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Stupid Moments ~ At the Workplace


Stupid Moments ~ Old and Busted
From the good old days.


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September 29

(H) I had one of those dreams again last night, the ones where there's an emergency and I can't dial 911. This time, this guy dressed as a plumber carrying a wrench that was two feet long broke into the house, and I tried calling 911, but I hit 711 instead, and it was this scripture of the day type thing, and they were like, "You have the wrong number, dear, you need 911." Then I kept trying, but I kept getting like 922, 119, or 411. I even thought in the dream that it was just like a nightmare come true, but it was way too realistic to be a dream.
(Wendy) That's an anxiety dream.
(H) I know, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be anxietous about.
(Wendy) What??
(H) What?

August 30th

(So earlier my husband told me that he had given our dogs bones to chew on and asked if they had finished them yet. About 15 minutes later, we looked back over at them and this conversation happened:)
Rachel: OMG look at Brandy!
(We both start laughing hysterically because Brandy had this weird look on her face and wasn't moving)
Hector, I think there's something wrong with Brandy, why isn't she closing her mouth??
Hector: ...cause she has a bone hanging out of it
Rachel: Ohh yeah...
(We both start laughing even harder)
Hector: Thanks, now I know you really pay attention

July 7th

(I think...)

(I (Rachel) am prego, and I had my first ultrasound on July 7th...I think. Before it, they tell you to turn off your cell phones cause the mess up the machines sometimes, so, I set my phone down next to my purse. Once we were done, I picked it up and put it in my pocket while we were walking out. As we were walking out I said:)
OMG Hector! I left my cell phone on the floor in the room!
(So freaking out, I ran all the way back to the room and looked and couldn't find it. Then I put my hand on my pocket and went:)
Ohhhhh nevermind lol It was in my pocket.
Hector: Wow Rachel...way to go.
The nurse: Haha it's ok, she's pregnant, she's allowed to be absentminded.

Newest of the Old

(H was working at the register when Nick, a kid she went to school with, came up to buy something)
(N) Hey! Do you remember me?
(H) Of course I do! How's it going?
(N) Not bad. I'm a senior now. Do you feel old?
(H) *pouts* Just waiting for my social security check.
(N) So do you still work here?
(H) Nope, I'm just here hanging out.
(N) Right...duh.


(H is a closer at her job, and before they can leave, all the closers have to stand around and wait for a few minutes)
(Nathaniel the Team Lead) Wow, I just looked up and the popcorn machine said 'Hot Butt!!'
(H) What??
(Nathaniel) You know, the message was scrolling, and it hadn't gotten to the 'er' yet, so it said 'Hot Butt.'
*all stare at the popcorn machine*
(H) Wow, it's not just Hot Butt, it's Fresh Hot Butt!!

[long one, maybe not stupid or funny, but funny to H, so here is is]
(H is afraid of spiders, apparently big time, and one day when she was closing the book department alone, there was a big ugly one on her desk)
(H, frantically into the walkie) Can somebody please come kill a spider for me? Please!
(A, other associate) No, but I'll come catch it and put it outside.
*A comes over, but the spider's already gone because H was whacking at it)
(H) It ran when I tried to kill it.
(A) I wonder why...
(H) It was so fast! And it kept looking at me...
(A) Well it has eight eyes, what do you expect? Are you sure it's gone?
(H) I don't see it anywhere.
(A) Okay...still, you're probably risking your life standing so close to where it was.
(H jumps back) Right!
(H and A are helping another associate in another department. H picked up a Playboy purse and remarked that she liked it)
(A) Spider!
*H drops purse and squeaks*
(A) Oh my God! That was hilarious.
(Two days later, H was working a register when a huge, and I mean huge quarter-sized spider crawled out from the counter)
(H, again frantically into the walkie) Don't laugh, but can someone come kill a spider at register one? Please!
(A and D arrive, D tries to kill it but it's too fast, A tries to catch it, but it escapes into a corner)
(H) Great, now I can't go near that corner.
(A points at her shoulder) There it is!
(H) *takes her vest half off in a rush* You jerk. Someday I'll kill you for this.

