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2007-11-10 17:51:53
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The Tower of Seletar         

Special thanks To:

[Willow Rose] Banner creator. & photographer

All the wonderful players whom have played and still do.

[loonygirl2005] Officer: Deity work.
[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] Format Manager.
[Galatea] Npcs art: Saverad , Sestera,Harrian
[Titus (Cammy)]Tiana's picture
[Vampires Anonymous] Saverad in werewolf form
Safe Zone Becouse equality is important.
[WaywardDee]Art: Seletar Lake & The lake of Ishan
[Lirerial] The cave pics.
[Igor's Hero]grave pic
[genorariley] editor
[Rye]Dragon Wood pic
[picton] Delzias' pic
[*akuma*] for Resino's pic

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