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Stupid Moments ~ At the Workplace


Stupid Moments ~ Old and Busted
From the good old days.


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September 29

(H) I had one of those dreams again last night, the ones where there's an emergency and I can't dial 911. This time, this guy dressed as a plumber carrying a wrench that was two feet long broke into the house, and I tried calling 911, but I hit 711 instead, and it was this scripture of the day type thing, and they were like, "You have the wrong number, dear, you need 911." Then I kept trying, but I kept getting like 922, 119, or 411. I even thought in the dream that it was just like a nightmare come true, but it was way too realistic to be a dream.
(Wendy) That's an anxiety dream.
(H) I know, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be anxietous about.
(Wendy) What??
(H) What?

August 30th

(So earlier my husband told me that he had given our dogs bones to chew on and asked if they had finished them yet. About 15 minutes later, we looked back over at them and this conversation happened:)
Rachel: OMG look at Brandy!
(We both start laughing hysterically because Brandy had this weird look on her face and wasn't moving)
Hector, I think there's something wrong with Brandy, why isn't she closing her mouth??
Hector: ...cause she has a bone hanging out of it
Rachel: Ohh yeah...
(We both start laughing even harder)
Hector: Thanks, now I know you really pay attention

July 7th

(I think...)

(I (Rachel) am prego, and I had my first ultrasound on July 7th...I think. Before it, they tell you to turn off your cell phones cause the mess up the machines sometimes, so, I set my phone down next to my purse. Once we were done, I picked it up and put it in my pocket while we were walking out. As we were walking out I said:)
OMG Hector! I left my cell phone on the floor in the room!
(So freaking out, I ran all the way back to the room and looked and couldn't find it. Then I put my hand on my pocket and went:)
Ohhhhh nevermind lol It was in my pocket.
Hector: Wow Rachel...way to go.
The nurse: Haha it's ok, she's pregnant, she's allowed to be absentminded.

Newest of the Old

(H was working at the register when Nick, a kid she went to school with, came up to buy something)
(N) Hey! Do you remember me?
(H) Of course I do! How's it going?
(N) Not bad. I'm a senior now. Do you feel old?
(H) *pouts* Just waiting for my social security check.
(N) So do you still work here?
(H) Nope, I'm just here hanging out.
(N) Right...duh.


(H is a closer at her job, and before they can leave, all the closers have to stand around and wait for a few minutes)
(Nathaniel the Team Lead) Wow, I just looked up and the popcorn machine said 'Hot Butt!!'
(H) What??
(Nathaniel) You know, the message was scrolling, and it hadn't gotten to the 'er' yet, so it said 'Hot Butt.'
*all stare at the popcorn machine*
(H) Wow, it's not just Hot Butt, it's Fresh Hot Butt!!

[long one, maybe not stupid or funny, but funny to H, so here is is]
(H is afraid of spiders, apparently big time, and one day when she was closing the book department alone, there was a big ugly one on her desk)
(H, frantically into the walkie) Can somebody please come kill a spider for me? Please!
(A, other associate) No, but I'll come catch it and put it outside.
*A comes over, but the spider's already gone because H was whacking at it)
(H) It ran when I tried to kill it.
(A) I wonder why...
(H) It was so fast! And it kept looking at me...
(A) Well it has eight eyes, what do you expect? Are you sure it's gone?
(H) I don't see it anywhere.
(A) Okay...still, you're probably risking your life standing so close to where it was.
(H jumps back) Right!
(H and A are helping another associate in another department. H picked up a Playboy purse and remarked that she liked it)
(A) Spider!
*H drops purse and squeaks*
(A) Oh my God! That was hilarious.
(Two days later, H was working a register when a huge, and I mean huge quarter-sized spider crawled out from the counter)
(H, again frantically into the walkie) Don't laugh, but can someone come kill a spider at register one? Please!
(A and D arrive, D tries to kill it but it's too fast, A tries to catch it, but it escapes into a corner)
(H) Great, now I can't go near that corner.
(A points at her shoulder) There it is!
(H) *takes her vest half off in a rush* You jerk. Someday I'll kill you for this.