(H was making an associate purchase at the place she works, so she had to provide her associate number to receive the discount)
(other associate) What's your number?
(H) 40766
(o.a) That's not you.
(H) Yes it is...
(o.a.) 40766?
(H) Shit! No, it's 869***!!
(o.a.) I was going to say I didn't think you'd been here that long.
(lol 40766 is H's ET number!!)


(H was closing at work, like always, and everyone was up front for associate purchases. H was working the only open register, and she was tired and loopy)
(H) *in a singsong voice* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Uh, thanks!!
(Sammy) That's my change!
(H)Oh! *takes money from Joey* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Do you need to go to a meeting?
(H) What kind of meeting??
(Joey) AA.
(H) Maybe NA. Just kidding...I don't do drugs.
(Joey) Can I buy my stuff now?
(H) Sure. After, will you check me out? I really want to buy some Captain Morgan *pause* shoes. That's my nickname, you know. Captain Morgan.
(Joey) ...see? AA.

(H was at work, two associates were near her, one boxing rentals, one shrink-wrapping a buyback)
(Bailey) Joey really loves to shrink-wrap!
(Joey) I just can't get enough of it. I'm a shrinkaholic.
(H) That's odd...a guy obsessed with shrinkage.
(Bailey) Oh!! Ha!
(Joey) That's just...wrong.
(H) You brought it on yourself.

(Horizon was closing at work, and we all know how she loves to take any chance to be sarcastic)
(Bryce [singing to his iPod]) Rueben, what he be doin?
(H) Your face.
(Bryce) Ugh...
(H) OMFG, I swear I didn't think about that one before I said it. It was a reflex! Stupid catholic school kids, they're all a bad influence.
(Bryce) Aren't you one?
(H) Of course, that's where I learned it!


(Horizon was working with a n00b Team Lead. He was doing pretty well, but he didn't quite have it yet. Someone had paged him on the phone in Guest Services. He thought it came from the walkie)
(Aaron) Okay, I'll be right there.
(Horizon laughs)
(Aaron) What?
(Horizon) You might want to push the button before you yell into the walkie.
(Aaron) ...I knew that!
(Horizon) Besides, they used the phone.

(Horizon was at work, again just talking with friends. They all have to wear name tags that say their home town, and Bryce's says Waterloo, Ia.)
(Bryce) People keep asking me where Waterlooia is.
(Ronisha) You're from Hawaii??
(Bryce) Oh my God, no! See?
(Horizon laughs)
(Ronisha) What?
(Horizon) It's like Josh. Everybody keeps asking him where Bath, Wales is.
(Ronisha) Where is it?
(Horizon) ...The UK.
(Ronisha) I didn't know Josh was from Africa.
(Horizon and Bryce) What?
(Horizon) Because he's from England...
(Ronisha) Oh!

(Horizon was at work hanging out at Guest Services with a couple work friends. That day, there were random incense sticks all over the store. Horizon found one, and she was trying to figure out what it smelled like.)
(Horizon) Bryce, what does this smell like?
(Bryce) *mumbles*
(Horizon) What?!
(Bryce) Apple Cinnamon.
(Horizon) Oh! CINNAMON. I get it.
(Bryce) What did you think I said? Oh my God!!
(Ronisha) What??
(Bryce) I said this smells like cinnamon, and she thought I said *semen*.
(Ronisha laughs)
(Horizon) I'm sorry! It was a Freudian slip I guess.
(Bryce) Hey, John, what do you think this smells like?
(John) Oh hell no, I'm not smelling that.

(Horizon took a trip to Fort Worth to see her Dad. She was in the computer room on Elftown listening to her iPod on the Bose dock)
(Horizon's dad's wife) Ooh, that sounds pretty. Who is it?
(Horizon) ... Tenacious D.
(Horizon's dad's wife) Hmm...

