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For every mistake I've made, it is time to...

This is not a special wiki, it's an apology wiki. I have already apologized to many of the council, but not yet to the members who were struck by my lightning. I'm very, very sorry for any ill words I have said to members or how I acted in some wikis. It was shameful, hurtful, & cruel. I promise you all from this day forward, I will reform in my old ways and do everything in my power to persevere and get better. I love Elftown with my heart. I have grown up on this site and it means more to me than you will ever know. I understand that the way in which I went about voicing my opinions was wrong and unnecessary. I apologize for publicly sharing private messages, writing incorrect theories, & spreading negativity throughout this community. In all honesty, it is not what I stand for. I am not about turning a community into a field of chaos. I don't want that for Elftown. I want a place where we can have unity among members and work together to do great things. A community where someone can voice his opinion in a way that doesn't break any rules and is not ill to anyone. My sincerest apologies to anyone I have personally offended, hurt, or made fun of. You all are what make Elftown great. All of you. We are all equal and do not deserve to be cyber bullied online by anyone. The internet can be a fun place and communities like this can be that way also, but only when were both on the same boat. I'm deeply sorry for my actions and I promise you this is beginning of a long, strong, future on Elftown. I will prove to this community and myself that I can do great things in a calm, sensible manner. Thank you all for reading & have a wonderful evening!

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2011-06-25 [Mystin]: @[djxmonster] I don't understand how a veteran of Elftown can ask someone to leave, especially one who is trying to better themselves. @ [Mortified Penguin] You are a big part of Elftown and I agree that your a great asset to this community! <3

2011-06-25 [djxmonster]: If you can better yourself without annoying everyone else, stay. Otherwise, don't let the door hit you on the way out...

2011-06-26 [Layre]: [djxmonster] you don't even know Jay! I'm his ex so I know him better than anyone and I can tell you that he is truly sorry for mistakes he made in the past. Were not perfect ya know?! We fuck up, at least he had the balls to admit his mistakes. *rolls eyes*

2011-06-26 [djxmonster]: [Layre] I don't care. I can respect someone who admits mistakes but this fool keeps doing the same shit over and over and then magically "has a change of heart"
I'm just tired of hearing about it.

I wouldn't be surprised if you WERE 'Jay'

2011-06-27 [Paul Doyle]: If [Mystin] is ever unbanned, maybe he ought to set a good example to the rest of his little gaggle and show some restraint and good judgment, while otherwise remaining as outspoken as he wants to be (whether for better or for worse). It's never wise to throw rocks at a hornet's nest and then think you'll be OK if you're stubborn and willful enough, despite being stung by all the hornets you've pissed off. This e-community may be much smaller than it once was, but of those who remain and still care most will still instinctively rally against obvious bullshit.

2011-06-27 [djxmonster]: Woah... I didn't even realize he was banned... rock on. Though he will likely come back through one of his other profiles...

2011-06-27 [SilverFire]: They're banned too.

2011-06-27 [djxmonster]: I love you Silvy

2011-07-30 [Araglas]: I have been gone in the last month, and I don't have any clue to whats going on. I don't want to cause trouble, I just need to know what happened. If anyone wouldn't mind telling me I would very much appreciate it.

2011-07-30 [nehirwen]: In a nutshell: Mystin is banned for continuous harassment.

2011-07-31 [Araglas]: Thank you [nehirwen] I appreciate it.

2011-08-03 [kians mummy]: witch im sorry to say, but he deserved it :)

2011-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Traitor. :o

2011-09-12 ['Hana.]: this made me lol.
fortunatly for you guys, he just moved onto fake.
unfortunatly for me, now he wont fuck off whinging, and there's a defenate lack of mods there compaired to here.

2011-09-12 [That Nik Guy]: ^--Fact.

2011-09-21 [kians mummy]: lol

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