(H was making an associate purchase at the place she works, so she had to provide her associate number to receive the discount)
(other associate) What's your number?
(H) 40766
(o.a) That's not you.
(H) Yes it is...
(o.a.) 40766?
(H) Shit! No, it's 869***!!
(o.a.) I was going to say I didn't think you'd been here that long.
(lol 40766 is H's ET number!!)


(H was closing at work, like always, and everyone was up front for associate purchases. H was working the only open register, and she was tired and loopy)
(H) *in a singsong voice* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Uh, thanks!!
(Sammy) That's my change!
(H)Oh! *takes money from Joey* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Do you need to go to a meeting?
(H) What kind of meeting??
(Joey) AA.
(H) Maybe NA. Just kidding...I don't do drugs.
(Joey) Can I buy my stuff now?
(H) Sure. After, will you check me out? I really want to buy some Captain Morgan *pause* shoes. That's my nickname, you know. Captain Morgan.
(Joey) ...see? AA.

(H was at work, two associates were near her, one boxing rentals, one shrink-wrapping a buyback)
(Bailey) Joey really loves to shrink-wrap!
(Joey) I just can't get enough of it. I'm a shrinkaholic.
(H) That's odd...a guy obsessed with shrinkage.
(Bailey) Oh!! Ha!
(Joey) That's just...wrong.
(H) You brought it on yourself.

(Horizon was closing at work, and we all know how she loves to take any chance to be sarcastic)
(Bryce [singing to his iPod]) Rueben, what he be doin?
(H) Your face.
(Bryce) Ugh...
(H) OMFG, I swear I didn't think about that one before I said it. It was a reflex! Stupid catholic school kids, they're all a bad influence.
(Bryce) Aren't you one?
(H) Of course, that's where I learned it!


(Horizon was working with a n00b Team Lead. He was doing pretty well, but he didn't quite have it yet. Someone had paged him on the phone in Guest Services. He thought it came from the walkie)
(Aaron) Okay, I'll be right there.
(Horizon laughs)
(Aaron) What?
(Horizon) You might want to push the button before you yell into the walkie.
(Aaron) ...I knew that!
(Horizon) Besides, they used the phone.

(Horizon was at work, again just talking with friends. They all have to wear name tags that say their home town, and Bryce's says Waterloo, Ia.)
(Bryce) People keep asking me where Waterlooia is.
(Ronisha) You're from Hawaii??
(Bryce) Oh my God, no! See?
(Horizon laughs)
(Ronisha) What?
(Horizon) It's like Josh. Everybody keeps asking him where Bath, Wales is.
(Ronisha) Where is it?
(Horizon) ...The UK.
(Ronisha) I didn't know Josh was from Africa.
(Horizon and Bryce) What?
(Horizon) Because he's from England...
(Ronisha) Oh!

(Horizon was at work hanging out at Guest Services with a couple work friends. That day, there were random incense sticks all over the store. Horizon found one, and she was trying to figure out what it smelled like.)
(Horizon) Bryce, what does this smell like?
(Bryce) *mumbles*
(Horizon) What?!
(Bryce) Apple Cinnamon.
(Horizon) Oh! CINNAMON. I get it.
(Bryce) What did you think I said? Oh my God!!
(Ronisha) What??
(Bryce) I said this smells like cinnamon, and she thought I said *semen*.
(Ronisha laughs)
(Horizon) I'm sorry! It was a Freudian slip I guess.
(Bryce) Hey, John, what do you think this smells like?
(John) Oh hell no, I'm not smelling that.

(Horizon took a trip to Fort Worth to see her Dad. She was in the computer room on Elftown listening to her iPod on the Bose dock)
(Horizon's dad's wife) Ooh, that sounds pretty. Who is it?
(Horizon) ... Tenacious D.
(Horizon's dad's wife) Hmm...

(Horizon was at work hanging out in the office with a few work buddies.)
*Nick pulled Horizon's Santa hat off*
(Horizon) Noo!! I have hat hair!
*we all laughed, Nick gave me back the hat and hit my shoulder*
(Horizon) Ow!
(Nick) Sorry, didn't mean to hit you so hard.
(Horizon) That's okay. It's the way I like it.
(Nick) Oh my God!
(Horizon-to the girl she'd been training) I'm sorry. You learn quick that some weird people work here.
(Nick) You're being trained by one.
(Horizon) Yep.


