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Stupid Moments ~ At the Workplace


Stupid Moments ~ Old and Busted
From the good old days.


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September 29

(H) I had one of those dreams again last night, the ones where there's an emergency and I can't dial 911. This time, this guy dressed as a plumber carrying a wrench that was two feet long broke into the house, and I tried calling 911, but I hit 711 instead, and it was this scripture of the day type thing, and they were like, "You have the wrong number, dear, you need 911." Then I kept trying, but I kept getting like 922, 119, or 411. I even thought in the dream that it was just like a nightmare come true, but it was way too realistic to be a dream.
(Wendy) That's an anxiety dream.
(H) I know, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be anxietous about.
(Wendy) What??
(H) What?

August 30th

(So earlier my husband told me that he had given our dogs bones to chew on and asked if they had finished them yet. About 15 minutes later, we looked back over at them and this conversation happened:)
Rachel: OMG look at Brandy!
(We both start laughing hysterically because Brandy had this weird look on her face and wasn't moving)
Hector, I think there's something wrong with Brandy, why isn't she closing her mouth??
Hector: ...cause she has a bone hanging out of it
Rachel: Ohh yeah...
(We both start laughing even harder)
Hector: Thanks, now I know you really pay attention

July 7th

(I think...)

(I (Rachel) am prego, and I had my first ultrasound on July 7th...I think. Before it, they tell you to turn off your cell phones cause the mess up the machines sometimes, so, I set my phone down next to my purse. Once we were done, I picked it up and put it in my pocket while we were walking out. As we were walking out I said:)
OMG Hector! I left my cell phone on the floor in the room!
(So freaking out, I ran all the way back to the room and looked and couldn't find it. Then I put my hand on my pocket and went:)
Ohhhhh nevermind lol It was in my pocket.
Hector: Wow Rachel...way to go.
The nurse: Haha it's ok, she's pregnant, she's allowed to be absentminded.

Newest of the Old

(H was working at the register when Nick, a kid she went to school with, came up to buy something)
(N) Hey! Do you remember me?
(H) Of course I do! How's it going?
(N) Not bad. I'm a senior now. Do you feel old?
(H) *pouts* Just waiting for my social security check.
(N) So do you still work here?
(H) Nope, I'm just here hanging out.
(N) Right...duh.


(H is a closer at her job, and before they can leave, all the closers have to stand around and wait for a few minutes)
(Nathaniel the Team Lead) Wow, I just looked up and the popcorn machine said 'Hot Butt!!'
(H) What??
(Nathaniel) You know, the message was scrolling, and it hadn't gotten to the 'er' yet, so it said 'Hot Butt.'
*all stare at the popcorn machine*
(H) Wow, it's not just Hot Butt, it's Fresh Hot Butt!!

[long one, maybe not stupid or funny, but funny to H, so here is is]
(H is afraid of spiders, apparently big time, and one day when she was closing the book department alone, there was a big ugly one on her desk)
(H, frantically into the walkie) Can somebody please come kill a spider for me? Please!
(A, other associate) No, but I'll come catch it and put it outside.
*A comes over, but the spider's already gone because H was whacking at it)
(H) It ran when I tried to kill it.
(A) I wonder why...
(H) It was so fast! And it kept looking at me...
(A) Well it has eight eyes, what do you expect? Are you sure it's gone?
(H) I don't see it anywhere.
(A) Okay...still, you're probably risking your life standing so close to where it was.
(H jumps back) Right!
(H and A are helping another associate in another department. H picked up a Playboy purse and remarked that she liked it)
(A) Spider!
*H drops purse and squeaks*
(A) Oh my God! That was hilarious.
(Two days later, H was working a register when a huge, and I mean huge quarter-sized spider crawled out from the counter)
(H, again frantically into the walkie) Don't laugh, but can someone come kill a spider at register one? Please!
(A and D arrive, D tries to kill it but it's too fast, A tries to catch it, but it escapes into a corner)
(H) Great, now I can't go near that corner.
(A points at her shoulder) There it is!
(H) *takes her vest half off in a rush* You jerk. Someday I'll kill you for this.

(H was making an associate purchase at the place she works, so she had to provide her associate number to receive the discount)
(other associate) What's your number?
(H) 40766
(o.a) That's not you.
(H) Yes it is...
(o.a.) 40766?
(H) Shit! No, it's 869***!!
(o.a.) I was going to say I didn't think you'd been here that long.
(lol 40766 is H's ET number!!)


