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From The Tale of the Civilhood 1

The trees above stirred. A large, brown, blur suddenly fluttered to the ground in front of everyone. Rising, the figure revealed his face from under the heavy hood. "Hello, my friends. My name is Radagast," the figure said in a low voice. As he spoke, a large eagle swooped in from the sky and perched itself on his shoulder.

Ruaera watched with held breath. "Oh my.... I... what..." she didn't know what to think from her picnic spot, forgetting about her pen and paper.

The teen laughed,"Yes,your still alive along with everyone here," said the teen with a evil smirk upon his face.

"The problem is that we're alive is it?" Lilinette said looking at the teen with a bored yet curious expression on her face.

Tsome rolled her eyes. "If I had a fish, I'd smack you with it." she said randomly.

Kindaro laughed,"My problems are about to be solved in one day," he said while grinning.

"So you have other problems then?" Lilinette asked Kindaro curiously while looking at Tsome out of the corner of her eye for her random fish related comment.

Ruaera stood up from her spot after quickly gathering up her things. Holding her basket in her arms, Ruaera watched the group from under the shade of a nearby tree. "I don't like this...." she whispered to herself.

"Listen, my friends! A dark force arises from the west. An army is growing in numbers and soon we may be forced to defend our very lives. For now, all we can do is train. Train and hope." Radagast spoke, as he lowered his head, "As for myself, I must leave to perform a task that may very well change the tide of this battle. Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east. Now, be ready when they come! They will show you no mercy!" He lifted up his staff and a rhino came bounding out of the woods, coming to a screeching halt right in from of the elderly wizard. He mounted the massive beast and jabbed his boot into it's ribcage, "KI-YAH! Ride fast, Shadowpager!" yelled Radagast, riding into the setting sun.

Lilinette stared at the guy untill he couldn't be seen anymore, "Well, that was strange." she said as she turned back to the others.

Ruaera just continued to watch the area that the man had disappeared into for her place some ways from the small group of people.

Tsome laughed as the guy ran off. "It is quite a random town... you get used to it." she said. She looked at the teenager. "And you. This is a public park Mr. I hate life everyone should die."

Lilinette sighed, "How troublesome, maybe I shouldn't have come her to live if there is going to be guys like that one who just ran off and Mr. gloomy gus over here." she said to no one in particular.

The earth below their feet suddenly started shaking. From the west, a large number of dark looking figures loomed. Loud shouts were heard, then they began to charge.

Ruaera backed up against the tree, wide eyes.

Kindaro looked to the west,"This is master's land you shall die fools," he then charged the dark looking figures.

Dimitri laughed as he wondered aimlessly, he had no clue where he was going or where he would end up, but it sure was exciting. He hugged his doll and hummed loudly. "Walking along a path..lalalalaa....wondering the streets...lalala...billa bang". He yelled the last part loudly.

Tsome groaned as the dark figures started coming towards them. "Damnit, I didn't feel like fighting today!!" she jumped slightly in startlement as Dimitri yelled.

Dimitri stopped as he heard voices."Now who is this". He was speaking to his doll of course.

Lilinette stared at the dark figures, They don't look all that tough. she thought to herself, then she heard someone yell, "What the, who was that and why are they yelling, are they in pain?" She said aloud looking around for the sorce.

Ruaera looked at the boy, then back at the creatures. "No..." she whispered. She raised her arms, and the ground became to quake and shake. The ground began to open under the creatures.

"RRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" screamed Radagast. He burst up into the streets from the sewers below. He flexed his insanely huge muscles. "I'll be taking this!" he said, grabbing Dimitri's doll. "HA HA HA HAAA!" his voice echoed as he ran quickly away into the sewers.

Ruaera turned and looked, thrusting her arm in that direction. Water from the sewer shot up, hitting Radagast.

Lilinette looked at Ruaera, "What did you just do?" she asked looking in Radagast's direction.

"Stopping him....." she called to her.

Lilinette walked up to Ruaera, "Why, what'd he do?" she asked her when she got to her.

"Were you blinded or deafened to that guy's shouts.... he took the kid's doll for some reason....."

"I heard the kid's yells, but I didn't see him take the kid's doll." Lilinette said looking at the guy in the street covered in sewer water.

Ruaera jsut dropped to her knees. "I was trying to help... if you don't want me to help the kid.... nor help against them," she said pointing at the dark figures. "I'm just going to go...."

Lilinette looked at Ruaera then walked over to the guy covered in sewer water and pulled the doll from his hand and walked over to Dimitri, "Here kid, I think this belongs to you." she said holding the doll out to Dimitri.

Little did Lilinette or Ruaera know, the doll had actually been replaced with a fake one containing a bomb. This had been done when Lilinette was foolishly trying to take down a powerful, sewer-trained wizard with sewer water. She apparently hadn't realized that sewage only strengthened the bulky wizard, giving him God-like abilities. Radagast then turned, with the real doll in hand, and flew quickly into the sky. He then landed on a passing jet and rode far into the distance.

Despite this being a "random roleplay" that was just for fun, they took my random, fun roleplaying way too seriously and decided to restart the entire thing after this point and ban me from the wiki without warning.

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2014-07-27 [Stephen]: You're so weird, Mort. =P

If they called it random and you did something random and then they punished you, then they didn't do well putting rules together.

That's not exactly what Nox was talking about though, and I know you're aware of that. x)

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: Oh, when you said inexplicably banned, I figured you meant banned from Elftown, not banned from an RP.

One of the downsides to the random RP's is that without like-minded roleplayers and at least some well-placed ground rules, you end up with people mad at one another over various play styles and what is deemed "fair". *shrug*

2014-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm aware of far less than you give me credit for! I'm really quite slow, you see.

2014-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I've also been inexplicably banned from ET! I'll get you proof later, when I'm not on my phone.

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: You have a lot better idea what's going on than you act like you do, and you're much more involved in things than you act like, or should be. <img:stuff/br2N-gif.gif>

2014-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: But you'd be surprised at some of the things Turkey and I have had to put up with in regards to random bannings.

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