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Web-Art by [Li-Ga]

Stephen King Fans Unite Wiki - For All Stephen King Fans!


*Note:You are not allowed to use this picture in your house!


<img:> Stephen King Newsletter - updates on Stephen King News. Latest update was on January 2007

<img:> Stephen_King_Fans_Unite_Banners

<img:> Stephen_King_Fans_Unite_book_list
Stephen_King_Fans_Unite_book_list 2
Stephen_King_Fans_Unite_book_list 3 - new members, here you can put a list of the books you have.

(If you get more books and you are on the first or second page, message me, [Li-Ga], for the password.)

<img:> Stephen King Links - a place for your links of Stephen King's sites in the net. Updated!

<img:> Life of Stephen King - quite interesting.



"Fiction is the truth inside a lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough - the magic exists" by Stephen King

"Some people say that I must be a horrible person, but that's not true. I have the heart of a young boy--in a jar on my desk." by Stephen King

"There are so many ideas, I can't even begin to tell you. When the Grim Reaper comes for me, I'll brobably say, "Wait! Wait! I gotta tell you the one about" and so on. Yadda-Yadda-Yadda..." by Stephen King



*Note:You are not allowed to use this picture in your house, this is not a wiki banner!

Look at the tombstone at the three names he went under that had "died"!

Stephen_King_Fans_Unite Members:

Want to be a member? Simply add your name to the list below:

1. [Tiezu Star] The founder . . . so close to all the books *tear*.
2. [Human Casualties] horror rocks
3. [angelic damnation]
4. [Deadly_DNA_Girl] I love Stephen King books, my favourite has gotta be 'Desperation', and then 'Pet sematary'...or 'Christine',or 'Thinner'... to many too chose from ^_^
5. [Piggly_wiggly] Well someone finally decides to make a wiki for Stephen King!!! Stephen King rocks!!!
6. [DarkAngel3] I have all of the books!
7. [Nite_Owl] he's the bestest author EVA!!! lol (^,^) my mom has all the books and i've read almost all of them.
8. [riddle_holic] Stephen King does indeed rock!!
9. [Li-Ga] Dark Tower rules!!! Currently in charge of the wiki. Since the founder had left Elftown.
10. [GeshemYehod] IT.
11. [Yoruno] My favorite will always be Pet Sematary
12. [dark dimension] my favorite is firestarter
13. [Articia] I love 'Geralds Game', 'Misery', 'Rose Madder' and just ALL of them!
14. [dilandau] dark tower all the way!
15. [44. Caliber Love Letter]
16. [Hypnotised] Teeheee GUNSLINGER xD
17. [Eldanár Oronar]
18. [Whiskers] Take my poll, it's about Stephen King
19. [nutari-hybrid] The Dark Tower Series rules!!!
20. [The Whistler]
21. [dead-priestess]
22. [Dark-Hunter]
23. [Danger1] The best of all time would have to be IT!!!
24. [Deadlock jester] The dark tower serie is his best work
25. [Corpse_Bride] ssdd Dreamcatcher
26. [NightForestOwl]
27. [DragonflyWW]Would love for him to tell me a bedtime story!!!
28. [Pink_Pixie] S.K. books are classic!
29. [Spooky Ginger]
30. [Teufelsweib]
31. [Vincinity of Obscenity] I love SK...Rose Red and Dreamcatcher rock!
32. [Lepellier] I love any good horror writer.
33. [Tawnee.] I love his movies.
34. [Pablito]
35. [sequeena_rae] The dark tower series is amazing!
36. [chasingpeace] i happen to love the book Hearts In Atlantis.
37. [G4RR3TT]
38. [~*Luna*~]
39. [kaialeehee.]
40. [TrollGirl =)] Horror is inspiration :)
41. [Arwen Elf Friend] A fan for life.


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2005-11-05 [Li-Ga]: You can put the new banner in your houses. And what do you think about the new look of the wiki?

2005-11-05 [deus-ex-machina]: Much better. I might actually bother looking now. LoL.

2005-11-05 [Nite_Owl]: that was a bit cruel, dontcha think? lol and hiiiiii sequeena >:D

2005-11-05 [deus-ex-machina]: Pfft, that wasn't cruel. It's true. This place might attract some real Stephen King fans who will talk about his books other than making life-wasting comments. ;)

2005-11-05 [Li-Ga]: You are right, when [Tiezu Star] was the owner the wiki was a big mess, and now I organazed it and did it much prettier than it was before. I have many thing to do here, but I think I did a good start.

2005-12-02 [The Whistler]: great work! just a question - did anyone notice it says STEPEN on the red banner?

2005-12-02 [Nite_Owl]: yes they did actually, hence the reason for the new banner ;) lol

2005-12-02 [The Whistler]: lol. but i liked the gif the most... where did that go? :(

2005-12-02 [Nite_Owl]: heh well you could check under banners... (^,~)

2005-12-02 [The Whistler]: i did. but it isn't there. you know, the one that said stephen king, than it dissapeared, and than it showed up again... i sound like an idiot. ah nevermind...

2005-12-02 [Nite_Owl]: hahaha no worries :) we all do at some point

2006-01-07 [Li-Ga]: Welcome to all the new members, long days and pleasant nights...

2006-01-07 [Li-Ga]: You can also post your SK books list right here -> Stephen_King_Fans_Unite_book_list 3

2006-07-29 [Tiezu Star]: Looks whos Back!!! . . . Sorry I left, I was having argumental trouble with Elftown. This wiki si so much better than what I could do to it.

2006-07-31 [Li-Ga]: Glad to see you back! Well, and glad you like what I've done with the wiki.

2006-08-08 [Tiezu Star]: *clears throute* . . . I can't spell, but anyway, Batter, look at where is says Members and down, I'm going to switch a few things around because . . . it says up when things are down and such, thats all i'm doing.

2007-02-17 [Li-Ga]: Hey fellas, well, I want to open a discussion about the first The dark Tower Comics issue. What is your opinion about it? Share some thoughts...

2007-02-18 [Nite_Owl]: I'd love to find it someplace. So far the only thing I've seen from it is a trailer of sorts. We don't have any good places to buy comics around the Valley...

2007-03-02 [Li-Ga]: That's very strange that you can't find it. I found a nice comics shop not so far from my home. I suggest you to do some web search for a shop in your local place, or you can buy it in the net

2007-03-03 [Nite_Owl]: I think I've heard that there is a really small hole-in-the-wall kinda place on east side or something but that's kinda out of the question heh....I dunno,. I suppose I'll have to buy it online then.

2007-03-04 [Li-Ga]: oh well, good luck with it!<img:44166_1164144907.gif>

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