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2005-01-15 17:14:47
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I have moved wiki! Akhirahs Tutorials update watch.

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2003-12-12 [Bakasam]: Hmmm...I need major help with meh it too late to join?

2004-03-15 [Lucky Tear]: um hi i'm new and i feel really supid for thinking that i'll ever be ne good at drawing

2004-04-20 [Dil*]: i have a totally different style of bishie than [akhirah], but i need to know how to draw the chest ^_^

2004-08-17 [Metalelf]: yay! A hands turtorial! That's really helpful. :)

2004-08-18 [akhirah]: i'll add more hand poses when i get time XD

2004-08-18 [Kememmótar]: YAY!! more hands!! i suck at hands.. need more...


2004-08-31 [shadowyzman]: i have to say, im glad u came up to me wid the application 4 a teacher,ur very good

2004-09-03 [Yuriona]: Oooo...a hands and eyes tutorial. *hugs Akhirah* THANK YOU! Can you do one on feet next. PLEASE???

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: lol i was going to draw heads..but im sure feet will be no problem XD

2004-09-03 [Yuriona]: Heads are good too. :) I need all the help I can get. lol

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: i'll try n get both in..shouldnt be a problem eh..

2004-09-04 [Yuriona]: Thanks! :)

2004-09-05 [Kememmótar]: i need help with head profiles. 

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: umm...i made a's kinda related..but i have no students >.< how to draw bishoujo --please visit!

2004-10-31 [May-lea]: Nice drawings, but the foot of the guy, that is alright in the first sketch, looks now really... Broken? Not natural? Well more shocking than the other guy on the pic...

2004-10-31 [akhirah]: yea..i still have problems drawing feet...~_~

2004-11-01 [Metalelf]: Feet are probably even more difficult than hands.

2004-11-01 [akhirah]: lol yup..XD

2004-11-01 [Dil*]: yes they are >.<

2004-11-02 [Metalelf]: But I guess the thing about drawing feet is, you can draw them wearing shoes and then it's not so awkward.

2005-01-10 [Kememmótar]: yay... theres my drawing..

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