(H was closing at work, like always, and everyone was up front for associate purchases. H was working the only open register, and she was tired and loopy)
(H) *in a singsong voice* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Uh, thanks!!
(Sammy) That's my change!
(H)Oh! *takes money from Joey* $11.90 is your change, sir.
(Joey) Do you need to go to a meeting?
(H) What kind of meeting??
(Joey) AA.
(H) Maybe NA. Just kidding...I don't do drugs.
(Joey) Can I buy my stuff now?
(H) Sure. After, will you check me out? I really want to buy some Captain Morgan *pause* shoes. That's my nickname, you know. Captain Morgan.
(Joey) ...see? AA.

(H was at work, two associates were near her, one boxing rentals, one shrink-wrapping a buyback)
(Bailey) Joey really loves to shrink-wrap!
(Joey) I just can't get enough of it. I'm a shrinkaholic.
(H) That's odd...a guy obsessed with shrinkage.
(Bailey) Oh!! Ha!
(Joey) That's just...wrong.
(H) You brought it on yourself.

(Horizon was closing at work, and we all know how she loves to take any chance to be sarcastic)
(Bryce [singing to his iPod]) Rueben, what he be doin?
(H) Your face.
(Bryce) Ugh...
(H) OMFG, I swear I didn't think about that one before I said it. It was a reflex! Stupid catholic school kids, they're all a bad influence.
(Bryce) Aren't you one?
(H) Of course, that's where I learned it!


(Horizon was working with a n00b Team Lead. He was doing pretty well, but he didn't quite have it yet. Someone had paged him on the phone in Guest Services. He thought it came from the walkie)
(Aaron) Okay, I'll be right there.
(Horizon laughs)
(Aaron) What?
(Horizon) You might want to push the button before you yell into the walkie.
(Aaron) ...I knew that!
(Horizon) Besides, they used the phone.

(Horizon was at work, again just talking with friends. They all have to wear name tags that say their home town, and Bryce's says Waterloo, Ia.)
(Bryce) People keep asking me where Waterlooia is.
(Ronisha) You're from Hawaii??
(Bryce) Oh my God, no! See?
(Horizon laughs)
(Ronisha) What?
(Horizon) It's like Josh. Everybody keeps asking him where Bath, Wales is.
(Ronisha) Where is it?
(Horizon) ...The UK.
(Ronisha) I didn't know Josh was from Africa.
(Horizon and Bryce) What?
(Horizon) Because he's from England...
(Ronisha) Oh!

(Horizon was at work hanging out at Guest Services with a couple work friends. That day, there were random incense sticks all over the store. Horizon found one, and she was trying to figure out what it smelled like.)
(Horizon) Bryce, what does this smell like?
(Bryce) *mumbles*
(Horizon) What?!
(Bryce) Apple Cinnamon.
(Horizon) Oh! CINNAMON. I get it.
(Bryce) What did you think I said? Oh my God!!
(Ronisha) What??
(Bryce) I said this smells like cinnamon, and she thought I said *semen*.
(Ronisha laughs)
(Horizon) I'm sorry! It was a Freudian slip I guess.
(Bryce) Hey, John, what do you think this smells like?
(John) Oh hell no, I'm not smelling that.

(Horizon took a trip to Fort Worth to see her Dad. She was in the computer room on Elftown listening to her iPod on the Bose dock)
(Horizon's dad's wife) Ooh, that sounds pretty. Who is it?
(Horizon) ... Tenacious D.
(Horizon's dad's wife) Hmm...

(Horizon was at work hanging out in the office with a few work buddies.)
*Nick pulled Horizon's Santa hat off*
(Horizon) Noo!! I have hat hair!
*we all laughed, Nick gave me back the hat and hit my shoulder*
(Horizon) Ow!
(Nick) Sorry, didn't mean to hit you so hard.
(Horizon) That's okay. It's the way I like it.
(Nick) Oh my God!
(Horizon-to the girl she'd been training) I'm sorry. You learn quick that some weird people work here.
(Nick) You're being trained by one.
(Horizon) Yep.


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[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Wow. Yeah.

My laptop is dead. I think for my birthday, I'm gonna ask my family for just cash, so I can buy a new harddrive, gut my laptop, and put something like Ubuntu on it instead of fucking Vista, because fucking Vista fucking sucks. :P Oh, and Ubuntu's totally free.

