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UPDATE: Nov 4, 2007

(happy Time Travel day!)

(Horizon takes an Organic Chemistry class for college *yikes, I know, she's too stupid for that* and this happened during a particular pre-lab)
(Tess) Won't we get air in the delivery arm?
(Shier) You'll get a little, but it's alright.
(Michael) Just blow it out.
(Horizon) O.o And put more air in it?
(Michael) Oh...

(Horizon's mom) Don't forget to turn back your clocks tomorrow.
(Horizon) It's time travelling time already??
(Horizon's mom) What?
(Horizon) How else do you explain going back an hour? Geez.
(Horizon's mom) Okay...just set your clock back tomorrow.
(Horizon) No.
(Horizon's mom) Why??
(Horizon) I want to stay up until 2 am, then I'll set them back. I want to watch the magic happen.
(Horizon's mom) That's still tomorrow...
(Horizon) O.o I know...

Update Oct 27, 2007

(Horizon and Ra were coming back from seeing teh awesomest movie, Saw IV, and were talking about people getting arrested and having warrents out for them)
(Horizon) God, can't we all just get along?
(Ra) We wish.
(Horizon) Me too!
(Ra) O.o...
(Horizon) What??
(Ra) That was funny, but wrong.
(Horizon) Why?
(Ra) I said we for you and me, and you said 'Me too'.
(Horizon) You could've meant we as in...*waves her hands by her head* know.
(Ra) I'm not crazy like you.
(Horizon) Hey! I used to be schizophrenic. We're okay now!!

(Horizon was at work, and she was supposed to get off at 10, so she asked her team lead who was supposed to take over for her.)
(H's boss) Wow, is it ten already? When did that happen?
(Horizon) *checks watch* About twenty seconds ago

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