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 This is what Craig looks like in real life XD, if you've read my comics, you see that he is actually like that in real life... Scary, huh?



 This is one of my cats named Karma, she is a calico, and is one of the sweetest cats out there. *huggles her*



 This is the 2nd of the two cats my family owns. Her name is Luna, she is the younger one and she is a Persian. She's so small and fluffy, its amazing >.<



 This is my homeless, goth friend Matt. I see him like, every day, and he sleeps on the bench in front of the library, which is hilarious. He recently got his first hobo handout from someone. They apperently woke him up and gave him $20. I wonder if they would've given him money if they knew he had 2 jobs ;>.>




 Mwa hah ha. 'Tis me. I don't know what to say. On the second picture I have Excalibur in my belt loop. And... first picture, me and Rebekah were going camera crazy in Molly's Irish Pub in downtown Warrenton. Ack, the horrible madness.





 Lol, the first picture is an example of what happens when I take out a camera in front of my mom, Shawn Wilson. She either hides behind the first thing she can find, or she flicks off the camera and I take the picture anyways (And use it as BLACKMAIL!) The second one is when I convinced her I wouldn't take her picture, lol, and the third one is one I found from a long time ago. She used to be a professional Ballet Dancer, but now she just teaches ballet at In-Motion Dance School as well as working at Black Wolf Coffee (Free Chai!!!)





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