of useless info.)

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: haha, that's interesting, and useless doesn't mean it's not a fun fact of some sort or other!

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Oh yea, I am trying to create a huge Emporium of useless info here on ET (links in my house) but its slow going as I have so much I can put down and so little time to do it.

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: Hey, going is going. Its fun to read stuff like that.

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. Ok no more clogging up the official wiki comment section *smacks self on wrist*.

2011-04-18 [SilverFire]: [kians mummy], sometimes if a username is typed just a little bit wrong Elftown tries to guess which user you meant, and changes it to that. I think that's what happened here :)

Incidentally, I'm not sure that designing a game to attempt to get more women to play is "sexist" (perhaps in a very technical sense, but in no useful sense). Assuming they'll be more interested in games about food might be a sexist assumption, though. :P

2011-04-18 [kians mummy]: *sexist*, im confused, [SilverFire], what is sexist about the poll.

2011-04-18 [SilverFire]: Oh that part of my comment wasn't about your poll, Sammie, Sorry. ^^ It was a response to Lord Josamar's comment that started "04:33:10 (6h ago) [Lord Josmar]: Yea, the game was designed for a solely sexist reason too, lol" . :)

2011-04-18 [kians mummy]: lol, i thought you were still talking to me,

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Thats what I meant, I worded it wrongly. There are a lot of games out there that attempt to get women to play, its just that Pac-man uses the underlying food theme to accomplish it.

2011-04-18 [hanhepi]: hey [kians mummy], you mind going and correcting your capitalization on your suggestion, please? i know it's a bit "pot calling the kettle black" of me to ask, but i already fixed it on one of yours today, and i'm too effing lazy capitalize my own stuff. anything you do to make it look like less work for me enhances your odds of your polls being put on mainstret.

2011-04-18 [hanhepi]: and for god's sake Silvie, you need to add the bolded "answers" to yours. (and thanks for adding the suggestion for my lazy ass.)

2011-04-18 [Alexi Ice]: Spelling may help as well. (Which I'm also a pot calling the kettle black (but after many suggestions I downloaded Safari which spell checks for you! Score)) Firefox also does that, although it sometimes gives me a virus for no reason.

2011-04-18 [Lord Josmar]: Firefox also doesnt recognize some words that do exist.

2011-04-18 [hanhepi]: spelling i'm less picky about as long as i can tell what it is supposed to be. i already rely on the firefox spell checker so much that fixing the squiggles is second nature. i might not catch a lowercase where a capital should be though.

2011-04-18 [Akayume]: I decided to be silly. So there. :P

2011-04-18 [hanhepi]: we need silly ones too! it can't be all informative polls or everyone will get bored.

2011-04-19 [Akayume]: This is true! I was inspired by my new unicorn stamp. :P And this really funny picture I saw. It was a little card that had typed on it a letter to god from the unicorns saying something the the effect of "thanks for sending out the message late and making us miss the arc". :P It made me giggle.

2011-04-19 [Alexi Ice]: Omg, Aka. When I read the 'they still exist on candy mountian' I spit out my drink. 'It's a magical leopluradon (sp?)...>>'

2011-04-19 [Akayume]: :P It is my job to do so.

2011-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: Ah, I love Morts new poll!

2011-04-26 [Sagacious Turkey]: I think it's awful and should be punished by perma-ban. There's not even a "None, because you woke up late and all the Pokemon were already taken, but luckily Professor Oak had an extra Pokemon, but it ends up being a crappy Pikachu that doesn't even obey you and it also keeps shocking you and stuff" option.

2011-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: I second that

2011-05-14 [Akayume]: I like yours [Doormat]. :D

2011-05-14 [Doormat]: There was no answer number limit. I went wild. I ran into the forest. I wrestled bears. I drank the blood of unicorns to grow stronger.

2011-05-14 [Akayume]: Did you also loose all your hair?

2011-05-14 [Doormat]: I did not develop trichotillomania. I caught rabies. I caught rabbis.

2011-05-14 [Alexi Ice]: Mine is; I sit in the graveyard and talk to the dead.

2011-05-14 [nehirwen]: -I would like the option to "View Unread Messages" Only, not the entire list.