I know!! Dude, we get some freaks there. Last night I was working register, and this girl came and she was so high she couldn't finish a sentence. Oh hey, I totally just made the connection, I'm retarded. The cafe guy who found the jizz mag is Brittany's boyfriend.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah, that's cool. Are you ready for your bday? Are you gonna be off anytime around the 4th of July, we're coming down and I want to see you some while we're there since we didn't really get to hang the last 2 times we were there.

Lol I was wondering if it was him. You know, Brittany doesn't talk to me anymore. When I was there last time, me and Krista went to Hastings to see if you were there, and you weren't, and I saw Brittany, and she said hi to Krista and just completly ignored me, and we were talking just before I got to Amarillo. Ever since then she stopped talking to me. I'm like losing all of my friends but you and Krista =(

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: My birthday was boring actually. No fun. Still can't drink :P I'll be in town the weekend of July 4th, but I'll probably be working :( Closing, though, so we could do lunch.

Wow, so she just like stopped talking to you for no reason? That's mean. I wonder why.

You at least have one more friend than me, Lady. I'm friendly with people at work, but that's it.

Oh God, do you remember me telling you about a girl named Casey from Hastings? She's the lesbian who did ecstasy and was friends with Creepy Wheel of Fortune Guy? Anyway, she went off to California with Ben Wilting's ex-girlfriend, but now she's back working in the Cafe, and it pisses me off. I'm tempted to "anonymously" report her past drug habit in the hope that she'll get sacked. Or, I could have a heart and give her a chance...tough decision.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG

I found a used condom under one of the chairs at work today. Not just any chair, one of the chairs in the one place in Books that has a camera.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Well, I'll be here all week! As you recently found out since I had to come find you!

Yeah, then randomly Firday she called me and asked when I was next gonna be in town and I told her I already was, so she asked me to go hang out with her for a little bit. It was weird, and awkward... She was doing nothing but gossiping too, it was a little annoying.

Yeah, but I only have you and Krista. Its still a little boring coming home when I can't hang out with either of you cause you're both busy.

Wow, amazing. I don't think you ever said anything about the ecstasy though, or the Creepy Wheel of Fortune Guy.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Hey, did you get my text about changing my number?

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Yeah, I got the text, but I was about to clock in, so I couldn't answer, and then I forgot. But I did change the number in my speed dial.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: I noticed. I had an ultrasound this morning, and we got a picture of her with one of her feet above her head. I'm getting ready to put it up here

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: I know, huh? I'm so ready its not even funny!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Are you gonna do natural childbirth or Cesarean?

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: They only do Cesarean if I'm going in too early or if there are complications witht he birth. Which is ok with me, I kinda would rather do natural. Getting cut open freaks me out.

Hmm...I was gonna tell you something and I forgot...

Dude, since I've been pregnant my stupid moments have like...gone up majorly. Its horrible. Absentmindedness during pregnancy sucks when you were already absentminded.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Dude, if you're having more stupid moments, you need to post them.

Talk about absentminded...yesterday (which was Thursday, because today is Friday), I stayed up way past dawn, and slept till 4:30, and I was just going to hang out for a while and then finish my first assignments (school, yuck). I was positive all day that it was Wednesday, and the next day would be Thursday, when I'd go back to work. Then, at 6:40, someone from work called and told me that I was supposed to be in at 5 to work, and I freaked out, thinking that I had written down my schedule wrong. So I took a super fast shower, and I was getting ready to do my make up, when I noticed my cell phone on my jewelry box, so I checked it, and to my immense surprise, it said Thu 8/27...Thursday! I couldn't believe it was Thursday. I went to work, and it took me forever to realize what happened. I must have woken up on Tuesday thinking it was Monday, for some reason. I felt so retarded. But I didn't get in trouble! I think my coworkers sometimes think I'm not all there mentally, so they probably weren't surprised. Oi.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Haha that happens to me all the time. If it weren't for my doctor appointments and making sure I keep up with them, I would never be able to remember what day it was. I'll start putting up more of my stupid moments if I remember them. I remember one with a cell phone, if I didn't tell you that one, you can read it cause I'm putting it up now.

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Cool, put up more. I always hear stuff at work and think, "lol That needs to be on Stupid Moments" (yes I actually think 'lol'), but then I always forget by the time I get home.

