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2009-02-05 16:15:52
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Sitebuilding on Elftown

Help and discussions about building and uploading your own web-site on Elftown with the <URI:sitebuild.html> feature.

If you have a domain registered, you can make a redirect to your Elftown domain. Eventually, it might be possible to only show your domain (that you point to but nothing is planned yet.

How to build a site?!?

Well... You can copy a simple page and edit that to make it display what you want. Nowadays it's quite hard to find simple pages though, because they mostly contain stylesheets and javascript that is hard to read. But I recommend these:

I'll add some simple example index.html and index.css files later.

If you want to play around with javascript, then your head will explode...

Username (or number or email):


2009-02-15 [Viking]: If you already have a homepage hosting php you should be able to make javascriot calls to that page.

Of course if you're looking to replace that page, it won't really help...

2009-02-15 [Hedda]: You mean I assume.

There are no forms there, so I don't get what you use PHP for. Just as a way to compile the HTML? Then it's possible to do that in a temporary web-server and then upload the static pages.

By the way, if you want comments on any page, you can use:
<iframe style="width: 75%; height: 400px" src="wikic.html?name=sitebuilding"></iframe>

(I can add other styles on request)

2009-02-15 [Viking]: Anyhoo, how about including something like jQuery or Prototype for those of us who may want to use JavaScript?

Making one (or both) of those libraries accessible (and standard) could make javascript usage a bit easier for everyone involved.

2009-02-16 [Veltzeh]: Hmm, well, if my homepage isn't too much, then I guess I could do that! I'll probably generate the pages with Perl or something since I don't have another server and I don't have time to learn how to set up one...

2009-02-17 [Hedda]: [Viking] you mean like having a Javascript file that people can include? That's pretty easy, but the ones who use it probably want to have their own copy of it on their site anyway.

2009-02-28 [Veltzeh]: Uploading a zip file doesn't seem to work... It doesn't matter if I pick the "unpack zip-file" option or not, it just uploads the zip and doesn't unpack it. Bug?

2009-02-28 [Hedda]: Hm... Seems I forgot to restart the upload server after fixing that problem. Now it works!

2009-02-28 [Veltzeh]: Yay!

2009-03-01 [Hedda]: Works fine, it seems.

2009-03-01 [Hedda]: Well, except that you didn't upload so much.

2009-03-01 [Veltzeh]: Nope, not yet. I haven't had time to make all the scripts that generate the content, because university.

2009-03-03 [Duke Devlin]: This is a darn spiffy feature. I believe I may just try this out. :) I do need practice with web-stuff. :)

2009-03-04 [Hedda]: Do that instead of talking about it! <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

And tell us about it when you have something.

2009-03-06 [Duke Devlin]: Haha apologies. :P I tend to do that alot... D: XD
Will do. :)
Fare thee well~

2009-03-12 [Veltzeh]: I'm getting a redirecting service thing, but I'm not sure what address I should ask them to redirect to, since we have so many options. :P Is one of them recommended?

2009-03-13 [Hedda]: I think is best.

2009-03-13 [Hedda]: (Which however means that you must never ever change username.)

2009-07-01 [MeerderSeele]: neat ;D now the server is much better than any other ones i used....
One question, when I browse this site as above with i.e. ---in the news section within the framge,if I click left mouse button, it strangely leads me to an inexistent webpage, but there's no such problem in viewing in firefox.....

2009-07-01 [Hedda]: You're writing your links wrong. When you copy a link with & in it, you have to change it into &amp;

Link this:;coID=9
must be written:
<a href=";coID=9">hos-shop...</a>
(Firefox and Opera are "nice" and make the links work anyway)

I suggest that you clean up your HTML generally and then you can use to detect mistakes like this.

2009-07-01 [MeerderSeele]: =D thank you...and a new question...I can't delete uploaded files--I wrongly uploaded two html pages and when I try to delete them it always say 'The server failed to fulfill your query' while i can delete any other files....

2009-07-02 [Hedda]: Is it the article\artic.html and article\poems.html files?

I guess the \ might cause problems somehow... *looks* Yes, there was a quoting problem in the Javascript (And a bug in the web-server made the error).

Now it should work to delete them!

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