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[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Seriously, these mice are driving me crazy. I heard Baby going crazy (nothing new) and went to see, and she and Bishy were sniffing about the head of my mom's bed, well it's really just a mattress on top of box strings, so there is no 'under the bed.' I grabbed a towel, thinking I'd finally be able to catch one alive, and scooted the bed out a bit. Sure enough, there it was, and it ran out, right past Bishop and then it farking disappeared. I was like, "Congratu-fucking-lations, Bish, YOU let it escape!" And he just wagged his tail and jumped on the bed...

This is farked up.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Ohh, haha wow, I was way off!!!!! LMAO

I know. OMG, I was thinking about high school the other day, and all of the sudden, Adam popped into my head. It drove me nuts.

Ohh wow. That's crazy. I remember when there were mice in my parents house. Eh, I hate mice,

I was doing that the other day. Minus the 80s music, just random music.

Wow, I haven't played the Sims in a while cause that other couple has been over here everyday. A little ridiculous. OMG though, I got a little drunk the other night. I can't really remember why I did, cause I told myself I didn't want to, but I did. And now because of that, I WILL never do it again.

Ohh wow. No, I only have Nightlife and umm...something else. I got some of those clothing things when my stuff on the comp wasn't working. Those are a little cool, but now I haven't been paying attention to them.

Lol my dogs would, they would probably try and play with it and chase it everywhere. You should borrow Hector's parents dog, our first dog, Max. He'll fucking catch mice for you, he goes nuts with those things out at their house. He freaking at rat poison too, a whole box of it! And he still fucking lived!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yeah, way waaay off. I totally forgot about Space Jam. For some reason, I think I really liked that movie.

Adam R or G?

Me too. Although, I used to want one of those itty mouse like hamsterish things, but then I realized that one of my cats would eat it...

I love 80s music.

Good. Drinking is bad. This stupid idiotic pathetic group of like 13 year olds (well, they were acting 13, but they were either juniors or seniors) was at MyWork talking about how they looove drinking, and they sounded like morons. Kids drink to escape, but alcohol is totally a downer. What they need are some intense uppers.

I'm so mad. My uni couple went on a great date last night, and the game crashed!!! I literally screamed "Nooo!!" just like I did when Wilson fell off the raft in Cast Away. :P

Wow, that's crazy. I think we're almost rid of them, though.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah, you know what, me too. I didn't like what's his face, but I loved bugs bunny and daffy and all them. OMG, I kind of want to watch that movie now.

No...Adam as, Minnesota Adam. Remember?

Lol I had one for a little while, but Hector got tired of it so we gave it to a little kid here in the apt complex. It was so cute. It was all flat and fluffy.

I like some 80s music. Like, we have Rockband, and they have all kinds of rock...its crazy, but catchy.

Yeah, god, when I was drunk I almost took a shower with a chick. Til I threw up and got all sick, which I almost thank my stomach, but yeah, I told Hector that I'm good for the rest of my life.

Omg, I've done that too! I was pissed too though. Haha we got HBO channels, and what movie was it... I don't know, I was watching some movie, and out of nowhere I thought of Cast Away, and I went, Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hector just looked at me like I was crazy...

Yeah, we have ant problems here. It sucks ass!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: lol I don't want to watch it. I'm afraid that if I do, I'll think its retarded, so I'd rather just keep the fond memories. I hate it when I reread or rewatch something I used to love only to find that it sucks.

Oh yeah...that.


Yeah, some of it's silly, some of it sucks, some is awesome, and some sucks so bad its awesome., so I'm thinking its a good choice for you to not drink anymore.

lol Cast Away is the shit!!! I fucking love that movie. I wnat to watch it again now.

I just watched the Secret Life of Bees, and I swear for like an hour of it I was crying. Like sobbing. I had to pause it in one spot, because I couldn't see clearly. It was a really good movie, I'm just a baby. But this guy at work said it even got to him.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: ZOMG I just watched Quarantine...I got so freaked that my neck hurts from keeping it so tense. A little over halfway through the movie, Chewy jumped on my bed and hit my leg, and I friggin almost screamed.

