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2006-12-03 05:28:04
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Here are some samples of the dumb, pointless, and completely random poetry that Horizon writes.

A poem by [there's a bluebird in my heart] entitled 'Spoons'

I miss the day
I jumped in the lake
to save my stuffed monkey
and awoke to the
feline screams of a
bitter queen
who wanted me to leave
but she didn't realize
you see
that I am just a
blonde haired
blue eyed
trying not to be

A poem by [there's a bluebird in my heart] entitled 'Jack-ass'

Surely your demise
would be worse than
the bite of a straw
so it must be that I be
elsewise we both would fall
Being that I be
I must admit
that it's not easy
being quarter cheese
but try I will for
it is better than being green
Curiosity still demands to know
that in this strange ballet
who holds the baton
and who holds the liver?

A poem by [there's a bluebird in my heart] entitled 'Is that you, God?'

I gladly
take your hand
and follow you
to the alter of
because you know
and I know
that shopping malls
have all extinquished
the brilliant shine
of sweet incandesant
Demon free and as I be,
the long trantula legs
will carry us afar
to lands of
twizzler grass
and arid lakes
But first to be rid
of cotten candy web
the shaman sings
to first be wed
the purple rain
and candy canes
of freezer's dreams
that dance by night
and rip our seams

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