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Creature and Object SIZE

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Character, Creature,
and Object Spatial Relations and Statistics


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

General Guideline:

   Here's the golden rule when it comes to size: the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

   In game terms, this means, the bigger you are, the easier you are to hit. The smaller you are, the harder you are to hit. This works relative. This meaning, if a Gaint would try to hit a human, it would be hard, seeing the human is very small compared to the Gaint. If a magically enchanted chesnut was attacking an elf, it wouldn't have a hard time hitting it, seeing the elf is quite a large target for it.

   However, being big has some advantages, large creatures in general are stronger and tougher than small creatures, for instance, an elephant is much harder to knock out than a toad (why you would like to knock a toad unconscious is up to you).

   Large creatures can also carry more weight, and thus more items, than a small creature, that's why pack-donkeys are more popular than pack-mice (unless it's really small beings who own the pack-mouse).


Fine - insects, nuts, ruby beets, cocktail onions

Diminutive - coffee cup, fat toad, gecko, squishy penguin stress ball, chihuahua

Tiny - gallon tank of ale, small paper sack, domesticated cat (but not the overly-domesticated cat), flower vase, yipping terriers

Small - halflings, dwarves, bedside table, extra-large planting pot (like for a miniature fruit tree or other large indoor plant), basset hound or doberman

Medium - humans, elves, small centaur races, small desk or round coffee table, saint bernard or great dane

Large (Tall or Long) - ogre mage, clydesdale horse, young tree (10'), large boulder or a fallen section of cliffside stone, small hut, large tepee

Huge (Tall or Long) - cloud giant, orca whale, elephant, giant squid, small ranch house, land-shark (bulette), the side of a barn, cliff face, full-sized tree, common church or temple

Gargantuan (Tall or Long) - 50' animated statue, purple wurm, sea monster (kraken), large whale (blue whale), large house, very large tree, cliff or canyon wall, large church/temple, small warehouse

Colossal (Tall or Long) - elder dragons (Great Wyrms), Farwhale (Outsider - Far Realm), Red Sequoia, large mansion or monestary, large warehouse, city block, small hill

Beyond colossal (Colossal+) - Ancient Great Wyrms, Red and Silver varieties, cities, not many other common objects and creatures, small mountain



Size        AC/Attack Modifier     Grapple     Hide   Carrying
Fine                +8               -16       +16     X1/8
Diminitive          +4               -12       +12     X1/4
Tiny                +2               -8         +8     X1/2
Small               +1               -4         +4     X3/4
Medium               0               0          0       X1
Large               -1               +4         -4      X2
Huge                -2               +8         -8      X4
Gargantuan          -4               +12        -12     X8
Colossal            -8               +16        -16     X16
Beyond Colossal    (-16)            (+20)       (-20)  (X32)


A Dungeons & Dragons image from the Player's Handbook that depicts the general ratio of size criteria
Depicted: A Cat (Tiny), Gnome/Halfling (Small), Human (Medium), Ogre (Large), Storm Giant (Huge), Purple Worm (Gargantuan), Red Dragon Great Wyrm (Colossal)
Image Courtesy/Copyright of Wizards of the Coast


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2006-02-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Should we add things like bonuses and penalties for different sizes?

2006-02-14 [Blood Raven]: how about the general guideline? All in favor, cheer. All who object, edit or remove.

2006-02-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Quite good, but we must add that smaller creatures in general are weaker than larger creatures, otherwise everyone will run around as magical chesnuts and say "Nyah, nyah!" to larger beings.

2006-02-26 [xido]: lol, true... if you have the D&D books, most of the rules are stated pretty clearly... Yes, after they are adequately described (for, say, someone who has never even picked up a D&D book in their life), the statistical data can be added in like that, so that it is usable for game terms and concepts in the wikis. I will do all final edits anyways, so feel free to add whatever. I don't mind. I would put description first, stats second, etc... By the way, Gaints=Giants. Just to let you know. Thanks guys  -will

2006-03-03 [Kim_Lundin]: I added something ^_^ had to remember the password first, though.

2006-12-05 [xido]: Awesome, kep up the great work Kim. ;)

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: I've begun working on the statistics. I assumed that creatures larger than colossal would follow the same modifying guidelines as the others (double AC/Attack mod., +/-4 on Grapple/Hide mod.), but if that's wrong, please tell me. Or you can just change the data, your pick.

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, and if someone know of some way to make those values stand in line, please tell me. As it is now it looks horrifying >_<

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: I've finished adding the basic stuff, if anything's missing, tell me or add it.

2007-11-06 [xido]: Colossal+ creatures are detailed in the Draconomicon, so I will edit that when I have the book in front of me. I like the updates so far, and I can make a table up for the stats. There may also be OGL content that we can legally post. I will look into that as well.

2007-11-06 [Blood Raven]: -16 on attack roll? With a penatly like that, I wouldn't even bother. I'd just sit on top of something, assuming I'm too large for them to get away in time anyway :P

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Hey, it looks much better now :) gotta take the time to read through that HTML-guide again someday...
A minus of sixteen is pretty high, but since a creature that big probably have insane stats (not to mention all other special abilities it might have) I would not be so surprised if they can overcome the penalty. Then again, it wouldn't be so chocking to find out that the values I added are wrong.

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Added the modifiers for carrying capacity. Yet again, the value in the Beyond Colossal field is just my guess (twice the modifier of creatures one category smaller)

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