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Stephen King: Song of Susannah review

Roland's ka-tet is divided. As Mia is taking over Susannah's body and trying to get her baby, Roland, Jake and Eddie are forced to think other important things to do before saving her.
How to protect the rose - and the Dark Tower?
How to be able to travel through the door, which isn't "alive" anymore?
How to bring the ka-tet back together, and can it be done without a sacrifice?

In this book I found it intriguing how King mixes the different worlds and times together to a nice combination of fantasy, scifi and horror. How he uses both fantasy and mimesis to create a totally new tale: adds real characters from real world and at the same time some fictional characters from other fictional stories.
(This from my point of view is even more interesting as I'm doing my thesis on those very same things.)

King's second last novel for the Dark Tower series seems only a prequel to the big final. Characters are divided and doing some small but all in all very important tasks. King is building a lot of momentum here and suspense is growing.
Will he be able to tie it all up to a great ending of an amazing series? I sure hope so.

Read the series. Read it all.
/ [Caterin S.]

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