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Skydancer's Stock and Reference Use Rules

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You are allowed to use any of my stock photography, models or my self portraits for reference in any art work. You may make and sell prints, originals, sculptures or any other media.

Photomanipulations are allowed if not otherwise stated. However, I limit the use to this extend. They may not be used in photomanipulations that exhibit exploitation or hate against any race, religion, ethnic or sex. They may not be used in images of horror, gore, or violence. I have nothing against art or artists that enjoy that genre, I just do not care to have my work involved. Dark art, fantasy scenes, are ok.

Work created from my images and photography may be sold by the artist as prints or original work, but they may not be used in commercial work. You may not sell your work containing my work to be used for advertising or other commercial uses. Exceptions are possible, depending on the usage and the model involved.

I do require that I be notified and if at all possible, see the work. Credit is naturally expected.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Requests may be possible depending on the model involved and the request. [Skydancer]

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