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2006-10-16 20:37:36
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Dedicated to throwing any and all ideas involving the development of this community around. Put your gear, no matter how rusty, to work!

12:56:05 [Half-Mad Poet]: no worries, we havent died yet, nor do i have have any intention of doing so (on a personal level or a wiki level). You are just as accepted as the rest of us, and dont put to much blaim on yourself. We have all, in our own way, failed. But with that comes the ability to move on. We just need to do some serious remodeling/brainstorming. some foucuses migth include

a) Advertising. maybe produce a banner that grasps attention without being presumptoius. to go beyond the reach of this sight, maybe create a (dare i say it) myspace page for it as to attract more followers, as it is by far a more mainstream in the open sight. or live journal, or zomba, whatever the hell kids now aday are into.

b) Activity. Maybe a weekly workshop, spaced out contests, weekly/mounthly news letters. things that promote activity but not necissarily overdoing it.

c)Growth. This goes along with the advertisment, but a steady inflow of dedicated members. though, we cant expect them to come dedicated, we must make them so

d) Where do we go from here? As we know, there is only so much we can do on an elftown/wikki format. we may, in the future, need more then a corum/wiki style website. granted, i am not exactly keen on knowing web design or the like.

now, some of these ideas may be over doing it, but its a start i suppose. as the least active of all admis, heres hopefully to turning a new leaf.

Half-Mad Poet

13:42:43 [Elysian]: Indeed. Here's to Less Procrastination from me as well.

And, in other news:

I will be working in the next few months on webpage designing for an actual area. If someone knows a good host that hosts HTML, then please drop me a message.

Also, P.N. HMP brings up a good point with workshops. I believe he is most experienced in their execution, so I believe he should be in charge of those (for a little while at least). They will still be open to suggestion, but I think he has the most knowledge of workshops.

Third, no apology was required, Lin. We've all let the ball drop, and as such we all need to get it rolling again.

This myspace idea is a good one. Would someone like to take charge of that as well?

I will be working on getting each poet a page for working on, but of course it will be difficult to put it onto a regular webpage, since that will make another red-tape kind of thing where poets need to submit poetry to an admin to be programmed into the site. I do believe my ill-fated InVision forum would be good for the admins to keep tabs on new works, maybe workshops could take place there, etc.? Ideas now, brainstorming is nigh.

Finally, tonight I will send out a message thru ET to each member showing we are indeed alive.

Thanks for the input so far, everyone.

20:20:33 [moonscale]: I have a few suggestions as well.
-we should have a buddy rview system, so we can get comments and honest critique from other members. this will also help move stuff around, becasue currently its like a dead warehouse.

-we should also try adding tutorial type things for poetry. just helpful hints and such
(ex. my meter sucks)

20:33:36 [Elysian]: yes, elfgirl, a host like geocities or freewebs that will host HTML. my experience has been non-HTML hosts. If need be, we can use Geocities or something of that sort.

Lin, as far as personal opinions about Myspace go, I'm not terribly fond of it either; however, we cannot deny its power as a tool to reach many people at once. I'm also not sure how LiveJournal works as an outreach program, being a diary site. Other ideas are Xanga, Facebook, Hi5, Elfwood, etc..

Moonscale: agreed. how would we include this? Also, a workshop is a tutorial for writing, essentially. It's a form of harnessing ideas and working on technical stuff at the same time.

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