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Stupid Pasted Things

There appears to be a new movement among Elftowners who are sick and tired of seeing bios containing nothing but stupid memes pasted from around the internet. The most famous of these is known as The Motorcycle Story, and this is the story that most of the backlash is against.
This wiki-page is intended to link and coordinate all of the other pages associated with this movement. While it is also an attempt to expand the movement to other stupid pasted things that are just as rampant and idiotic as The Motorcycle Story, its primary goal is to help the movement in general.

What is a stupid pasted thing?

It is something that has been pasted into too many peoples' bios, when they should be talking about themselves. It encompasses slutty stories, stories of "true love" that are actually dumb and offensive, enormous forms, and sometimes shorter blurbs that are still as clichéed and therefore just as annoying to see everywhere.

Why ban stupid pasted things?

Click to find out. (thanks to [iippo] and others)

Wikis That Hate Stupid Pasted Things

 Get active around these to help scrunch the idiocy!

The Motorcycle Story Petition
The MSP Banner Contest
Whats Wrong With This?
A guy and a girl...
The SP.s Take On The Motorcyle Story
The Motorcycle Story Blacklisting
The Motorcycle Story
Great Bios
//Get. A. Life. Kids.//
Who HATES the motercycle story?
Take Elftown Back
The REALITY of things
Over-Used, Over-Played, Over-Viewed.

People That Hate Stupid Pasted Things

 There's no need to ask. Just list your name if you hate stupid pasted things.

1. [Kiddalee]
2. [Shreya]
3. [Hermelin]
4. [light.]
5. [iippo]
6. [Azuri]
7. [Acceber]
8. [Paul Doyle]
9. [Stray Kitty]
10. [Metalelf]
11. [-dot-]
12. [POG]
13. [Dark Side of the Moon]
14. [nokaredes]
15. [Seamus Schwathe]
16. [kittykittykitty]
17. [The Purity of Brutality]
18. [Our Lady Of Sorrows]
19. [Ayeaka]
20. [Yoruno]
21. [Morrigon]
22. [BinaryPhoenix]
23. [moonscale]
24. [Thatz]
25. [tuff ghost]
26. [pegasus1000]
27. [FeckErseDrink!]
28. [Bad Wolf]
29. [Atayemi]
30. [Tails Of the Revolution]
31. [Jitter]
32. [pelv13]

PS: As of now, I am no longer allowing comments whose only purpose is to give the names of individuals who favour these pasted things. This is not a dungeon wiki.

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2006-08-02 [Azuri]: ahhhhh that poem. blah at it. according to the pastie thingies kiddies commit suiside over the simplest of things...which is true in some cases(sad as it is)

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: It really bothers me because I know people who are trying to avoid committing suicide even though they are going through stuff no one should have to live with.

2006-08-02 [Azuri]: Yea, I know how that goes. I avoided commiting suicide myself which is why those stupid pastie things really bug me.

2006-08-02 [Morrigon]: How can people actually like this sort of thing? isn't it embarassing to them? I wonder if in a couple of years they'll look back on it and wonder what in the hell were they thinking?

2006-08-02 [iippo]: It's like all these things are particularly aimed at the emo group. And that makes all the emos look really stupid, too. :/ Really generalising.

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: Yes...emos are stupid...not emus though

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: Emus are peopl who are sort of emo in the sense that they cut or are suicidal, but they don't do it for attention or want to. They keep it a secret and try to stop.

2006-08-02 [iippo]: Emus are birds. Suicidal non-attention seeker teens are just normal teens, imo.

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: lols Thats just because I like Emus and have emu socks

2006-08-02 [tuff ghost]: "emu" always escapes me while playing text twist.

2006-08-02 [Azuri]: Lol Emus are EBBBILLL!!! One so tried to take a friend of mines head off at a zoo once

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: They are not Evil...*sulks*

2006-08-02 [Azuri]: I didnt say evil i said ebil there is a difference you know :-P

2006-08-02 [tuff ghost]: I believe that you said EBBBILLL!!

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: Fine! Emus are not EBBBILLL.  They are ful of spiffiness

2006-08-04 [Kiddalee]: Once again: if anybody kills theirself due to a sad love life, they should never have gotten into a love life. Anybody who bases their entire identity on their love life needs to expand. Besides, it gives you the ability to love others properly, not just starve and leech for love.

2006-08-04 [moonscale]: Yes, and what happened to the different kinds of love? There is family love, friend love, religious love, and 'romantic' love. Personally, I can do just fine without the last two. 

2006-08-05 [tuff ghost]: Agreed.
I'm rather romantically in love with someone that I made up.
If I had a holodeck, life would be good.

2006-08-05 [nokaredes]: Everybody needs a good holodeck ^_^

2006-08-05 [tuff ghost]: Yes, you see... star trek should be real.

2006-08-06 [moonscale]: ummm... what is that? *is confusled*

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