Dude, Hinder came into the store today for a signing, and srsly, people are retauded around rock stars. It was ridiculous. For like two hours there was a gigantic crowd of smiling, disproportionately excited people waiting to "meet" Hinder, and we sold out of the new CD, so we had associates driving all over town trying to find more. It was crazy. I didn't even get to see them, but I'm not exactly disappointed. For one, I didn't even know they were coming. I got to work, and I was like, wtf are all these people doing here?? For two, I, unlike that crowd of no-lifes, don't idolize celebrities.

LMFAO Did you know that there are voodoo practitioners in Amarillo?? One worked at BSA, where my mom works. She was talking to her friend in public about how she was going to curse this other woman who works at BSA. She was saying she was going to do all this crazy shit to that lady, and this random woman overheard her and called the BSA office to warn the lady. So BSA fired the voodoo chick, and the lady the voodoo chick wanted to "curse" went to the cops, and they weren't really taking her that seriously, until, while she was explaining everything at the station, the voodoo chick showed up and started screaming and cursing the lady...while surrounded by farking cops. Needless to say (but I'm going to say it so I don't know why I even said needless to say), the cops were like, "Oh...this is serious."

ZOMG. This is a crazy town.'s Peanut? Er, Lily? Are you huge?

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Its ok, I do the same thing whenever I'm out.

Wow, that's crazy. I don't really like Hinder as much as I used to. There are always celebs here cause of Ft Hood, and they only come on Ft Hood. Disturbed comes like, at least once a year and does a concert on Ft Hood then goes to the County Center and does a concert there. It's crazy.

I didn't know that, that's insane. Lol Amarillo is so weird. I haven't missed it. I'm actually dreading moving back, mostly cause of Hector's mom though. Did I tell you my dad quit his job?? He told the doctors they were dumbasses and left! He's been out for weeks, and my mom's just now getting onto him about getting another job.

Dude, I can't even define the amount of drama I've had over here in the past like...week. Our car got keyed by this...ok, hold on, I have to start this story back a couple months ago.

We met this couple, Adrian and Lisbeth, in January and started hanging out with them for a while. At one point, Adrian told Hector that he keyed this girls car because he didn't like her. This girl's name is Elizabeth, and was "best friends" with Lisbeth. Lisbeth, all she did when me and her would hang out was talk about how much she hated Elizabeth. After a while, we stopped hanging out with them and I started hanging out with Elizabeth because Lisbeth introduced us at one point. Then during the summer we all started hanging out.

Ok, now to the recent. Me and Elizabeth have gotten really close, mostly because I'm the god-mother of her son. And me being me, I told Elizabeth the stuff that Lisbeth said about her to me when we were still friends. She never said anything to Lisbeth about it, but it changed her opinion of her cause LIsbeth was just acting like her friend. They ended up getting into a fight over other stuff and Lisbeth told Elizabeth what she really thought of her. So!!!! Because I was closer friends with Elizabeth, we hung out with her and her husband more often than we did with Lizbeth and Adrian. Adrian got hella jealous for some reason and went and keyed our car. We didn't need to watch him do it, cause no one we know here that like, Hector works with and no one but Adrian is that fucking immature, so on Myspace and Facebook we put that we got our car (fyi, brand new 09 car) keyed and we knew who did it. We never told anyone but the police who we thought did it, and out of nowhere Adrian started being like "Why do you think its me??" Hector was like, "Wow, guilt trip much!" Then, on Facebook I had a conversation with Elizabeth how I was ready for this drama to be over cause I don't need it while I'm pregnant. She agreed, and said "At least they're leaving soon," which I also agreed with. Adrian and Lisbeth saw it, and came over here, knocked on the door, and when Hector answered it Adrian said "Get the fuck out here!" And we had guests over, and Hector got hella pissed. (Adrian is getting stationed in Korea and is leaving in like...less than 2 weeks.) Adrian was like, "We were so hurt that Rachel would say all that stuff about us," and lots of other stuff like that, and it was just so fucking retarded! I don't remember most of the conversation because I didn't go outside, but later that night Lisbeth sent me a message on Facebook apologizing for everything and I said, "I don't care. I'm pregnant, I don't need this. The way you guys acted tonight was retarded," all this other stuff to that affect. So she said, "You're right, you don't. You're going to have a beautiful baby girl and we won't give you guys anymore drama." I told Hector and Elizabeth and they were both like, "Wow, that apology is a little late." If you were here you it would be easier, but really, that's the long story short...

