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X-Men RPG Pages

This page has links to all the pages on which you actually RP, sorted out into categories. If you want a visual map of the grounds, you can go to X-Men Maps

Please note:

1. There are descriptions of the pages at the top of each page and links at the bottom of each page that tell you where your character can get to from where they are.

2. Please DO NOT separate your posts off with <hr> tags. They will just make the place look very ugly.

3. If you want to know what time of day it is, go to X-Men Time There will be a link at the top of every page to the time page, so it should be easy enough to keep track of it.

4. For consistency's sake, please write in past tense.

5. We plot things beforehand at X-Men plottage to keep things going. Post what you'd like to happen to your character! Comment on other plots where your character is involved and tell whether it is okay or not!

The Grounds


X-Men Mansion GatesX-Men Entrance CourtX-Men GazeboX-Men Gardens
X-Men GreenhouseX-Men GroundsX-Men WoodsX-Men Pools
X-Men Hot TubX-Men Recreational ParkX-Men Picnic AreaX-Men Lakeside Park
X-Men Lake House   

The Mansion

The First Floor


X-Men FoyerX-Men Center 1stX-Men West 1stX-Men East 1st
X-Men Waiting RoomX-Men Xavier's RoomX-Men Xavier's OfficeX-Men Balcony
X-Men Kitchen 1stX-Men CafeteriaX-Men GymX-Men Media Room
X-Men LibraryX-Men Den 

The Second Floor


X-Men Center 2ndX-Men West 2ndX-Men East 2ndX-Men Kitchen 2nd
X-Men Music RoomX-Men Dormitories 

The Third Floor


X-Men Center 3rdX-Men West 3rdX-Men East 3rdX-Men Kitchen 3rd
X-Men LoungeX-Men DormitoriesX-Men Mansion Roof



X-Men BasementX-Men GarageX-Men HangarX-Men Indoor Pool
X-Men Men's Changing RoomX-Men Women's Changing Room 

Underground Complex 1st Floor


X-Men Complex SouthX-Men Complex NorthX-Men Danger RoomX-Men Armory
X-Men LabX-Men InfirmaryX-Men Recovery RoomX-Men Mission Control

Underground Complex 2nd Floor


X-Men Complex 2ndX-Men CerebroX-Men Mainframe

Outside the Grounds

Salem Center

X-Men Salem Center
X-Men Fairgrounds
X-Men Wild Thaiger
X-Men Shopping Mall
X-Men Back Alley
X-Men Red Pineapple
X-Men Metro-North Station
X-Men Downtown Salem
X-Men Salem Jewelers
X-Men Salem Courthouse
X-Men Salem National Bank
X-Men Salem Formal Wear
X-Men Salem Outdoor Rec Store

New York City

X-Men New York City
X-Men Abandoned Underpass
X-Men NYC Base
X-Men Central Park
X-Men Imperial No. 9
X-Men Scalini Fedeli
X-Men Carlyle Hotel


X-Men Mission Postings

X-Men The Plague
X-Men The Hunt
X-Men The Convoy

X-Men RP * X-Men Characters * X-Men Time

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2013-09-29 [Lirerial]: We miss you too!

2013-09-29 [Ms. Steel]: :-(

2013-09-30 [CuteCommander]: It's quiet... too quiet...

2013-09-30 [Figgy]: Hopefully I'll finish my work tonight and be able to post :3

2013-10-25 [Lirerial]: When can Mihir and Lire come back?

2013-10-25 [Flisky]: I was thinking evening...

2013-10-31 [~Valkyrie~]: Mihir is coming back?! Kiora will be excited. :p

2013-10-31 [Flisky]: Yeah. I wanted to wait until after I got Tory out of the mansion.

2013-10-31 [Lirerial]: I just want them home soon as possible. I miss Lire lol

2013-10-31 [~Valkyrie~]: lol, I was disappointed when my only friend, and my roommate left the day Kiora got here, haha.

2013-12-02 [Duredhel]: There's nowhere else I need to post, right? :O

2013-12-02 [Flisky]: ...I'm waiting on...Lexy post in the gym, Shana in the mission control room, Shawn in the mall, and that's it. So no. No Dur posts. :P

2013-12-02 [Duredhel]: We could skip Lexy >,>
And I'm sure figgs will post soon :O, weekends are complicated for her.

2013-12-02 [Figgy]: Not sure if I'll be posting before tomorrow night. Got two gigantic projects to work on overnight.

2013-12-02 [Flisky]: I understand about Figgs. :)

2013-12-04 [Duredhel]: Heading home, I post everywhere once I get there :O

2014-09-09 [The Past]: Is the only bar we got on the list Red Pineapple?

2014-09-09 [Figgy]: Right now, yeah. Nox had the idea of some mutant bar/club, though. You could PM her and ask about it, if you want.

2014-09-09 [The Black Goat]: that I did, but it's only been an unofficial playground in the private pages so far ;)

2014-09-10 [The Past]: Was thinking along the lines of the 'local bar' Logan uses in the comics, but a mutant friendly club would be great for the older kids also :D

2015-07-22 [twitchboy]: hey guys take my poll

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