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Sleepwalk With Me review

Sleepwalk With Me is a sort of autobiographical tale of the comedian Mike Birbiglia. The movie is based on his life. He stars in the film, but as the thinly veiled version of himself named Matt Pandamiglio.

The movie starts with Birbiglia telling his true story while, presumably, driving between stand-up comic gigs. He's clearly the narrator of the story, but only interjects a few times, when something needs clarification or when we, the audience, need to be reminded about whose side we're on.

The story is about how he went from being a wannabe comedian, with a stressful relationship and sleeping disorder to a successful comedian properly dealing with his disorder. We see his struggles as a stand-up comedian when he's working as a bartender and getting just a few minutes on stage, and generally failing. We see his struggles with his sleeping disorder first as he valiantly battles a jackal in the bedroom, and later as he leaps through a hotel window, like the Hulk.

Mike/Matt's journey from telling jokes he wrote in college to telling his story on stage is both hilarious and disturbing. Seeing the portrayal of his early failures on stage is funny, yet you quickly empathize with the character. Seeing the portrayals of his sleeping disorder are also humorous, yet you want to kick him for not taking his father's advice and seeing a doctor.

Overall, it's a fun and somewhat emotional tale of a man coming to grips with his own nature.

Also, Carol Kane (whom I've loved since she played Simka on Taxi and even more for playing Miracle Max's wife in The Princess Bride) is simply wonderful as Mike/Matt's mother.

Don't worry about the jackal stalking you. Just go see the movie.
/ [Viking]

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