There is more drama here than I had in Amarillo, its effin rediculous! I'm so hoping its over though, cause I will kill someone. I have definetly hit that hardcore hormonal stage lol

She's good. She moves like, 24/7. You know, I'm really not that big. Not as big as most women. The doc said your uterus each week should be as big as how many weeks you are. So at 29 weeks mine was 29 inches, so that's really good. I'm so ready for her to be here though. More cause I'm tired of the pain. I just hit the point where my hips are starting to hurt a lot. My back hasn't been that sore, just kind of like...tired, if that makes sense. AND!!! My feet haven't really swelled up, they do if I walk a lot though. My hands got it pretty bad, so I had to take my ring off and get a new one. the last ultrasound in August she was 1lb 11oz, and according to my book she should be around 3lbs now. On October 4th, I will have exactly 2 months left!!! I'm getting really anxious!!!

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Dude, you have to go see Paranormal Activity! Its pretty effin creepy! You know shit scares the hell out of me regardless, but that movie was EFFIN SCARY!!!

I feel like I was going to say something else but I can't remember...

I am definetly getting over forgetful and so ready to not be pregnant anymore! The pain is driving me nuts!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Dude, that shit with Adrian and Lisbeth is fucking ridiculous. Shouldn't the military knock that kind of immature shit out of guys like that? I was talking to my mom, and I mentioned the crazy drama you're having down there, and she said she wasn't all that surprised. Her first husband was in the military, and she said she learned then that a lot of immature guys join up and that some bases are just like Douche-central. Of course, my mom would never have said Douche-central. I embellished there a little bit.

Well, December 4 is coming closer and closer. Who knows, though, once you hit the constant crying and pooping stage, you might miss the quiet of being pregnant.

I can't believe your dad quit his job. It just seems so rash. I know the dude's got a temper, but jeez. I think a lot of hospitals and health care institutions in Ama are going through some crazy shit right now. I know my mom's work is bad. Her boss is like this amoral asswipe. He embezzled money from a charity fund, and he's forcing the nurses to work on call at night for two fucking dollars an hour. It's crazy.

I did see Paranormal Activity. My mom knew I wanted to go, and out of the nowhere she said she'd go with me and buy the tickets, so we went. I got really sick halfway through though. I don't know what happened, I just got nauseous and had to leave the theater, but as soon as I got past the stairs and into that quiet, dark hall, I felt so much better. I had been reading Seeking Spirits by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson (the guys who started TAPS, from SyFy's Ghost Hunters) before we went to see it, and the last story I read had actually been about this case where there was a demonic entity in this couple's house, and in the middle of the night the husband woke up and started screaming and trying to hit Jason and Grant, and then he just went limp and couldn't remember even getting out of bed. They did a spiritual blessing of the house to get rid of the thing, and the very next morning across the street from that couple, a woman went crazy and shot her husband to death.

Did y'all do anything special for Halloween? I had to work, 4-midnight. I dressed up in this long black dress and a black floppy hat. I had crazy makeup, dark purple eyeshadow, glitter and shimmer, dark red lips. I told everyone I was "Sonora Wellington, black widow." It was fun. I got asked out by an old guy, though...

I had a stupid moment yesterday. I wore these silver/gold heels to work, but halfway through the night I changed into sneakers. When I was leaving for my break, I set my heels on the counter as I signed out and then I put them in my purse. On my way back to work, I looked all through my car for my shoes, because I thought I'd put them on the car seat. Then I figured I left them on the counter, and I thought how embarrassing. So I ran in and asked the team lead if I'd left my shoes, and she said no, and I was so confused, so I opened my purse and was like, "Oh, no, there they are." The team lead laughed so hard...

Sorry it's been so long since I replied. I think I typed a whole reply once before and then for some reason decided not to send it, and then I forgot. You're not the only one being forgetful.

Two people from HC work with me now. Becca G. works in the cafe, and Anthony (the guy who dated Monisa) works up front. It's weird. Becca's like a slut now. She plays Christian music all the time, but she comes to work covered in hickeys.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: Yeah, you'd think they would. There are lots of immature pricks in the military, and dude, a lot of them are high ranking people. It's so retarded. I hate knowing that these are the people that get sent overseas to protect us!

