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Spotbrites Laser Pet Toy and Exerciser review

Our cats LOVE laser lights and the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy is no exception to this rule. The Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy is a wonderful device to help to stimulate pets’ minds and their bodies. This Laser Toy really gets them moving, giving them plenty of exercise. The Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy projects a red light onto the floor, wall, ceiling, or wherever else the toy is pointed. Moving the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy creates varying patterns, which pets will chase. The Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy comes attached to a standard key-ring, and measures roughly two-and-a-half inches long. The Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy comes in either black or white. 

The Laser itself is simple to use. All one need do is to push the button on the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy, which causes the red Laser light to come on. This Laser runs off of batteries, three of which are included with the product. Unlike other Lasers that my husband and I have for our cats, the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy has more than one setting (duh). Each setting projects a unique image, the first of which is the standard dot. The other four settings include a butterfly, a mouse, a star, and a smiley face. 

Turning the lens on the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy changes which images is being projected. Moving the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy in different patterns while holding down the button that activates the Laser itself is a good way to play interactively with pets. 

The only serious warning that specifically goes along with the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy is that the Laser beam MUST be kept away from eyes! The slightest bit of ocular exposure to the Laser light can potentially do serious damage. 

Toys and chews, including the Spotbrite 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy, should be inspected frequently. Should toys or chews ever become damaged, whether through being washed too many times or else through too rough of play by one’s pet, or any other reason, the toy and or chew ought to be removed from one’s pet immediately and replaced with a new one. Pets should ALWAYS be supervised while playing with any chews or toys, plushes and lasers included, whether or not they are non-toxic, all-natural, edible or otherwise. Pet toys are NOT intended for use by children. Fresh, clean, cool drinking water should be made available to one’s pets at all times. Please keep in mind that the best gifts or treats that one can give to their pets is their time, love and attention. Be careful NOT to shine this laser into the eyes of any living thing as the beam can be dangerous. Should this toy become soiled, wipe the outside of the toy with a damp cloth and hand dry it thoroughly. Do NOT immerse the toy in water.

Both of our cats, Brillo and Gollum, absolutely adore this toy! I love to wear them out with it by causing the laser dots and images to circle their bodies, which results in them chasing their tail until they fall down dizzy. Gollum is really very good about knowing his boundaries, whenever the laser dot has accidentally been run over our dog, a bookshelf, or anything else that he should not be jumping at or on, he simply stands still and watches the beam carefully, waiting for it to “land” on a surface that is alright for him to “attack” it on. I would recommend this toy to anyone whose cat is playful enough to be able to enjoy the thrill of chasing a dot around the house. Usually these are the kinds of cats that will attack bugs, especially flies that find their way into the house. Of course, outdoor cats that know how to hunt would also find this toy enjoyable. This toy has provided me and my kitties with hours of laser-based entertainment, and I hope that it brings others the same!

/ [Nioniel]

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