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2008-08-01 21:27:24
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A Touch of Legato | Atol: Original Songs

Standing Here

Standing here
I wonder why
Standing here
Standing here..

All my life
I've been hiding
Hiding in a world I've never known
Waiting in the wings
For someone
Hoping one day he'll come

But what I didnt see
Was a boy like he
Born to pretend
Born to pretend..

All my life
I've been wishing
Wishing for something never shown
Hoping one day
I'll find it
Knowing I've had it before

But what I didnt see
Was what he meant to me
Now its too late
Too late to realise..

Standing here
I wonder why
Why he lied
Standing here
All my life
Just waiting
Just waiting here...

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[Araglas]: This tugs at my heart strings...this almost perfectly describes myself....dang.....brb....need to get a tissue.....I love it...I really do

[Chimes]: Thanks. It's really old. I don't like it too much XD

[Araglas]: Well I do! lol ^_^

[Chimes]: I see that.

[Araglas]: hehe

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