Oh, I'm sure at some point I'll miss it, but I won't miss the pain of it. I was having some hardcore contractions on Friday. It was horrible! On top of that, the contractions were making my muscles sore, so everytime she moved it effin hurt! It was very uncomfortable and I am more than ready for December 4 to get here. Even though I'm sure she won't actulaly get here on that day, just pray she doesn't come December 11. That's Hector's mom's b-day, and I don't want them to have the same b-day. I WILL have a heart-attack!

Holy shit! The thing with my dad wasn't anywhere near that bad! It was just retardedness with meds. And you know my dad, when he thinks he's right no one else can tell him otherwise. He still hasn't found a job either. He's only recently gone looking for jobs and had 2 interviews, I think. I know he went to one and my mom said he was having another one I just don't know when it was, or is.

Holy crap. That's crazy. So you never saw the end? Because the ending is what was crazy! I couldn't sleep for a while lol. Then Hector went to the field and I started sleeping with the tv on. I actually haven't watched a scary movie since unless I've seen it multiple times and I know it won't scare me. EXCEPT! I did watch Drag Me to Hell, and I think that's the first scary movie I've ever seen for the first time that didn't scare me at all.

Oh dude! Did you go see Saw 6? I wanted to, but Hector didn't want to. So now we're waiting for it to come out on DVD, like we do with just about everything else!

Not really. A girl I know here has a 4 year old and she brought him over so we got some candy for him, but other than that we just chilled at home and watched movies. I don't feel like doing much these days or else we probably would have gone to some party or something. Then again, I don't know. Hector's not big on being a part of stuff with the people he works with. He's one of the few guys that hasn't let the military change him, for the worst at least. old was he?

Haha wow. I haven't had many stupid moments lately. Mostly cause I've been doing nothing but sleeping and/or watching movies.

Its ok. I'm still pretty forgetful. Whenever I go somewhere, I stand at the door for like 5-10 mins making sure I have everything and I'm not forgetting something. But its ok, I haven't been getting on that much lately cause I'm trying to rest up so much. They don't like when they say you do most of your resting in the last month. My friend Elizabeth said she spent her last month mostly in bed, and I didn't think I would, but so far...I have lol.

I knew about Becca because of Brittany, and I heard about Anthony...I forgot from who. (Him and Monisa are still together.) Oh I know, she dated Hector before me and him dated. I know all about her sluttyness! You know, have you heard her say anything about having a bf or something? Because her Facebook says she's into girls, but Kolin, Brit's bf, says that she has one. So I'm like, so confused. I don't even know why I care...

Hmm...I was gonna say something else and I completely forgot what... Oh, this isn't what it was but I'm gonna tell you this anways! We are coming down sometime between Dec 20 and the 24. It kind of depends on when she's born because you have to come back after 2 weeks, so if she comes late it will be a little later, and if not we'll get there earlier. So it all depends on her. But Hector took his leave from Dec 20-Jan 25th, and I think we'll be there for sure 2 weeks. I told Hector I wanted to be there till at least right after New Years, so after that I don't really know what we're gonna do.

I'm still having issues with his mom. She doesn't have my new number yet, so she keeps calling Hector asking if she can talk to me. She wrote Hector this long ass letter about how she can't believe I won't talk to her and its because I don't like her and all this other stuff, and then at the end of it was like "You chose the perfect girl to have my grandchildren." I was Then when all that stuff happened on Thursday with the shootings, her and Gino, Hector's dad, actually went to my parents house so they could get ahold of me and ask what was going on because the phone lines were soo freaking jammed and they couldn't get ahold of Hector. Even though he texted them and said he was ok. Apparently, to Hector's mom, that meant he wasn't. I swear, freaking retarded!

[there's a bluebird in my heart]: Dude, that is kind of scary, knowing high ranking people are such asshats.

That would suck if they had the same b-day, because from all you've told me that woman is a complete bitch.

I saw your dad at Hastings the other day, and JP was there. Dude! I just remembered, I had a dream last night about you and your family. We were still at HC, and I was visiting you at your house, though it was totally different from your actual house, and JP was acting like a maniac. Anyway, I didn't say hi to them.

I finally went back in and saw the end, and I definately wasn't expecting it. I was more freaked out by the Seeking Spirits story than the movie, but that's because I knew the movie was a total fake but the book was a real account. I don't want to see Drag Me to Hell, and I'm not surprised you didn't get scared. It seemed so stupid.