The main girl, Jennifer Carpenter I think her name is, plays Dexter's sister on Dexter! I love Dexter!!!!!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah, that's happened to me a few times. I watched Prom Night last night, it was pretty good, deffinetly better than I thought it was going to be.


Lol Yeah, deffinetly a good choice. And I'm totally ok with that. Its weird though cause everyone we know drinks. Its a little annoying.

It is!!!!!!!

I want to see that! So badly!!!! I've seen it on demand and I want to get it, but I haven't yet. Now I wante to even more! Arg!

Haha arg...

Really? I heard it wasn't that good...cause the camera or whatever was shaking the whole time.

Dexter? Lol I put Desxter the first time...haha I'm dumb.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Prom Night was better than I thought it would be, but it was a little too teen horror for me. lol After I watched Quarantine (alone in complete darkness) I decided to watch High Tension again since I was in such a horrory mood. It wasn't as good the second time, because the twist didn't surprise me, but I'd forgotten all the stuff in between the guy in the van with the severed head and the end, so I was pleasantly surprised that it still freaked me out.

Well, you don't have to follow the pack. Being sober around drunk people sucks, but at least you can be lucid enough to not make whoopie and or do anything sexual with another girl/someone who's not your husband, and you get to watch the drunk people act like retards.

Okay, I'm finding it very hard to follow the conversation, probably just because, you know, the porch light is on but nobody's home, the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead. You want to see the Secret Lives of Bees so badly, right? It was soooooo good.

Well, yeah, Quarantine is all shot by one camera, which one character carries the whole time, so like people bump into the camera, people block the view a couple times, he drops the camera, he even uses the camera to kill a bitch. But it made it so cool. I think had they done it some other way it wouldn't have been as good. It got a little frantic sometimes, but that made it even better, because it like made the freakyness of the situation more prominent, like that's what you would see if you were there. I totally thought that it would be crappy because of 28 Days Later and all those other movies about killer crazy diseases that make people monsters, but it wasn't just another movie like that. I mean, it kind of was, but it was so good it didn't matter.

Dexter's that Showtime show about the sociopathic serial killer who happens to be a totally lovable guy, who's also hot. :D

lol I rented the Borrowers today. You remember that movie? The other day, I have no clue why, but I got the weirdest desire to watch that movie. OOOH Yeah!! Because the guy who plays Draco Malfoy is in it, which I found out when I was randomly searching IMDB's Harry Potter pages.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah, and I don't really like Brittany Snow. I haven't seen High Tension in a freaking long junior year...

I know. I had never cared just like...having a drink...or something, you know? But that was shots of straight vodka, which is what got to me. But I've always been ok with not being drunk and watching everyone else be jackasses.

Lol Yes, I do want to see it, I just haven't. I also kind of want to see Tyler Perry's The Family that that what its called?

Yeah, I actually really wanted to see it, but all the people I know here have said that you shouldn't see it if you get like, motion sickness easily cause of the shaky camera. But I still kind of want to see it. I never saw 28 Days Later, but I never really wanted to.

Everytime you say Dexter I think of the Cartoon Network Dexter lol. I've been watching Nip Tuck lately...don't know why...I just have. And something else, but I can't...OHHHHH Secret Life of an American Teenager. Yeah...I've gotten hooked into that.

The Borrowers? I don't think so... What's...ohhhhhhh!!!!! With that fat guy????

DOOD! Did you go see my pic of my new hair color??? I'm amazed I did it to myself!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: I have no idea why, but every time I think of Brittany Snow I think of Julie Benz (played Darla in Buffy and Rita in DEXTER!!). Weird. They don't really look alike.

I figure the world is depressing enough. If I'm going to do anything mind-altering (stress the if, here), I'd do intense uppers.

Yeah, The Family the Prays...although I don't know why but I thought it was the Family that Preys...