(Horizon was at work hanging out in the office with a few work buddies.)
*Nick pulled Horizon's Santa hat off*
(Horizon) Noo!! I have hat hair!
*we all laughed, Nick gave me back the hat and hit my shoulder*
(Horizon) Ow!
(Nick) Sorry, didn't mean to hit you so hard.
(Horizon) That's okay. It's the way I like it.
(Nick) Oh my God!
(Horizon-to the girl she'd been training) I'm sorry. You learn quick that some weird people work here.
(Nick) You're being trained by one.
(Horizon) Yep.


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[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: LMAO Wow, really? I didn't think I'd ever hear, or see, you say that.

Yeah, I just forgot. I don't know about his wife, the episodes I saw didn't talk about his wife. He was hooking up with an anesthesist...? I don't know if that's how you spell it or not...

Lol I say that to Hector all the time! It needs way more male nudity! I'm tired of seeing boobies, we need more penis!

I don't think I'd ever get frozen anything, we've learned our lessons with that lol.

Holy shit. What is up with all this drama???? Its ridiculous.

Well, some are hot, but so many of them smoke shit and dip, eh, they're gross. But I won't lie, there are a select few that are pretty cute!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: lol Well, I wouldn't say it if it weren't for Bo Fo Sho. You 'member, riiight? "Like a tampon thief, I had to pull some strings."

Anesthesiologist I think. At least, my spell check says that's right. That shows a little too dramatic for me.

lol Right on! Hollywood is supposed to give the people what they want, and I say they want dick :P

Yeah, I usually don't, but I saw White Castle and I was like...zomg, what would Harold and Kumar do?? Get baked and eat White Castle. Unfortunately, I don't know where to get any primo weed, so I just got the burgers.

I know, some days the drama gets to be too much. I just want to go home and watch Gilmore Girls, where the worst drama a messy love triangle or something. That or watch me some X-Files, so I can think, at least my life isn't that dramatic.

Okay, thanks. My fantasy is intact. Dip? Eeeww yucky yucky. That's chewin' tobacco, right? Every time I see someone doing that, I think, 'Have fun while you still have all of your jaw, dumbass.'

Okay, so it's 5:30 am, and the tile guy is coming in four hours, and my plan was to stay up and clean after work instead of sleeping five hours and getting up to clean, but I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm getting old, man. Staying up all night is hard anymore.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: ...I have no clue what you're talking about...

What show? Oh, Nip Tuck. Yeah, its pretty crazy, but I've been getting into all sorts of shows lately. Its weird!

LMAO I totally freaking agree! MORE DICK! We should go protest!

Lol I think I'm good without the weed, I'd deffinetly be ok with just the burgers. But even then, I'm ok without the burgers.

I had like...some kind of allergic reaction(according to my dad) and my tounge and underneath my tounge is like...super swollen. But its only the left side, and my throat is starting to get a little sore. WTF its annoying!

I know, huh? Hectors been being all anal lately cause I'm "getting fat" and I need to start losing weight. I know I've gained weight, but he's acting like I've just gained freaking 5000 lbs or something. He like, got all dramatic the other night. This is weight he said, "I keep asking you to go to the gym or something and lose that weight and you just won't do it. It really frustrates me." I was like, wtf? Really? And I just let it go.

Lol yeah. I know, huh? I think of all the videos they showed in school of messed up faces and stuff. Ewwwwwwww!!!!!

I know! I was staying up half the night for a while, but Hector was having a hissy fit and started fights when he'd come home for lunch and I was still asleep. So now I've been trying to go to bed early, and I'm tired by like, 11 or 12, and so I've actually started trying to go to bed then, but I just end up laying in bed for hours! Its so annoying!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]:

Bo Burnham is a lower-case-g god. He has a CD, and I'm totally going to buy it.

Yeah, I've been watching tons of new shows on Most of the good shows are over now, but Lie to Me and Ghost Hunters have new eps coming out. Have you ever seen Lie to Me? If you haven't, you need to go to Hulu and watch you some, because it is the shit.

Yeah! We can have picket signs shaped like penises!

lol I agree about the weed, but some days, man, I think it would be nice.

Geez, what did you eat???

Sure, you're getting fat. The girl who used to be so skinny she disappeared if she turned sideways. He might be your husband, but he can't dictate how you treat your body. Good thing you let it go. He's just insane.

