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2007-03-13 03:41:06
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YAY! i love snoopy, i love snoopy, everyone loves snoopy!
If you dont like snoopy..then your not welcome here. be gone or i'll sick the "flying ace" on you! XD


1.[peace4all_monkey]me! the creator a.k.a, snoopy worshiper(and 4 the last time im not obsessed ,im just a great admirer!)
2.[HILTON_dude] i absolutly LOVE snoopy!!!
3. [Krash16] long live snoopy!!!
4. [alardin707] snoopy all the way!!!
5. [Magic is in a Sunrise] I love Snoopy!! I have all kinds of shirts and lil stuft aminals of him... Yes aminals....
6. [86trista04] i like him...i have a stuffie of him thats pink and white and it has a rattle nosie maker in his belly ive had it sence i was like 4 and its still in good condition yay!
7. [Immortal Impact] Snoopy is my hero. long live Snoopy!!!
8. [~!~Cat~!~] Snoopy rox my sox, if only I was wearing sox!
9. [c1eopatra] i adore snoopy
10. [I am no longer existant] I love you snoopy
11. [Bhob_Bhillet] SNOOPY!!!
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[Krash16]: snoopy rulz!!!

[peace4all_monkey]: NO DUH!! hE SHOULD BE PROCLAIMED VP!!

[Krash16]: he should be elected pres!!!!! pres.SNOOPY


[Magic is in a Sunrise]: do ya'll have any banners yet? cuz i can make one, but idk how to get it to ya trend

[peace4all_monkey]: um...unfortunatly i dont,i dont have a dig. yet so um yeah i suppose u can help me*gives faith a big grateful hug!* set it up on....whats a good name for the banner pg?

[86trista04]: how bout banners for snoopy :P

[peace4all_monkey]: kk...knock urselfs out..have fun^_^

[..and all that jazz]: SNOOPY!!!! He the DUDE!!! Hehe, now I'm gonna put my Garfield link on here, because your snoopy link is on there ^_^ Garfield Lovers

[peace4all_monkey]: fine w/ me^^

[Mortified Penguin]: ...wassup?! ...*eats ramen*...

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