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Some things you should know

When you receive your bag it will be bright with an almost polished sort of luster.
The more you handle your bag or depending how you treat it, the "silver" will dull slightly.
I believe this happens due to the natural oils in our skin.
I personally feel that this "tarnishing" lends a more realistic tone to the look of the chain male.

On the left is a new bag I'm currently building.
On the right is my own bag which I have greatly abused in the last year.

You'll receive your bag closed and tied.
This way you can easily learn the safest way to retie your bag so your dice don't fall out.
It's a simple shoe lace knot, but you've got to make sure it's tight.
You'll notice that your bag is a little stiff. 
This eases the more you open and close it.
The rawhide cord needs a wee bit o' breaking in.
Feel free to change the cord if you like.
I use rawhide because the knots don't slip very easily and there's a less likely chance of the dice getting lost.
Shoelaces I think add an interesting look depending on your style.
I've also seen people weave laces and ribbon through the links to add new looks.

Adjust your bag to fit your style.

If you would like me to customize your bag please consider that I will have to purchase of new materials.
Though I will only charge $5 these alterations.
Simply message me with your ideas and we'll work something out.
I will post photo's of the next altered bag I make.

be advised that I've no real inventory at the moment.
Each bag will be made to order.
As you can guess it's a rather tedious process.
The average Traveler takes a couple days and will mail once payment has been received.
I will begin building the bag once the order has been placed.
I encourage consistent correspondence during the building of the bag.
If I get a few orders it'll not only help me remember who gets what,
but who knows, we may become friends in the process.
I would also like to know if your satisfied in your purchase.

For now I'll be accepting payment through paypal.

If you would like to purchase one of these bags please message me [Ravenclaw].
If your dice are irregularly shaped I can easily add a row or two of rings for no additional price.
More often than not an extra row or two can make a rather big difference.
Need more than two rows, buy a bigger bag lol.

This process will naturally require the exchange of addresses.
I've been a member of ET since 2003.
If you require a reference I can gladly direct you to members who I've exchanged addresses with.
They can vouch that I will not send you any stupid offers in the mail.
And I have absolutely no interest in tracking you down.
I only want to send you an awesome bag in which to carry your dice.

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