How can anyone who's seen a picture like that, and probably most people have, go and do it anyway? Do they seriously think that they're immune from cancer, even when they jam carcinogens in their mouths all day? Dummies.

Yeah, it's hard to go to bed early. Dood, after staying up all night yesterday, I went to bed at 5 pm, woke up at 3:30 am, stayed up for a few hours, then went back to bed and woke up at noon. I guess I'm making up for the past week of like 5-6 hour nights of sleep. It was ridiculous. And I had really stupid dreams. Like really really retarded.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Lol really?

Lol I haven't, what's it about?

Lol I know! That would be freaking awesome!

Lol I just hear so many bad things about it. Like, the girl friend here, she did weed once, and then had a panic attack cause her body couldn't accept it, or something like that.

I don't, I still haven't figured it out. But, it was all on the left side of my mouth, now its all on the right. It fucking hurts!

Well, I just didn't see the point in arguing with him about it. He kind of reminds me of Mr Stocker sometimes. He's ALWAYS gotta be right!

I know. How could anyone want to look like that? I mean, shit, ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I'd kill myself if I lost that much of my face...

Yeah, I was having nights where I'd go to sleep late, and then Hector comes home from pt in the morning at 8, and he freaking wakes me up sometimes!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Lie to Me is about this guy named Dr. Lightman, and he can tell if a person is lying just by looking at their face. He owns this company called the Lightman Group and they get hired to help in investigations.

Totally farkin' awesome!

I would probably just never do it because people who do do it piss me off. I had to alphabetize the Popular Culture books the other day, and there are tons of mary jane books there, and they're all just the stupidest things ever.

Geez, that sucks.

I loved Mr. Stocker some day, and then somedays I wanted him lynched...

I wouldn't necessarily go that far, but I'd wear a mask like the Phantom of the Opera and take up skydiving and extreme stuff like that, so that fate will decide if I bite it.

Geez, it's not like you have to spend all your time with him. He should let you friggin sleep.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Wow, sounds cool.

Yeah, I think I'll be ok without doing it. I'm good without doing a lot of things. Mary Jane books?

I know, but its finally going away. My tounge is a little sensitive, but other than that, its all gravy!

I don't think there were many days that I ever loved Mr. Stocker. But then again, there weren't many teachers I did love.

Yeah, I don't think I could ever kill myself, but I'd want to. I'd just hid myself from the rest of the world, or cut up people and use their skin as a mask like leatherface and umm...whatever his name is from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Are those the same guys? Cause we were watching Leatherface yesterday and I asked Hector if him and that guy were, and niether of us knew.

Its not that he always wakes me up on purpose, sometimes he just makes a lot of noise getting dressed and stuff that it wakes me up. Then, once I do wake up a little bit, he starts talking to me then I wake up more. That's when I get pissed. We moved into this 2 bedroom apartment and I told him to move all his military shit to the other bedroom so he wouldn't wake me up and stuff, but he's still back over in here getting dressed. I've gotten a little used to it, but it still annoys me sometimes.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yeah, it pretty much kicks ass. Makes me want to go and study microexpressions and shit.

Yeah, books on weed. Like the 'Cannibible 1, 2, and 3.' Or 'Pot Culture.' Or 'How to be a Useless Slacker and Look Like a Total Douche.' Okay, the last one is just what I think they should be called.

Wow, weird. Last night my foot randomly started burning, in one little spot, and it felt so bad I couldn't walk. Then like five minutes later it just stopped. Bodies are weird, man. They do weird things.

lmao Leatherface!! I think they're the same person. I just went to, and when I searched 'Leatherface' 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' came up.

Yeah. My mom's always loud as shit when she gets ready in the morning.

You know that new movie Last House on the Left? It's a remake of a '72 movie of the same title, and I read that the new one is totally watered down, but the original is like shocking it's so brutal, and two of the StoresIWorkAt in town have two copies in, but both stores can't find them. RE-FUCKING-TARDED!!!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Lol yeah

LOL I agree. I'd call it that too.

