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Star Trek 2009 review

This review may piss people off. I am aware of that. Because (especially with Abramsverse) people either LOVE Star Trek or absolutely despise it. I am one of those who LOVE it. And I put that in all capital letters because it is truly LOVE.

When this movie was first announced, there was a general fear that the writers had lost their minds. Because no one who was a fan of the original Trek would want to see their favorite characters in a new story. That just isn't how it was supposed to work. Ever. But then Abrams threw us all a curveball. Alternate timelines. This was a chance to put our favorite characters in a new world with new problems. And I can honestly say that when I saw the movie, I was about ready to throw something at the screen for the first bit of it. But then the story progressed and Leonard Nimoy explained everything and I was settled again. No longer angered, I went back to the beginning of the movie and started enjoying it in its entirety.

WARNING: here there be spoilers. 
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As the story goes, Spock, old even by Vulcan standards, was in the process of saving Romulus from a supernova when his ship and another got sucked into a black hole and transported back in time. The other ship was brought to the time of Jim Kirk's birth (the exact day of, as a matter of fact) and in their anger at having lost their planet, attacked the federation ship Kelvin, killing Kirk's father while also making him a hero.

So Kirk grows up in different circumstances than he would have without the intervention of people from the future, creating an alternate timeline and a new universe. One in which Vulcan is destroyed, Spock's mother is killed, and Jim is forced to become a hero through sheer luck and determination. Not far from Shatner's Kirk, but still unique in his own way.

The actors chosen for the parts were near perfection. From Chris Pine playing a young Jim Kirk, Zachary Quinto playing a scarily accurate Spock, and Karl Urban playing a feisty sort of Leanord 'Bones' McCoy, the trio of main cast was complete. And I almost gave into the urge to do a little chair dance when Quinto and Nimoy were on the screen together. The similarities (in my opinion) were uncanny.

Add to that the comedic hilarity of Simon Pegg, the grace and beauty of Zoe Saldana, and the innocent youth of Anton Yelchin, and the Enterprise receives an amazing facelift of sorts.

There are of course criticisms to the movie. The largest one being the inappropriate relationship between the characters of Spock and Uhura. I could list the number of reasons why this move was a poor one and the suspicion that it was to deter the Kirk/Spock shippers, but anyone who goes to my page would see the obvious reasons why I believe this is the biggest flaw. The others are the annoying lens flares that just don't belong, because they are EVERYWHERE, and giant hole left by the missing Shatner. (I know there were reasons for him not being in the movie.)

All in all, this is a great movie. I more than look forward to the next one, and any others afterwards. If you are a Star Trek fan and haven't seen this because you didn't want to ruin the original, trust me that it does nothing of the sort.
/ [Flisky]

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2013-11-19 [iippo]: Could you put the spoilers inside <hide></hide> tags? Just to be considerate to people who haven't seen the film.

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