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The Fort

Rules:Just chat it up with the other recruits go on adventures or just further your rank.

Number one rule is dont worry about the ranks or anything else and just have fun and do what you want, oh and dont mess with the intro. Oh I can lay the smack down.

Advance your rank by answering a question given by the captain.

Any advice would be great.

Times are hard in the world of Antinos. The new empire has been spreading like wild fire. Many people hate the living conditions but most endure. You play a soldier in the emperial army and you must keep from making enemys. The world is a dangerous place so if your going out into it you might want to find someone to do it with.

The fort looks similar to draculas castle or something. Its usually very dark and dank. Your captain trys to keep a good face on things but its no secret that he hates being in the army. The war between the empire and the unholy creatures on this island is right on your doorstep. The unholy creatures include vampires and day walkers(vampires that walk in the day). Of course humor is always welcome and for a person of faith the fort just lost its preist. In the end the fort is mainly just a hospital or way point for your fellow soldiers so you wont see much fighting yet you might want to remain alert. Their may be a spy in you midst.

The surrounding area looks like a swamp, well it is a swamp but about a mile or so to the east and there is the most beautiful beach you will ever see. The sand is white as clouds. The water is as clear as crystal. The animals dont bother you and the fish are down right friendly. You are not likely to encounter the enemy there. It must be to nice for them.

The outside of the fort looks like a huge box. Four tall towers with the empires banners keep watch. The architecture is that of the goth. The banners have a hammer and sycle united in all four corners and have a green background.(same meaning different cause)

The hammer and sycle represent the union of the farmer and the worker in the empire.(no its not really communism)

The Weather is usually deadly cold or scorching hot. Near the coast its warm but not hot and cool but not cold. The Mountains to the north called the Huraska mountain range isnt someplace you want to go alone. Ogres prowl those hills.

Being a soldier can require you to do a few things.

Human- all around good but are best are persuasion
Elf- Smart good fighters but not very social
Nord- Strong but not to bright
Dwarf- Clever but greedy
Ogre-not available for use
Vampires- available for use only if turned.
Day Walkers- available for use only if turned.

Elidorn Fort and City

Soldier of The Fort:Chapter 1

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