I know! OMG! Ok, so I've been going running with Hector at the part the few nights, ok, well, it started out him running and me walking, but a few nights ago he convinced me to run, then the next morning I woke up with bruises on my ankles and I have a really bad shin splint in my left leg. He convinced me to go back with him last night and I tried running a little bit, and it got worse. After that, I could barely walk. It sucked ass.

See, I had always thought so. The Leatherface we watched had umm...Viggo in it. He was freaky!

Hector can be quiet, but he has velcro all over his acu's, and he does it, then undoes them, then does them, then undoes them. It drives me fucking crazy. If I'm tired enough I won't wake up, but I usually do.

You know what? We actually went and saw that the other day. I actually liked it. I mean, you know how they show that 20 minutes thing before the movie starts? They were showing the making of it, or something like that, and the director was talking about the remake and how he knew it might not be as good, but he still hoped people liked it. AND since I don't know the old one, the new one was still pretty good. Better than I thought it would be. It did make me want to see the old one now though.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: DUDE! You are never going to guess who called me!!!!


[there's a bluebird in my heart]: That does suck ass.

Viggo? Viggo! I LOVE Viggo! (imagine me half-screaming that in a hysteric girly voice) I've only seen the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But speaking of Viggo, I kind of want to watch LOTR again. I haven't seen it in years.

Well, Velcro is really fun to do and undo and do and undo. Or it was when I was a kid. :P

I'll probably see the new one after I see the original.

Wow. Did you, uh, tell him you're married and he shouldn't call you?

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: I know huh?!

Lol Sadly, I can imagine that. Yeah, I saw that one when it came out in theaters. I watched all the 3 a few weeks ago cause they played them on umm...TNT? I of those movie channels that wasn't USA or Fox. HAHAHAHAHA when I was typing Fox I started typing Cocks.

Lol it is when you're doing it, but when you listen to it at 5, 5, 7, or 8 in the morning, its really freaking annoying. Especially when you're trying to sleep.

Yeah, I didn't know they had an older one til right before we saw the new one when they were talking about it on that 20 thing.

Yeah. He said he knew cause of elftown, but he didn't get on anymore and he wanted to see how I was doing. Weird!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: LMFAO Ok, so, I'm laying on the bed with Hector cause we were watching a movie and I decided to get on Elftown to see if you had responded. Then, I joking asked Hector if he wanted me ot read him some of our stupid moments, and he actually said yes! So I was going through all of them and in the process he fell asleep, but I still kept going through them and holy crap! I keep forgetting how retarded we were and I fucking laugh my ass off every freaking time! It really makes me think back to all of our HCCA memories though. THOSE were the days!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: lmao Fox cocks? Dude, Freudian slip!! You're subconscious is a slut. :P

Yeah, I bet that would be true. Lucky for me, I wouldn't know from experience :P Although my mom likes to do dishes at 7 am, and that is damned annoying.

I only knew because I was trying to decide whether to go see Taken or LHOTL, so I looked them up online. And I ended up not going at all.

Totally weird!

lol Yeah, we were so farking retarded.

Speaking of reminiscing...I was on Netflix looking for something to watch, and I found Spice World on watch instantly. So I'm watching it! It's only like 9 minutes in, and so far it's just dumb.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Okay, so I gave up not even an hour into the movie. Teh lame.

Dude, you should see the snow here! It's infarkingsane. There are snow drifts like four feet tall. Our entire little side yard has snow all the way up to the top of the fence. I love it!!!!!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Lol I know huh!

Yeah, we hate doing dishes cause we have a shitty ass dishwaser and we don't eat enough to actually wash a lot of dishes.

Taken is really good. I would probably see that over LHOTL any day.

Lol I know. I miss those days sometimes.

Really? I don't remember ever seeing Spice World. Go figure it would be a shitty movie.

Ohh wow! That sucks! I miss the snow!!!!!!! I don't miss the coldness cause it does get pretty cold here, never as cold as Amarillo, but I do miss the cold.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: OMG you'll never guess what I just did!

