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Buenos días estudiantes, aquí aprenderan a hablar español.
Hello students, here you will learn how to speak Spanish.

Welcome all to the Spanish Classroom. Here you will learn Spanish (duh) from boring old English. If you wish to learn thsi language just sign your name on the list below that reads 'estudiantes' and embark on the quest that is learning Spanish. Thsi actually isn't a very hard language to learn, much easier than french that is. I'll try my best to make this wiki very accurate as I possibly can with only a couple years of Spanish behind me XP. I know another language better but I refuse to teach it so I'm insead going to teach you my 'vast' knowledge of Spanish.

Spanish is one of the easiest languages that I know. Other than English but since I'm fluent in that I shouldn't talk. This is fairly asy to learn because a lot of the wrods are closely related to English, Latin and Italian. If you already know those languages then you should be fine. I can't help you if you don't know any of those. You should do just fine here and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or mail me. Also I thank all those who have helped out me and my horrible Spanish abilities. Without all of you I'd been in the darkness. Mucho Gracias [Paz].

Other than that. Below I have the lessons set up in varying order. From simple basics to the harder stuff. Try not to go too fast through your lesson. No goof ups ;). In the future I'll have some quizzes for those who really wish to stick with this. but first I'll get some good lessons.

*Note: If anyone who knows Spanish wants to help you are more than welcome to do so.

NOTE: I am very, very busy as of late!! But I WILL make some new lessons in the beginning of June, once school and exams are done with!! I thank you all for your patience!

La Profesora:

Las Ayudantes
[Sturmi]- Thanks for all the help :)
[Miss Pinkki Doodles]


Los Estudiantes:
2.[Future Dictator] hola, me llamo nichole.
3.[Close Tightly]
6.[Ajax Wolfblade] I speak Spanish, maybe I can help a bit
7.[Dark Drow Lady]
12.[herzeleid] yo hablo español, si necesitan ayuda o tienen alguna duda me pueden consultar
13.[thoughtfox] Puedo cantar español, pero no comprendo mucho :$
14.[Tears of the Dead Star]
15.[megster_08] i know no spanish
16.[Wolf Spirit]
17.[Shadow07] yo hablo pequeña espanol y yo puedo ayuda.
18. [Ellionara] mi hablo poco en espanol...
19. [Nuit Darksin] I live in Texas and don't know a lick of spanish
20. [Happyhell] Me llamo Anne y hablo un poco Español. He esturiado español por cerca de quatro años.
21. [d4rk 4ng3l]
22. [Lin-tastic] ¡Hola! Si, hablo español, pero muy pequeña. ;D



*If it says 'Under Construction' DO NOT ENTER! This means this lesson is not ready for people to look at it but feel free to visit the others.

Everything here will be worked on asap! Please ignore the lack of organization!
Thanks - Paz.

Lesson1 Pronunciation
Lesson2 The alphabet
Lesson3 Genders and Numbers
Lesson 4 Basics
Lesson 5 Infinitive Verbs
Lesson 6 conjugating verbs
Lesson 7 Places and Transportation
Lesson8 "I like-" "Me Gusta-"
Lesson 9 Ir+a+infinitive - a form of future tense
Lesson 10 Days, Months, Years <<Under Construction.
Lesson 11 Telling Time
Lesson 12 Numbers greater than 100

Accents Lesson Curious of when does a word carry an accent?


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2007-12-26 [Paz]: Hmm, the quizzes, more lessons obviously...
And clean up of some old lessons are probably in order.

2007-12-26 [Lin-tastic]: seems I haven't missed you by more than 24 hours, then. lol Anyways, I may not have as much time online as I once thought...I will, however, try to be as helpful as often as I can...I can't make any promises,

2008-02-01 [Imperator]: Who is the official teacher or teachers of this classroom?

2008-02-01 [Sturmi]: the official teacher is [Paz].

2008-02-01 [Imperator]: Ah. Gracias. :-)

2008-02-02 [Lin-tastic]: lol This thing is very unactive at the moment...sad, really.

2008-02-02 [Imperator]: Most of the Academy is inactive at the moment. But the Board of Governors is working to get new participation.

2008-02-02 [Lin-tastic]: Sounds like something I should look into,

2008-02-03 [Imperator]: That would be very helpful if you wanted to do something.

2008-02-04 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- I'll have to check tomorrow, though. I'm supposed to be in bed now.

2008-02-04 [Imperator]: :p

2008-02-05 [Lin-tastic]: Oh, don't do that! xD

2008-02-05 [Imperator]: Do what? Make the little " :p " face?

2008-02-06 [Lin-tastic]: No, stick your tongue at me! (It's funnier if you pretend we're actually

2008-02-06 [Imperator]: Oh sorry: I hate you! *sob sob sob* Stay away from me! *runs away*

2008-02-07 [Lin-tastic]: (lol You're so weird!) -blinks, raises an eyebrow, then pulls out a crossbow- YAY! GAME! -stalks you stealthily-

2008-02-07 [Imperator]: OMG! <img:img/mood/61513_1190555996.png> Anyway, did you see my comment on Board of governors to you about helping out?

2008-02-07 [Lin-tastic]: I...kinda forgot to watch the page...He he...<img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2008-02-07 [Imperator]: *tsk tsk tsk*

2008-02-26 [Lin-tastic]: I commented on there, though...

2008-06-05 [Paz]: Sorry everyone :/ I've been gone as of late! I will try to get back on track.

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