You never saw 28 Days Later? Yes you did, we watched it together. I know I watched it with someone, and I thought it was you...remember, it was like the first horror movie that showed dick instead of tits (Cillian Murphy is hot). That had to have been you! I was like obesessed with that movie when it came out. O.o Confused now.

lol Remember when we watched season 3 of Nip/Tuck, with that killer, and we got soooo into it. I haven't seen that other show.

lol Yeah, that guy who was in Rosanne I think.

No, but I'll go see it now.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: It's sooo dark. But it looks pretty!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Lol I wouldn't know.

Yeah, well, I'm deffinetly ok with not drinking anymore. Though, I'm pretty sure at some point in time after I turn 21, I'll have a margarita just because I want to try one or something, but then again, who knows what I'll do.

Ohh...I was thinking of 28 Weeks Later. Ok, yeah, I've seen 28 Days Later. MY BAD!

Lol yeah, this one isn't bad. I haven't watched it lately though. The new episode comes on tomorrow night I think. OMG, so the first episode I saw was a few weeks ago, and this dood wanted to get a penis REDUCTION cause he could give himself blowjobs! He was tired of not having a sex life with women! It was funny! The other show isn't that bad. But, I started watching it cause I saw the first epsiode when it first started, so since I did that, now I want to keep watching to find out what happens.

Yeah, I actually liked it. The color has washed out some now though, so now it looks like a really really dark brown.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yeah, on my 21st birthday I'll get drunk, but after that if I drink at all, it will be in serious moderation. I can't help but link in my mind being drunk and being crazy. You remember my aunt that died? Her husband was a drunk, and he was a crazy bastard that scared me.

I don't know if I even saw 28 Weeks Later...oh I might have, I just didn't like it nearly as much.

So he could give himself blowjobs????? That's disgusting. lmao Which Scary Movie was it where that guy in the wheelchair gave himself a blowjob? That guy on Nip/Tuck must've been really flexible.

I'm never dying my hair again. Although sometimes I still wish I was a redhead.

I've been watching Law and Order SVU on Netflix again. It's so depressing, but I can't stop. In my Children's Literature class, the teacher told us that Lewis Carrol is thought by some to have been a pedophile, and all I could think about was Elliot and Olivia interrogating Lewis Carrol like a perp...

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: I just got a summons for fucking jury duty. Good thing I'm a full time student, so I don't have to go.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah. Dood, we have to be together on our 21st's! That would be farking crazy!!!!

I didn't. I didn't really want to. I did at first, but then the more I thought about it, I was like,

Yeah, he was a yoga teacher! OMG! And Christian's cancer came back and his doc was all, You only have six months left. So he went and got married to Liz cause he didn't wanna die alone. So then after they got married, his doc called and was like, This person got your results mixed up with another womans, and you're cancer is curable. And that's how the season ended, I was like holy freak! I think it was...the second scary movie that did that. Yeah, wait...yeah, the second.

I keep debating on what I want to do with my hair. I like having it one color more though. I'm tired of highlights. But IDK!!!

Wow. You know, there's this show on HBO called Oz, have you ever heard of it? Its freaking weird, but Elliot is in it.

Haha wow, I haven't gotten one yet.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: ZOMG! Yes! That would be the shiznit. We should do something on your 21st, because then we could both go to a bar. You know what, I've been thinking about going to Las Vegas for my birthday. I mean, then I could go to a really snazzy bar to get blotto legally :P

Yeah, sequels are almost always disappointing.

lol Yeah, the yoga thing makes it easier to believe. OMG I didn't know Christian got cancer!!! What kind? The only time I watched Nip/Tuck after the awesome season 3 I saw this episode with Kimber and Matt, and it was so weird that I couldn't keep watching.

I don't know what to do with your hair either :P You look good as a blond and brunette.

Holy fuck...I'm laughing so hard right now that I can barely type. I went to imdb to check out Christopher Meloni's filmography...did you know he played Freakshow in Harold and Kumar??? FREAKSHOW!! lmfao

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: OMG that would be so cool!

I know, huh?

I don't know. They never actually said what kind it was, cause he had it, then it went away, and then it came back. Yeah, OMG! Kimber fucking gave her daughter lip implant thingys! No, she made Christian do it!!