We have the button 'view unread' already, or am I reading this answer wrong?

2011-05-14 [Lothuriel]: I've had that stashed for a while. I didn't notice it was still on there. I took out the features already added...I guess I missed that one.

2011-05-14 [nehirwen]: Ahh. :)

2011-05-14 [Lothuriel]: :)

2011-07-02 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Mine is a little dark sounded fun.

2011-07-02 [Lord Josmar]: Whoever posted the last poll needs to put there name on it.

2011-07-02 [Lord Josmar]: Which I am now guessing is Alexi...

2011-07-02 [Alexi Ice]: Whoops

2011-07-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Okay, I am really not sure about mine. I provided links so everyone can see an example of each style. I thought in-lining the images would be against the uploading art rules so I didn't do that. Let me know if this is okay or not.

2011-07-14 [SilverFire]: :o I really like that poll. X) Though most of those kitchens seem to have a modern element in the island, I'm sure in some of them it should just be a table instead. <_<

2011-07-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Yeah, we do tend to throw more modern elements into retro styles. Like the movie Bonnie and Clyde for example. It was set in the 1920's but Faye Dunaway so had a 1968 hairstyle. ^.^

2011-07-16 [Mortified Penguin]: I must insist that <poll:77038> be placed on mainstreet. This tie has gone on for too long! I need a definitive answer!

2011-07-18 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Tie broken ;)

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Not anymore. Biotches.

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: And what is a "penus" and why would I create a poll about it?

2011-12-14 [hanhepi]: "penus" is a bad way to spell "penis", so it serves the purpose up there of showing not only an example of obscene, but offensively bad spelling. :)

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Ah. Makes sense.

2011-12-14 [hanhepi]: yeah, not too bad an answer since i just winged it, huh? lol

2012-03-07 [Joboy.Gamotia]: Question: Who is the youngest NBA MVP ever?
-Jeremy Lin
-Derrick Rose
-Dwayne Wade
-Carlos Boozer
-Kevin Durant

2012-03-07 [hanhepi]: No offense or anything, but that's really more of a quiz than a poll. A Poll is a question that looks for an opinion as an answer, not a definite fact.
Quiz: Who holds the record for RBIs?
- Hank Aaron*
- Ty Cobb
- Babe Ruth
- Barry Bonds
- Pete Rose

Poll: Which top record holder deserves to have an asterisk after their name for Most Home Runs?
-Barry Bonds
-Hank Aaron
-Willie Mays
-Sammy Sosa
-All of the above
-None of the above

(Sorry, baseball is the only other sport I could give you an example with. XD)

2012-04-05 [thedragon]: Name: [thedragon]

Question: If you were a Dragon, which kind would you be?
-Fire Dragon
-Ice Dragon
-Acid Dragon
-Poison Dragon
-Earth Dragon (no breath, just massively huge)
-Dark Dragon
-Light Dragon
-A combination of them all(domination!)
-I don't want to be a Dragon..... but I would like to own one! XD
-None of them! I hate Dragons >:P (Kill all Dragons!!)

2012-04-11 [Pillowthief]: That goes on the page, not in the comments... :/

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: suggestion for whoever does the Elftown polls, wouldn't it be better that when you do a new poll, the names of the poll submitters are on the poll?

2012-04-20 [hanhepi]: does Elfpack do polls too?
if they do like we do on Elftown, there's a list (a couple of lists actually) that tell us who came up with the poll.

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: but it will be better to publicly display it as a thank you to the submitter

2012-04-20 [Mortified Penguin]: As a poll submitter myself, I must insist we get no credit for the polls, since it would just take up space in the little poll area and we don't really need credit for something so trivial anyway. Just a badge and a sack of gold will do nicely as thanks for saving Elftown with our amazing poll ideas.

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: Just for info, Elfpack does do polls

2012-04-21 [hanhepi]: they get a badge as a thank you, and their poll displayed.

2012-05-12 [Pillowthief]: No sack of gold? :/

2012-05-13 [Mortified Penguin]: What is this Jewry?

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: there, I helped


2014-09-11 [hanhepi]: Thanks!

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