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Spellbinding Visions of Virtue

A Tribute To The Innocence Brought To Us
Through The Graced Hands of J.W. Waterhouse

Can You Bring The Innocence Through The Painting 
To The Real World?

Vision Badges
Breathtaking Visions of Beauty.
Vision Banners
Budding Visions.


Choose Your Maiden:

Beautiful Lamia

Psyche Opening The Golden Box

Miranda & The Tempest
The Awakening of Adonis

A Few Words Of Explanation...
Bring these Spellbinding Beauties to life! Whether it be modernizing
the picture but keeping the pose; or whether it be doing 
an exact duplicate of the painting but brought to life by the artist (that means YOU). 
Further background information on each
image can be found on their respected pages.
For more knowledge on Waterhouse himself, please see
the link at the bottom of this page.


Deadline: 5 Entries 

Back to Of Saints & Sinners.

Owners Note: All Images From

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2009-08-31 [Akayume]: is a link that does not work. o.o

2009-08-31 [Cillamoon]: Thanks [Akayume]! Link is now working. ^_^

2009-09-01 [Akayume]: So... I am confused. o___o

2009-09-01 [Cillamoon]: I'm only guessing here that you are confused as to what it's all about right? Adding more details right now.....

2009-09-01 [dancingsheep]: Cilla, that is much better. Mel, I hope that explains it a bit more.

2009-09-01 [Cillamoon]: Awesome!

2009-09-01 [Akayume]: AHHH... Much better. (: Is this as in we paint, or do we photograph?...

2009-09-01 [Cillamoon]: Photograph please. ^_^

2009-09-01 [Akayume]: Oke. I thought so. (:

2009-09-01 [Akayume]: I sort of want to do ALLLLL of these.. XP

2009-09-01 [Cillamoon]: And you can!!! For all Saints & Sinners contests you can enter each individual theme, just I think the minimum is two photo's per individual theme. So you could do two of each of the above in essence.

2009-09-02 [Akayume]: AWESOMEEE. (: I am excited to get startedd. :D

2009-09-02 [dancingsheep]: We are excited to have you. XD

2009-09-02 [Akayume]: Yay! I feel loved. XP

2009-09-02 [dancingsheep]: You should! You are! <3

2009-09-02 [Akayume]: Hahaha. XD Awww!

2010-02-24 [Akayume]: This needs to go on. >.O I will try and enter soon! :D (I'm not going to show up as watching for now while I clean out my notes page but I'll re-watch itin a jiffy!)

2010-02-24 [dancingsheep]: Oh yay! XD

2010-02-24 [Akayume]: Thank you soooo much! No matter what I typed in it was wrong. DX I was sad.

2010-02-24 [dancingsheep]: .< I do that ALL the time. That's why I keep so many lists here and there of wikis within wikis. HAH!

2010-02-24 [Akayume]: I understand. I'm like, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?! And on the tenth time I figure it out. >.>

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