Lol yeah, I'm kind of tired of being blonde though, you know? I was blonde for so long that I just wanted something different.

LMAO OMG! Really???? That's freaking crazy! That's omg...that's so funny...

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yep!!

Fo sho.

Ooh. She gave her daughter lip implants!! Isn't her daughter a baby? And didn't Sean's wife have a baby with deformed arms?

Yeah, I get that. Sometimes I want to do something drastically different to my hair, and then I'm like...naw.

I know! I would never EVER have guessed that, so I searched Google for a picture of Freakshow, and you can kind of tell that it's him. Now I want to see that movie again. I still have never seen Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Geez, at work today, there were these three young people, probably early 20s sitting at the table in the Children's department, and this young, like probably 16-18 year old black kid was yelling at one guy at the table. I went up to tell the kid to leave or we'd call the police. Turns out, the kid was in the store with his girlfriend, and about five-ten minutes earlier, he hit his girlfriend in the Music department, then punched one of the shelves. The three people at the table had seen, and later when they met again in the book department, the kid looked the one guy in the eyes and hit his girlfriend across the face for NOTHING. So the guy told the kid not to hit her again. The three people went back and sat at the children's table, and the kid goes back there, tells the guy he's on the phone with his friend, and that his friends will come up to the store and kick the guy's ass. I didn't know all that when I went to intervene, I just thought the kid was being a punk. Anyway, the kid threatened me and I told him we were going to call the cops if he didn't leave. I didn't know, but we already had. So he goes and finds his girlfriend, and then I found out that she was the one he'd been hitting, and I got pissed. She didn't want to leave, and he was trying to physically drag her out of the store. Finally, after threatening me and this other associate again, he left, and then the cops got there. It was crazy. I thought this kid was going to attack someone. All I kept thinking, was if he hits his girlfriend in front of me, I'll kick him in the balls.

One of the cops who came was really hot, in the man in uniform kind of way.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Fo sho?????

Yeah, exactly! Whos' Sean again?

Yeah, I've always said no, then I was like, What the hell! Lets do it!

Really? I finially watched it! It was ok. I think I like the first one a little better. In the second one there are lots of vaginas! But, then again, there are bits and pieces of the second one I liked, it was just weird. They love getting themselves into trouble, and all for stupid girls and White Castle! Jeez!

OMG! There's a place here called Krystal that has stuff exactly like White Castle, like the little mini burgers! I don't know they're good or worse than White Castle since I've never been to one, but they were SO TINY!!!!!

Ohh wow. That's crazy! That's a lot of drama for Hastings, holy shit! I'd have kicked him in the balls too.

HAHA figures you'd say something like that! I love a man in uniform, though I must say I'm getting really tired of the military uniform hotness. Its wearing old on me cause I see it ever fucking day. And you know, military guys aren't even hot! Well, 99% of them aren't. Did you ever see Stop Loss?

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yeah, fo sho fo sho.

Sean MacNamara, isn't that Christian's partner's name?

Lots of vaginas? lol Not surprising, seeing as the movie markets mostly to males. Why can't more American movies have better nudity? By better, I mean less pointless and more male. :P

lol I got frozen White Castle burgers at Wal-Mart once, and they weren't great. But I think mini burgers are cute. Why is everything cute when its mini?

I know, waayy too much drama. The very next day, one of the team leads stole almost a thousand dollars from the safe, and ran from the cops.

Don't tell me military guys aren't hot. I still imagine them as Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead. Nice and hot. :P I never saw Stop Loss. Was it good?

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: LMAO Wow, really? I didn't think I'd ever hear, or see, you say that.

Yeah, I just forgot. I don't know about his wife, the episodes I saw didn't talk about his wife. He was hooking up with an anesthesist...? I don't know if that's how you spell it or not...

Lol I say that to Hector all the time! It needs way more male nudity! I'm tired of seeing boobies, we need more penis!

I don't think I'd ever get frozen anything, we've learned our lessons with that lol.

Holy shit. What is up with all this drama???? Its ridiculous.

Well, some are hot, but so many of them smoke shit and dip, eh, they're gross. But I won't lie, there are a select few that are pretty cute!

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