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2009-12-07 06:21:43
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Slacking Around



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2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: NICE! First entry, whoop!

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: Lolz did you know that then she was arrested for slacking around^.~

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: lolz, I bet she was! Hurry up girl and get up so we can save the kingdom! :P

2009-08-18 [sweet.tx.tea]: Zomg! I love it! :] Great first entry!

2009-08-19 [*micky*]: Whiej! Thank you :)

2009-12-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: Micky, your photo has been moved to Slacking Around Photo. Thank you for your participation!

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