I'm not going to see Saw 6 at all. Lol seesaw. I hated Saw 5, plus I got this major headache while we were watching it that hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I sort of think they're just milking the franchise now, instead of coming out with really good material. Nothing will ever beat the creep factor of Saw, the first time I saw it. They should stop trying and let it be.

At least Hector isn't being negatively affected by them, that's good. Dude, old. Seriously. Like my dad's age. I like guys and all, but if they're old enough to be a grandfather, that's too old.

Well if you need to rest you totally should, instead of overexerting yourself. I see women at work who are about to pop, and they're out till like midnight just walking around.

Becca dated Hector? Bad taste, Hector. I heard third-hand about the hickey incident, and appearantly she was bragging to this chick in cafe that it was a guy and how they'd gotten all crazy. Probably the claim to lesbianism is just her trying to get more guys, because guys all think lesbians are hot. I think it has to do with them wanting to feel more manlier if they can sway her back to hetero-ness. The term 'slut' explains it all to me.

I deleted this paragraph because it's private

Tell me when you're in town so I can see you and Lily.

She does sound crazy. She can't just go back on all the bad shit she said about you. I would demand an apology. Or not demand, but quietly insist over and over until she got the gorram point.

[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]: I know, right?

Oh she is, and I will have a heart attack if they do. Ok, maybe not a heart attack, but I will be pissed as hell. Like, seriously. I'd hold her in till it was like...12:01 am on the 12th if I had to, there is no way I'm letting her out on the 11th.

Lol I wouldn't have said hi to them either. Dude! I told you about how J.P. went to a military acadamy thing during the summer right? Well, if I didn't, I just did. It was a month long, and when he came back, he changed. He wasn't all mean and bitchy to everyone. Now, he's worse than before he left. He pissed my mom off so bad that she actually left Amarillo and came up here.

Yeah, I didn't know anything about the movie until they started previewing that it was "the scariest movie out" or whatever. Dude, it was so stupid! Like, omg! Its worse than all the Jason's and Michaels! Everyone kept telling me and Hector that it was so good and scary so we were like, ok, we'll watch it. Psh, I don't know what people think is a good movie these days.

Yeah, that's why Hector didn't want to see it. I think I only wanted to see it because I watched the tv show "Scream Queens" and it was looking for the...lead actress in it. It took me a while to think of lead actress. I am definitely losing brain cells from being prego.

I know, thank God! I'd have killed him by now if it had. Holy crap. Old guys, ok, old military guys that are single here, some aren't even single, LOVE to hit on prego women. Doesn't matter if the women are married or not. I've gotten hit on so many times. Its gross. And if I'm not getting hit on, people stare me down like I have some kind of disease or something. You'd seriously think that with how many pregnant women are in Killeen and Ft Hood that it wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently it i.

Yeah, I could do that, but I'd rather not. It's exhausting carrying around someone else 24/7. I still go out and stuff during the day, but once its night time, or late, I'm in bed. Walking around too much is what makes my feet swell.

I know. They dated for like a month. Maybe not even a month. Remember when he dated Brittany for like...2 weeks? He dated Becca right after that. Lol yeah, I guess that about sums it up. She's so gross.

Holy shit! I don't even know what to say to that...that's horrible. I hate men that are like that.

I will. I'll probably let you know on here when I'll be in town because once she's born we'll have a better knowing of what we'll be doing. Now that's just all we're waiting on. I swear, having to wait 9 months is beyond torture.

I've thought about it, but my mom and sis keep telling me to just let it go and move on. Honestly, that's probably what I should do because no matter what, she's going to keep saying stuff about me. She's just going to be nice to my face because she doesn't want to lose her only grandkid, you know? I told Hector I have no problem with being a bitch and never letting her see Lily if she was going to keep this up. She's been doing it since we got married and I've blown it off, but you can't sit there and talk shit about a pregnant woman. We are too bitchy, and I know that if her or Joe says anything to me while we're home I'm gonna end up saying something and chances are it won't be nice. Joe's gotten real up in my face too, but again, says everything to Hector instead of me. I was taking bc before I got pregnant, and I wasn't thinking when me and Hector were talking about in front of his family because they're so freaking against it. So Joe bitched at Hector at how I was on bc and I was "killing babies." I swear...during Christmas and New Years, someone will get bitch-slapped because I will not be putting up with any shit from his family, or mine.

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