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2014-03-10 18:48:32
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Stephen for Council

I'm Stephen and I'm applying to be on the Elftown Council. I'm well versed in pretty much all of Hedda's various forums and html, and I've extensive experience on the other Hedda-sites.

I'm really applying because I want to see something positive done, and I believe that to have any chance at brushing the dust off all of these sites, we need to work together as a team and make a unified effort to make a real change.

I've managed to get Hedda to implement various small changes to help out (colors on Main, iframes on Main, etc.) but my goal is to help everyone come together so we can form a plan to make real changes with Hedda.

To cover the basics of a proper application --

1) I have very good knowledge of Elftown's working, at least from the technical side. I don't personally know every crew member, but I do know how to work well in groups.

2) English is my native language; I speak and read it quite well.

3) My goals agree with Elftown's. Admittedly, I am a horrible artist, but I do believe in the goals of Elftown.

4) Self-promotion isn't something I'm huge on anymore. I have a few sub-crew positions on Elftown, and in addition I'm the Warden of Elfpack, Guard Captain of Fake and Vice Mog of Elf12 - I've been a Crew member on at least one of Hedda's sites since 2008.

5) As a member of the Crew I will do everything within my power to help ensure that the decline in members is stopped and hopefully reversed. I believe that the members are the true key to this site, and keeping them should be paramount.

6) After my experiences on Elfpack I am positive I am able to show great patience. I'm also professionally trained in psychology and group activities; getting along with others is my career.

7) I do think these are fun. I enjoy my time on all of these sites quite a bit.

8) I'll make the paragraph I started out my application with, as my eighth point.

- Apply to the Crew

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