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Sinatra, Frank

Popular nicknames
The Voice
Ol' Blue Eyes
Chairman of the Board (of show business)
The Sultan of Swoon

Frank Sinatra was a singer - probably the most important popular music figure of the 20th century - and an actor. His 60-year-long professional career went through the swing era, the "sing era", the rock era and beyond. He reinterpreted several songs by top composers of his time, like Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Richards Rodgers, etc... and it is because of his recordings that those tunes now enjoy that classic status that they do. Sinatra is also remembered as the leader of the infamous Hollywood Ratpack with Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin et al.

Songs to remember him by
My Way
New York New York
Strangers in the Night
Come Fly with Me

9 Grammys
2 Academy Awards

Links - official site but it's down - Listen to the Frank Sinatra fan radio station in Yahoo!-music

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