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Sirus Daemonus

User: [DSA]

Fiction Genre: Fantasy
Race: Death Angel/Vampire hybrid
Age: 74 (Human years)
Gender: Male
Rank/Class/Title: 1st knight of Necropolis
Prestige Class: Sorcerer/Fighter

 Height: 6'1"
 Weight: 184 lbs.
 Build/Stature: Medium
 Eye Color: Crimson
 Hair Color: Silver
 Flesh Tone: Grayish white
 (World or Realm): Necropolis
 Clothing and Apparel: Black dervish robe
 Outstanding Marks or Features: Tattoo of family crest on back, also a small tattoo of a healing glyph on his left wrist
(No Current Artworks, Imagery or Media)

 Feats and Abilities: 11ft black draconic wings with silver razor claws, Draconic claws on hands, Draconic feet.
 Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:
  -Weapons on hand: 2 twin katanas (Agony and Remorse)
Agony- double-sided, serrated titanium katana with an ivory handle.
Remorse- double-sided, serrated titanium katana with an onyx handle.
 Spell or Talent Use:
  -Divine or Arcane Spell Use: Fire magic, summoning (listed below), shadowmancy, Black Mist(innate power), also vortex portals (must have already been to teleport).
Summoning-wolf, hellhound, mindless servants, vortex portals.
Black Mist-gives Sirus the ability to increase his strength and increase in his magic abilities for spells to last longer.
  -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: Vampiric speed, sight
  -Psionic Abilities or Talents: Telekentic, telepathic, can orb small things to him.
 Strengths: his wings act as his armor, and also play a big role in his survival. He also relies on his mastery in sword fighting, along with a mix of magics.
Weaknesses: Sirus is always out to help someone, even if it means sacrificing something of his. Sunlight is also a weak spot of Sirus'. He can only stay out in the sun for a maximum of 2 hours, before his health starts degenerating.

Personality: Can be egotistical at times, but he mainly is a self dependent being.
 Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases:
"Fine... I will do it myself, you incapable fool."

History: Born into the family by Azulu VaLere(mother) and Reign Nightmare(father), he was a special kind of son. With mixed parents, mother being a death angel and his father being a vampire, it made Sirus... unique. Upon reaching the age of 5, his father began teaching him the arts of sword fighting, by age 12 he had mastered the arts gracefully, only to enlist in his fathers army. Many years went by as Sirus began feeling something strange happen within him as he soon found out that he had innate powers. Shortly after finding this out, at the age of 53, his family was murdered by a group of mages and warlocks. His uncle took him into his care and took over control of the army, where he taught Sirus how control shadows, fire and even the Black Mist, his innate power. Upon mastering shadwomancy and fire magic, he set out to explore the rest of the world and further his studies into magic. He currently is the head over his uncles army.

Equipment and Belongings: Sash around his waist attaches to a small bag to carry around a few belongings when he journeys.


Developments and Updates:

Username (or number or email):


2008-02-04 [Kim_Lundin]: I have some questions and pointers before I can accept this character. I'll start with the things that are most important. First, he seem unbalanced with no weaknesses to his great strengths and abilities. Since he's part vampire, shouldn't he be sensitive to sunlight, for instance?
Second, have you done the Make me a psion! test? That is a requirement for having psionic powers, since they need to be moderated in order to avoid powerplaying.
Now, those two are required to look into before your character can be accepted, beside those it would be good if you wrote a description of his Black Mist. What is it and what can it do? A little poking on his personality could be nice, but in no way a necessity.
Those are all things I can see at this point.

2008-02-05 [NamelessMerc]: Not to presume authority (as I have none XD) but "basic summoning" seems a bit vague...

What can he summon?

2008-02-06 [DSA]: He can summon small things, like animals(dog, cat, etc) but cant summon anything large or that requires alot of work for example (elephant, dragon, dinosaur). And sensitive to sunlight, to a degree, hes like a daywalker but cant be out for too long... and last but not least the Black Mist... its kinda like a vortex portal, but when he summons it, he gains increase of strength for a limited time, and his magic abilities are increased for a limited time... also it allows him to transport to places hes been before, like a teleport that he summons at will.

2008-02-06 [DSA]: Also currently working on a drawing of him... still in the works though

2008-02-06 [NamelessMerc]: You'd need Kim's advice too, but here are a few points I'd note.

Firstly, I'd see the Black Mist as a wee bit too powerful. Why not seperate it into two spells? One makes him stronger, one transports him. It evens out the power, as he'd only be able to do one thing at once, otherwise he could summon the portal, beef himself up at the same time and materialise a foot behind another character to pull off their head.

Also, it's a good idea to list in your profile a comprehensive list of summons. You couldn't summon anything larger than a dog, or maybe even a wolf I'd assume from your description, so list a set of concrete summons for yourself. Otherwise people might get confused, like I did XD

Oh, and the last thing: A Daywalker? Surely if he's a hybrid of two dark characters, a weakness to light is essential. Not to rain on your parade, but if he's a vampire who can walk around in daylight with no other weakness to speak of, then he's fairly a unbalanced character. Or, if you're set on that, why not give him a healing time for exposure to sunlight? If he's out there for, say, five hours (which I'd strongly suggest is the maximum you allow him) then he needs to spend a full day regenerating?

- Scott.

P.S. If you need any help with him, take a look at Alfonze Terret Malakos to give you an idea how to balance a character out.

2008-02-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Okay, that looks pretty fine for me. Once you've finished the psion test I think you're good to go :)

2008-02-06 [DSA]: Still got to work on the personality but that takes some time to think of

2008-02-09 [xido]: I like this character. It is an interesting concept.

I would like to see how the player posts in the future. If anyone is ever accused of powerplaying anymore, send them to me, to be evualted as Inath or Psionic characters. If they are neither, it means they need to begin learning to play more realistically.

I have evaluated and am watching this character. Best wishes, DarktSainedAngel.

2008-02-13 [Kim_Lundin]: I am going to assume that the psion test can be skipped for now, then. Since I can see no other things that need work, I will move this character to the WFR Guild Members.
Welcome to the WFR, [DSA] I hope you will enjoy your time here.

2008-02-19 [xido]: And of course, have fun. If you start powerplaying someone, I will sick my psionic Hell-hounds on you. :P ;)

2008-03-01 [xido]: Hey Dave, is this the main character of your RPG video game concept, or just one that you are playing in the interim?

He is interesting, but definitely more flashy than I expected him to be after hearing you describe the character concept... I had thought that the main character of your game would be more human-like, by the way you described it.

2008-03-01 [DSA]: Actually he's not the main character... but he does appear in it later on though... Still working on the rough spots of his profile though

2008-03-03 [xido]: Gotcha ;)

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