Our lights in the rooms with fans have the swith thing on the wall then the strings on the fan next to the lights right? Well, I always keep the switch on and just pull the strings. So me and Hector went out for a little bit then when I got home and I came into our room and went over and pulled the string to turn the light on. And it wasn't turning on, and I was like what the fuck? So I thought the light burnt out and stuff and Hector came in and was like, babe, the switch is off. I was like, ohh, I knew that!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Totally!

I hate doing dishes only because I think dishwashers smell like shiat. Think about it. Little tiny food particles getting stuck in all the nooks and crannies and sitting there rotting. lol Every time I say the world 'rotting' I think of Smeagol. Same with potatoes, precious, sweet, and many others. I got so mad at work the other day, and I was thinking to myself, and I thought a word that reminded me of Smeagol, and I started laughing. You know, the phrase 'thinking to myself' is retarded. Who else would you be thinking to? A telepath? And wouldn't that be creepy, if you were just going along thinking to yourself and a telepath eavesdropped on your brain?

You said it was really good. Now I have to wait for DVD :(

Me dos.

I'm pretty sure I saw it. I only remember one scene, when the double decker bus did a thing like the bus in Speed, you remember? It like jumped over a gap in the road, or something.

Dude, snow is the shit. I love it. I wish I lived in Wyoming, because then I could build an igloo and be an eskimo! I totally just said that out loud as I typed in this retarded voice, and the tile guy is here working :P

lol Dumdum!! You can dye your hair all you want, but you'll always be a blond.

ZOMG my back hurts. Every time I move it it pops, and it hurts real bad.

I'm sleeeeeeeeppppppyyyy...

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Lol wow, random rant much?

Yeah, its totally worth it. I told Hector we were buying it when it came out.

Speaking of speed, I saw it the other day. They've been playing it on HBO.

Lol I say shit out loud all the time when I'm texting or typing of something.

Lol I know, huh? I like having darker hair, I thinking I like it like a real dark brown though.

You know, my back hurts too. It hurts because I got like, hardcore sunburned though and it hurts like a fucker. I can barely even lift my right arm cause its really bad on the back of my shoulder.

I am too, but I haven't been sleeping good lately. I've even been trying to go to bed earlier.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Well, kind of. Not random to me, just normal thought process.

Dang, you must have really liked it.

Speed is the shit. The movie, not the pills. "Fuck me!" "Oh darn!"

lmao The other day, actually it was like a month or two ago, I was at Target shopping, and I was thinking to myself, and I didn't realize that I was talking out loud until I noticed this guy looking at me like I was nuts. I was sooo embarassed.

You can fool strangers about your hair color, but I'll always know the truth...:P

Damn. You shouldn't tan so much. I read this story about this young girl who was addicted to tanning beds and I learned some nasty stuff about tanning. Unless you have extreme sunblock with like Helioplex and UVA and UVB protection, you shouldn't tan. I spent like fifteen minutes checking my freckles for melanoma...O.o

Dude, me too! For the past four days I've been getting up at 9 am or earlier. Monday and Wednesday for school, Tuesday and today because of the stupid asshole who's fixing our tiles. My mom totally wants to sue them. He's in my room right now. It's freaky. I hate him.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: I did...which was weird, cause I don't usually get in to action-ish movies.

Lol I know! OMG! I watched it with my friend here, and she was like, bitching about the movie the whole time. "Its so fake. This is so stupid. This movie is retarded. I don't get it." She like, ruined the whole movie for me.

LMAO WOW!! I do that sometimes,and Hector thinks I'm nuts.

Lol Yeah. I'm thinking that I'll start doing a dark brown maybe. I don't know, I've started liking doing different things with my hair. Though for the past few days I've felt like shit so I haven't done anything.

I haven't been tanning. I haven't been since umm...before prom. I got burnt from being outside with Hector. I haven't been outside since. I mean, I have, but not sitting outside. Its like, killing me. I can't even sleep on my back. BUT! Its starting to get better and turn into a tan.

Then she totally should! I mean, like every time we talk you mention how they're there fixing the tiles. I would!

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